Wednesday, October 28, 2009

High performance IP SAN storage appliance with unmatched ease of use

iStor’s Virtual Storage technology from NavigateStorage makes the full power of IP SANs available to the SMB market. The virtual pool of storage frees the storage user from the complexities of traditional RAID configuration, eases management and increases the efficiency of disk utilization; all while optimizing the performance of all applications.

Powerful enough to satisfy high bandwidth applications, as well as transaction-intensive applications, the iS325 features 8x1GbE host ports, providing the industry’s highest throughput for a single controller, and supports over 80,000 IOPS.

Configurations are available from 2.5TB up to 15TB TB utilizing cost-effective SATA drives
Virtual Storage technology, coupled with an intuitive GUI make management a breeze; additionally, all of your integraStor systems can be managed from a single utility. Advanced users can take advantage of a comprehensive CLI and applications requiring integration with iStor’s management frameworks can interface to iStor’s API.
· 3U, 15 SATA drives
· 8 1GbE host ports
· Cost effective storage
· Single controller
· 10G architecture driven by iStor’s purpose-built iSCSI RAID Chip
· Virtual Storage technologyVirtual pool of storage eliminates RAID groups, Application aware volume creation, Self optimizing cache, Online RAID level migration, Online volume expansion, Online capacity expansion of entire pool
· Fast rebuildsOnly disk space utilized by active volumes needs to be rebuilt – not entire drive

The istor comes in a 325 and 512 model. NavigateStorage specializes in a wide variety of arrays, backup, email archiving and data protection (av and data leakage solution.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NavigateStorage celbrates 10 years

NavigateStorage celebrates its 10th year in business. As you may know we had our beginning in 1999 focusing on Storage and Backup. We represent several vendors for Storage (SATA, SAS, IP SANs, and Fibre Channel) regular and High Availability of all sizes, features and prices. Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL) is also available along with backup software to match.

In addition to our Storage, Backup and Remote Replication, we specialize in Email Archiving that is compliant and includes e-Discovery. Our Red Condor product sells for $40/year/user solutions for Windows based applications

For NAS users including NetApp and EMC users the ability to double the available usable space on your NAS array without impacting performance with a product from Storewiz

The exciting new FC Storage Family from iQStor It scales from small to giant with no forklift along the way and can have FC or SATA II drives behind

Scalable storage, SAS or SAT or even SSD (solid state). VMware certified, HA and more. Here’s an example StoneFly.


An outstanding anti-virus/spyware solution from Kaspersky (free trials)

Web filtering Websense (stop employees from shopping on your time)

This is just the beginning of the great solutions we have available for you. We are experts in our niche and welcome you to tell us about your current or planned projects and see what we can bring to the table.

NavigateStorage recommends Stonefly storage

"The award-winning Stone Fusion Intelligent Network Storage Platform (NSP), StoneFly's patent-pending baseline storage networking architecture, reduces the total cost of ownership by lowering management costs and increasing storage utilization" Says Jim Addlesberger, President of NavigateStorage.

By adding block level storage intelligence to the IP networking core, StoneFusion powered Storage Concentrators deliver all the benefits of managed SANs, including increased storage utilization through resource consolidation, storage provisioning, access control, volume management, and feature-rich managed storage supporting advanced storage services including clustering, mirroring, and snapshotting. At the core of StoneFusion is a robust storage virtualization engine that enables provisioning of physical storage resources in to virtual storage volumes. These logical volumes are presented to the host as normal SCSI disks, using industry standard hardware and software iSCSI initiators. With StoneFusion the power of IP SAN centralization is at your fingertips.

Read more about StoneFusion at NavigateStorage

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Email Archiving

NavigateStorage introduces Email Archiving, with full-Compliance and e-discovery for less than $35/mailbox/year with unlimited storage for early subscribers.

Contact NavigateStorage Archiving solutions or call 978-318-9000

iStor i325 on sale

The iSTOR iS325 supports up to 15 high performance, high capacity SATA drives and can be configured to take advantage of 4 or 8 ports of GbE or the single port of 10GbE host interfaces. Although iS325 targets iSCSI SAN storage environments up to 15TB, customers can deploy multiple boxes per installation. The iS325 provides robust enterprise-level features & unique high-performance at an affordable price. iS325 is the entry level of the integraStor family based on solid, reputable, proven technology for an effective shared storage model. By utilizing Serial ATA disks, the iS325 enables compelling block-based network storage solutions such as primary storage, near line storage, disk-to-disk backup, and DAS replacement, along with high-capacity providing compelling total cost of ownership. Triple-redundant power supplies & fans for a highly reliable storage appliance.

NavigateStorage specializes in storage of all types. iStor arrays support VmWare 4.0. We also have the iStor 512 (scroll down) which is scaleable. Contact Jim at 978-318-9000 or write