Friday, January 15, 2010

Faked Microsoft Outlook alerts spreading banking Trojans -

Faked Microsoft Outlook alerts spreading banking Trojans -

Faked Outlook updates in recent weeks have emerged as a popular vehicle to implant banking Trojans -- which bad guys use to access your online account to make fraudulent transfers.
They work because the intended victim receives a personalized email message that appears to come from a techie using a return email address from the same domain as the target."

Email filtering company Red Condor has been intercepting an email phishing campaign spreading faked Microsoft Outlook alerts at a phenomenal rate.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

EMail Archiving

Implementing email retention, compliance or e-Discovery software can be one of the most important tasks an organization performs. Without a solid policy behind the software investment, companies risk wasting time and money.

IT professionals have a critical role in ensuring the success of email retention, compliance, or e-Discovery software implementations. The first step is to decide who should be involved in defining your organization’s email policies. Understand how your business is affected by various government and industry standards, and then take the time to carefully think out your policy, documenting each step. Typically, there are two reasons an organization buys a third-party product to enforce email policies; space requirements (archiving) or legal issues (e-Discovery and/or compliance rules and regulations). Regardless of which need is driving your purchase decision, you’ll want to begin by developing an email policy.

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