Thursday, January 17, 2013

Business Solutions Magazine "Best Channel 2013"

Business Solutions Magazine "Best Channel 2013"

Business Solutions Magazine VAR subscribers were asked to participate in the Best Channel Vendors survey for 2013. Subscribers rated their vendor partners on a scale of 0 (worst) to 5 (best) in several categories. An overall average score was determined by adding the cumulative scores and dividing that score by the number of subscribers who rated that product.
Unitrends received Best Channel Vendor 2013 based on the number of votes and high scores in the following categories:
  • Protection of 100+ versions of OS & applications
  • Bare metal restore options to dissimilar hardware
  • Physical and virtual server protection
  • Instant Recovery (Windows and VMware)
  • Industry’s only native all-in-one Microsoft® Windows Server® 2012 Hyper-V® role and Hyper-V 2012 Server backup, archiving, instant recovery and disaster recovery virtual appliance
  • First vendor to support Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V and VMware® vSphere™ 5.1.
  • Q4 launch of Release 7.0, next generation of virtual, physical and cloud backup and recovery solution
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

20% of Nexsan Hybrid Storage

20% off Hybrid Storage!

We’ve taken the FASTEST and MOST AFFORDABLE hybrid storage system in the marketplace…and made it even more affordable! It’s our commitment to arm you with the most disruptive industry price performance on our new line of hybrid storage systems, ideal for VMware environments, databases or VDI.

Order any of five NST5330 promotional bundles at 20% off Exclusive Pricing for a limited time.

Get 20% off Exclusive Pricing on these NST5330 bundles:
  • Hybrid Bundle #1 – NST5330 with 18TB
  • Hybrid Bundle #2 – NST5330 with 36TB
  • Hybrid Bundle #3 – NST5330 with 42TB
  • Hybrid Bundle #4 – NST5330 with 54TB
  • Hybrid Bundle #5 – NST5330 with 84TB

All promotional NST5330 bundles contain: Unified (iSCSI + CIFS/NFS), dual controllers, 8 Xeon CPU cores, 48GB memory, 4 x 1GbE front-end I/O, and back-end I/O to EITHER a 4x8Gb FC connected Beast or 4X24Gb SASx4 connected E18.

The NST5000 hybrid storage system is highlighted by Nexsan’s FASTier™ technology that leverages the speed of solid-state to accelerate the underlying SATA/SAS to never-before-seen performance levels that far surpass traditional storage. Generating this many IOPS has never been more affordable to conquer the most demanding applications.
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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nimble user Feedback

A user's feeback

Nimble implements as a fast, reliable SAN solution, providing you 12 or 24 TB of storage in a 3u racked footprint. This is a fully clustered solid state SAN solution, controller, memory and disk in 3u's. No need for 30amp power.

Here are a few thing I like that it does better than NetApp. Again NImble doesn't support CIFS or NFS, but it makes iSCSI support simplified and at a lower cost (incl. rack space) than NetApp. We are moving on a 2nd array implementation for data replication to co-lo. I couldn't do this with NetApp w/o an upgrade to power and rack space. The clustered head controller on my NetApp 3140 minus the disk shelves is larger than the entire the CS220 Array.

Compared to a NetApp 3140, Nimble provides more iscsi over ethernet ports, on a single storage vlan, fully supporting live clustered failover. I just upgraded our nimble ios to environment with no interuption to allocated virtual servers.

Thin provisioning is implemented at the time of your volume creation, with the addtional benefit of creating against performance policy templates engineered to maximize i/o specific to your given applications.

In NetApp I'd be creating default 4k block sized volumes for say Exchange 2010, where the application actually performs optimum on 32k block i/o. Nimble accounts for this and allows you to create networked volumes to cut out excessive reads.

Volume protection and snapshot schemas seem to work the same, so no change there.
The Nimble support representatives I've talked to to date, all come from vendors like Microsoft, EMC, NetApp, Data Domain, Dell, with several years of industry experience.

Let us show you how good it can be.  Ask for a free demo and price quote.  jima@navigatestorage,com  or 978-318-9000 or visit ouir website

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Value Netpps Pricing Model Resources

In August, we introduced the new Value Pricing Model that brings pricing into line with the marketplace. The new FAS3220 and FAS3250 systems have been introduced with Value Pricing. The pricing model will help you win new customers and will support our partner-centric growth strategy while still providing full pricing flexibility. It should also speed up deals by giving you the ability to get to a competitive net price faster. To help you understand this new pricing structure model, we've prepared several resources to give you a competitive advantage with your NetApp opportunities.

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Lattus Family New Wide Area Storage Solutions

Lattus Family Offers New Wide Area Storage Solutions
Durable, scalable disk storage for Big Data archives

With Big Data, the high volumes of data generated must be kept immediately available to extract value at any time, and over time. These large and growing repositories demand a new architecture for disk-based archives. With Quantum's new Lattus family your customers get globally distributed disk-based archives that are extremely scalable and cost-effective plus the ability to store data forever on disk without interruption or migration.

"Traditional RAID architectures are not designed to support the performance, availability and sheer scale required by big data archives," said Terri McClure, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. "Quantum's decision to enhance its big data solutions by incorporating next generation object storage technology is a smart move and adds a compelling new product line to their portfolio. Building on a proven track record of StorNext products in key big data markets, Quantum's new Lattus line significantly strengthens the company's strategic position in this space."

Bullet  Learn more about Quantum's new Lattus family

Visit us to learn more about Lattus.  Let us offer a webex with you.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nimble Storage "Scale to Fit"

Nimble Storage, Inc. announced a scale-to-fit storage architecture that enables enterprises to scale the capacity and performance of their storage arrays individually according to their needs and budgets, and as their storage requirements evolve.


Today's scale-up storage architectures are inflexible, requiring upfront forecasting of performance needs over an array's three-to-five-year lifespan and creating separate storage silos that complicate management. Scale-out cluster solutions provide upfront flexibility, but tie performance and capacity together, requiring customers to incur higher incremental costs every time they add a storage node.

Nimble Storage addresses these challenges by allowing customers to purchase exactly what they need up front and by providing flexible scaling options. Customers can thus protect their existing investments while growing their storage at the lowest incremental cost without downtime as their needs evolve.

Nimble Storage offers
three flexible paths for scaling:

  • Scale capacity only: a new line of ES-Series storage expansion shelves allows customers who do not require additional performance to add capacity at the lowest incremental cost without downtime.
  • Scale performance only: a new line of performance CS400 series arrays are for customers running performance-intensive applications such as OLTP and VDI. Existing CS200 series array controllers can be non-disruptively upgraded to CS400 arrays without downtime. Customers can also upgrade to higher-capacity flash SSDs without downtime to accommodate workloads with larger active data sets.
  • Scale capacity and performance: a new OS upgrade, Nimble OS 2.0, allows customers to cluster arrays together, providing linear scaling of both capacity and performance, as well as unified management. Nimble scale-out clustering allows users to grow or shrink their storage environments, and to perform data migrations and upgrades, all without downtime.
Enterprises can mix and match these approaches to scale to hundreds of terabytes and hundreds of thousands of IOPS in a single storage cluster.

Ask NavigateStorage other benefits of Nimble Storage.

Nimble Storage unique points

1.  Nimble Storage utilizes "comprehesion" rather than DeDup as it workes better on Primary Data.than does DeDup.

2. Replication is included with the product.  Our service provides Disaster Recovery for customers who are using Nimble Storage for their environment. WebHosting.Net leverages Nimble's volume replication technology to copy critical data to other Nimble arrays at different locations, enhancing the overall data recovery plan.

Drop us other questions about Nimble Storage.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Storage Snapshots, Replications and DiskBackups

Our systems continue to offer Enterprise-class performance and features at the lower tier of SMB pricing.  Hopefully that will be something customers are looking for. 

With the latest release of updates to our SAN firmware, we've made some changes that should have value for you and your customers.

- Replication from site-to-site can be triggered by snapshot schedule or a separate replication schedule.
    Example: You can snapshot a virtual disk every hour and choose to replicate nightly at 11PM.  Each snapshot from the day will be sent at that time.

- Added five and ten minute scheduling interval for snapshots (replication can follow this interval if triggered by snapshots).
    (5, 10, 15, 30 minute, hourly snapshots. As well as a specific time of day, day of week or day of the month.)

- Replication can be paused/resumed

Disk backups
to USB/eSATA attached disks

- Now able to backup multiple LUNs to one removable USB/eSATA disk

- Backups to USB/eSATA disk now support spanning (copy continues on next disk)

- Added encryption capability to built-in disk backup feature (user-specified option)

Any questions, let me know.   The solutions are all a well known storage array.
Want to know more, let me know.  NavigateStorage  978-318-9000

Friday, November 16, 2012

Eugene Kaspersky On Enterprise Security  

Search Security, November 14, 2012

According to Eugene Kaspersky, stolen credentials, weak system configurations and poorly maintained patching at corporate endpoints make it far too easy for cybercriminals to hack into corporate networks to steal data.  Eugene advises enterprises to take additional steps and employ more than traditional endpoint security. 

NavigateStorage is a Kaspersky business partner.  Let us tell you more about Kaspersky Anti-Virus plus, and send you a quote.  978-312-9000

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Introducing LSI® Nytro Application Acceleration Solutions 


The Nytro family is the most comprehensive, trustworthy, and highest-performance portfolio of enterprise solid-state storage solutions for customers who seek to unlock unparalleled application acceleration and reduced TCO. Because LSI technologies are so widely deployed within the datacenter and undergo rigorous internal and external qualification testing, Nytro products deliver ease of implementation, seamless integration, extensive OS support, reliability and future-proof scalability. 


Nytro card  

The LSI Nytro family includes:  


Nytro WarpDrive™ Card

  • Designed to offer high performance with low latency and a low CPU burden for efficient application acceleration
  • PCIe® host interface, industry standard drivers and small form factor
  • Flexible and easy to integrate into today's low profile, high performance system chassis

Nytro XD Solution

  • Accelerates SAN and DAS storage environments
  • Intelligently caches the most frequently accessed data on flash storage.
  • The LSI Nytro XD solution includes host-based software designed to detect hot spots of frequently accessed data and store them in a LSI Nytro WarpDrive application acceleration card.

Nytro MegaRAID® Card

  • Combines on-board flash technology with LSI market segment leading RAID-on-Chip (ROC) technology
  • Accelerates key business applications, using intelligent caching algorithms to help identify application "hot spots" and promote them to fast on-board NAND flash.
  • Designed to deliver intelligent application acceleration and enterprise level data protection while offering cost savings over solid state drive (SSD)-only arrays or over-provisioned direct attached hard disk drive (HDD) environments
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Flash-Optimized Hybrid Storage Arrays

Nimble Storage flash-optimized hybrid storage arrays are engineered from the ground up for maximum efficiency. Nimble Storage products integrate the exceptional performance of flash with the favorable economics of high-capacity hard disk drives—making it ideal for storing and protecting data for all of your critical applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, server virtualization, and VDI.
Nimble Storage is built on the patented Cache Accelerated Sequential
Layout (CASL™) architecture
and delivers:
  • Accelerated performance for higher throughput/IOPS and sub-millisecond latencies
  • Higher storage efficiency—reducing the storage footprint needed by 30 to 75 percent
  • Non-disruptive scaling to fit changing application needs through increased performance, or capacity, or both
  • Maximized data and storage availability with integrated data protection and disaster recovery
  • Simplified storage management and reduced day-to-day operational overhead

Contact NavigateStorage and learn more then let us arrange a webcast with Nimble and provide you with a quote.  978-318-9000

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Workflow Processing and Email Archiving

Increase services revenue by promoting Workflow Processing and Email Archiving to your current customers.
• Is your customer experiencing manual, paper based bottlenecks processing approval for documents such as invoices, purchase orders, or employee records?  Experience the automated workflow processing of Archive Studio WebSearch.  Contact your salesman for more info (click here).
• Based on industry research, approximately 65% of communication and document sharing utilizes email.  Email archiving is now being implemented in a large number of companies to automate email capture, indexing, quick retrieval and eDiscovery of a company’s most critical business asset. Allow DocuLex to demonstrate this powerful, beneficial component of Archive Studio WebSearch today.  Contact your salesman for more info (click here).
• Has your customer experienced employee turnover?  Have your experienced DocuLex administrators left the company?  Ask us about our training services to bring your employees back up to speed on Archive Studio suite of services so you can continue to experience the benefits you expected.  Contact your salesman for more info (click here).

Attend DocuLex Dealer Training in Winter Haven, FL - December 5 - 7, 2012
Guarantee your success as a DocuLex Value Added Reseller (VAR) by attending this informative, hands-on event.  The DocuLex Dealer Training is designed to show you how your customer can benefit from the DocuLex Archive Studio Content Management Software Suite, through a series of comprehensive tutorials on all components of the Archive Studio software suite, to include Goby, Professional Capture, Office Capture and WebSearch.  This training will also feature sales tools and instruction that can help you as a DocuLex Dealer determine a prospect’s needs, concerns, and how the DocuLex product fits, such as; compliance, disaster recovery, document retention, workflow and retrieval.  Additionally, learn how you can provide a high level technological solution to your clients without having to heavily invest in infrastructure and personnel by partnering with DocuLex. Develop your DocuLex solutions, professional services, and presentation knowledge through this focused two day training.  It will be an excellent investment of your time, and will properly qualify you to easily and successfully sell the DocuLex solution day forward.  Learn through this training how to leverage and maintain a tight relationship with DocuLex IT, Support and Management as a long-term partner in solutions sales.  Gain access to valuable marketing tools and business development programs as a DocuLex VAR, and learn about all that is available to you on site, in Sunny Winter Haven, FL.
By attending, you will learn everything about the products, services and partnership opportunities DocuLex can offer you.  Attract new customers and add value to your existing customer base, while increasing customer retention and growing revenue through higher profit(able) sales.

DocuLex is committed to our partners – we provide innovative, proven solutions to ensure your success, and the tools you need to grow profits. 

Leverage this two day event to gain knowledge and insight on all that the DocuLex suite of products can offer you as a Partner. 

The DocuLex Dealer Training event will include, but is not limited to:
• Market overview
• Enterprise Content Management and Electronic Document Management Systems – what does this all mean?
• How is Document Imaging Different than Document Management?
• Document Security, Access and Control
• Records Management and Document Retention
• Vertical Market Applications
• Software as a Service (SaaS)
• Product Overview
• Product Pricing and Lease Options
• Competition and Comparison
• Online Demos and Marketing Tools
• Software Implementation and Configuration
• Technical Training that will cover some of the technical aspects of the Archive

Contact NavigateStorage to learn more and to join us for a webinar with Doculex.  978-318-9000
The SnapSAN S3000 modular storage array is an ideal platform for providing non-stop storage services for even the most demanding applications. Designed for high availability and performance, the SnapSAN S3000 combines advanced data protection features and proven reliability with flexible connectivity to ensure that it will integrate into any storage environment. Primed for the next generation of SAN challenges, it is able to tackle virtualization and I/O intensive applications data center needs, and beyond. With the new SnapSAN S3000 solution, Overland Storage puts the ease, efficiency and affordability back into your networked storage.

With This Product You Can...

  • Deploy a modular storage solution with iSCSI, FC or SAS host connections
  • Provision cost effective SAN storage for Windows, VMware, Linux, UNIX and Mac OS X
  • Provides fully redundant 99.999% high availability with hot-swappable components
  • Scale to 288TB with the addition of the SnapSAN Expansions


Dual Controllers

With the option to integrate dual Active-Active controllers with automatic failover, administrators can rest assured that their valuable data assets are always available with dual controllers.
  • Active-Active architecture for maximized performance
  • Failover support for 99.999% uptime
  • Fully redundant components with no single point of failure
Why You Need It...
  • Dual Controllers with Active-Active Failover

Flexible Connectivity

With support for a variety of connectivity options, SnapSAN products are ideal for organizations who desire the ability to leverage their existing infrastructure. Choose the best connectivity for your environment with single or dual controller options supporting 1GbE or 10GbE iSCSI, 8Gb Fibre Channel, or 6Gb/sec SAS interfaces.
  • Support for 2 Active-Active controllers per system
  • 2 x 1GbE iSCSI ports per controller
  • 2 x 10GbE iSCSI ports per controller
  • 2 x 8Gb FC ports per controller
  • 4 x 6Gb ports per controller

Thin Provisioning

Lower capital and operating expenses with thin provisioning providing a high utilization, eliminating the need for dedicate physical capacity. Levering thin provisioning allows you to pay-as-you-grow and optimize overall disk utilization.
  • Uninterrupted capacity expansion
  • Reduced acquisition costs
  • Reduced power consumption
Why You Need It...
  • Over provisioning allowing pay-as-you-grow

Volume Cloning

Lower capital and operating expenses with thin provisioning providing a high utilization, eliminating the need for dedicate physical capacity. Levering thin provisioning allows you to pay-as-you-grow and optimize overall disk utilization.
  • Maximize application uptime
  • Leverage for backup staging
  • Create a test environment
Why You Need It...
  • For added protection or application testing


Affordably implement offsite real time remote replication and protect valuable business access to achieve disaster recovery objectives.
  • Eliminate system downtime
  • Utilize for offsite disaster recovery
  • Create a test environment
Why You Need It...
  • Replicate data across multiple business locations


Snapshots are a great way to accelerate backups, reduce the physical capacity consumed to protect data and increase backup efficiencies. More importantly, Snapshots provide the fastest and most granular way to recover data.
  • Reduce the time and space required for your backups
  • Maintain application consistency with Windows VSS integration
  • Roll back to a previous point in time for instant full data recovery
Why You Need It...
  • Create instant, point-in-time images of volumes

Drive-spin Down

Equipped with a variety of “Green” features and advanced cooling mechanisms which maximize energy efficiency and power savings, the auto disk spin-down feature ensures that the system is consuming only the amount of power required to serve data.
  • Auto spin-down feature
  • Temperatures monitored and fan speed automatically adjusted
  • Power supplies optimized for energy efficiency
Why You Need It...
  • Reduces power and extends hard
    disk life

Contact and let us tell you more about Overland Storage or call 978-318-9000


Buy This Product If...
You require a highly available storage solution that includes all the performance and features you need.
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