Friday, September 25, 2009

Stonefly Storage

StoneFly Storage Arrays from NavigateStorage, a nation-wide premier partner, offers a full line of high quality high-availabilty storage arrays of all type.

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NavigateStorage suggests IQStor

iQstor’s iQ2850 is a scalable and feature-rich storage system tailored to fit performance and reliability required by today’s demanding applications. iQstor’s iQ2850 IP SAN delivers all the benefits of SANs, including increased storage utilization through storage consolidation, feature-rich managed data protection services and automated provisioning of new storage. iQstor’s iQ2850 is an all-in-one, intelligent, yet cost-effective storage system that enables IT administrators to quickly and cost-effectively optimize storage solutions for changing application and network environments. Read more about their products

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Affordable VMware certified storage from NavigateStorage

Affordable storage from NavigateStorage made by iStor is ideal for most any project. The iStor325 supports up to 15 high performance, high capacity SATA drives and can be configured to take advantage of 4 or 8 ports of GbE or the single port of 10GbE host interfaces.

The is512 has configurations available for up to 25 TB utilizing high-performance SAS drives and up to 84 TB with high-capacity SAS drives. Powerful enough to satisfy high bandwidth applications, as well as transaction-intensive applications, the iS512 features 8x1GbE host ports, providing the industry’s highest throughput for a single controller, and supports over 80,000 IOPS.

NavigateStorage's customers using these products are very pleased with some buying more as they grow. Why not write or call us 978-318-9000 today.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 for business

Kaspersky, a leading Anti-Virus and Malware vendor, is close to announcing Release 10 for business. It has had Kaspersky Internet Securuty (KIS release 10) for some time for the home user to road test it before the business version is released.

NavigateStorage, a premier partner of Kaspersky, will offer release 10 as soon as available. Contact us for more information. Call us at 978-318-9000 or write and we will tell you more.