Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cost effective MPStor

Make MPSTOR's Stackware the "tool" in your toolkit.

Extremely cost-effective, full-featured storage software using off-the-shelf hardware will add dollars to your bottom line over most, if not all, of your existing product lines.



Key Features:
  • Dual Ethernet ports (iSCSI, CIFS & NFS)
  • Tiered Storage support (SSD/SAS/SATA)
  • 6Gb SAS
  • Thin Provisioning/Snapshot
  • Runs on mostx86
  • 12 drives supported for this offer
  • RAID Levels 0,1,5,6
  • IP-SAN/NAS supported in both 1Gb and 10Gb
Licensing upgrades available for:
  • Dual controller option
  • FC/SAS/Infiniband target modes
  • Management for up to 256 drives
Cost per license-$349
Stepping Stone to Cloud Infrastructure (Infrastructure as a Service-IaaS), also available from MPSTOR
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Document Management Software for Business

Archive Studio™, an all inclusive suite, offers a full range of scalable products, servicing everything from basic content management needs to enterprise-wide document management, business process workflow, records management, email archiving and distributed or centralized image capture. Archive Studio’s WebSearch document management module provides 100% browser based capabilities from a single server installation, and is also available in the Cloud/Software as a Service. Archive Studio is easily customizable and fully compatible with Active Directory, plus the developer – API – provides full integration capabilities with other line-of-business applications.
With DocuLex’s experience in the document and content management industry, we have created a full line of software solutions within the Archive Studio Software Suite to fulfill the needs of any organization. To find out more about specific industries in which DocuLex can provide solutions, visit our Applications for Industry pages.
To find out more about Archive Studio’s specific process applications, please see the various component descriptions below, with links to pages that expand upon the capabilities of each component or contact us to request more information.

Archive Studio Content Management Software Suite Components

WebSearchDOCUMENT MANAGEMENT, WORKFLOW, EMAIL ARCHIVING, RAPID RETRIEVAL and RECORDS RETENTION.WebSearch manages document security, process workflow, retrieval, collaboration and policy based retention of indexed and stored electronic files housed locally on a network, in the cloud or remote file server with secure access to the internet. Common files include scanned documents, email, word processing documents, spreadsheets, large format drawings and more. The electronic files may be easily located by searching document-specific descriptions or a combination of full text key words contained in the document. Proximity searching is also available using visual file cabinet and folder structure methods. WebSearch is the electronic content management component accompanying the document imaging and content indexing programs, Goby Capture, WebSearch Capture and Professional Capture. Get more information about WebSearch

WebSearch, plus your choice of one or more of the following Paper and Electronic file Capture and Document Indexing software packages.

Designed to utilize with digital copiers, network scanners and Microsoft Office. Goby provides walk-up convenience for scanning, indexing, archiving and sharing valuable documents in WebSearch document management software. In addition, Goby offers the integrated capture and indexing capability for MS-Office files such as MS-Word, Excel and Outlook.
Get more information about Goby Capture
WebSearch Browser Based CaptureON DEMAND
WebSearch Capture is available for users that desire a simple solution to quickly scan and index documents, making them archived in WebSearch and available on your network or in the Cloud for document management storage and retrieval. WebSearch Capture is on-demand scanning when needed and requires no desktop installation, only a browser. WebSearch Capture integrates electronic capture of paper files, plus content indexing, which produces searchable electronic files.
Get more information about WebSearch Browser Based Capture
Professional CaptureHIGH DEMAND
Designed for use with dedicated scanners or digital copiers, Professional Capture solves the desire to convert large volumes of paper to searchable electronic files. It is a productive software product that fulfills the demands of multiple, complex, imaging projects. Professional offers a wide variety of image processing and indexing capabilities which will streamline and reduce the cost of your conversion projects. DocuLex maximizes technology in order to minimize the labor component associated with document imaging, indexing and printing.

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