Thursday, August 6, 2009

StoneFly Integrated Storage Concentrator from NavigateStorage

In addition to StoneFly's HA OptiSAN and Voyager, their Integrated Storage Concentrator (ISC) product line offers a simple, rapid to deploy IP SAN in a box designed for virtual server storage, file server storage, disaster recovery, storage consolidation and disk to disk archiving.

Jim Addlesberger, President of NavigateStorage says StoneFly's real secret to their sucess is their people. They can always be counted on. Their entry-level ISC, ISC-401 supports 4 SATA drives, for storage capacities up to 4TB in a single system, a great solution for SMBs or SOHO. The ISC S-Class systems support SAS (including 450GB disks), SATA and SSD in configurations ranging from 4-48 drives. ISC S-Class 1602S, 2402S, and 4802S systems also support external expansion for up to a total of 120 drives, via ISC E-Class Expansion Systems available in 16 or 24 drive versions.

Within a single chassis, all IP SAN functions are consolidated for virtualization, management and storage. Based on the extensible StoneFusion® OS, ISCs deliver best in class flexibility and performance to deliver a cutting edge IP SAN solution. With 2 to 120TB in a single system, the ISC product line offers a simple IP SAN-in-a-Box solution to support your growing storage needs.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

StoneFly a economical way for High Availability and Performance

Back in March 2009, StoneFly introduced Voyager a new line of virtualized IP SANappliances designed to deliver exceptional performance at an economical price point. With entry-level pricing starting at US$25,000 MSRP.

Jim Addlesberger, President of NavigateStorage says "Voyager is ideal for enterprise customers in need of a robust SAN offering both high availability and versatility for primary and secondary storage applications."

Yesterday in our blog we said that Voyager comes standard with six or 10 gigabit Ethernet (GbE) iSCSI connections, but is offered with optional quad 10Gb Ethernet connectionsto achieve performance of up to 950MB/s. That's all true. But today NavigateStorage learned that technically the voyager would achive well over 1600MB/second with 32SAS but our performance tests with 16 SAS drives gives us 980MB/sec – we have another 110 drives to scale performance. That's screaming!

Voyager supports a wide range of virtual server environments includingVMware, Citrix XenServer, Virtual Iron and Microsoft.

At the cornerstone of the Voyager design is StoneFly's patented storage virtualization engine, which delivers quad-core processing power, dedicated iSCSI cache, and the StoneFly StoneFusion(TM) storage management operating system. StoneFusion provides block-level provisioning as well as centralized storage management and advanced storage features including replication, mirroring and snapshotting.

NavigateStorage is a premier partner. Give us a call 978-318-9000 or drop us a line to learn more.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

StoneFly beats out EqualLogic and Lefthand Networks

Are you considering EqualLogic from Dell or Lefthand Networks from HP? NavigateStorage has sold them all and recommends that you take a close look at StoneFly's Voyager Storage Array. Hands down Stonefly beats them all for price/performance.

The Voyager even supports Solid State Disk and up to 4 - 10GB ports (it comes standard with four GbE ports. It supports SAS and SATA drives with up to 16 drives in base and scales up to 128 drives in total. It includes active/active storage concentrators and active/active storage controllers with NO SINGLE POINT OF FAILURE. Of course hot-swapple components for power supplies, cooling fans, drives and controllers eliminate downtime.

Performace is blazing fast. It tops out at 950MB/s over 10GbE and we have data to prove it.

In addition to a great GUI, StoneFly IP SANs are already VMware Ready(TM) Certified, meaning they have completed the VMware Hardware Certification Program's iSCSI storage array testing criteria for use with VMware vSphere and ESX Server 4, and are now listed in the VMware Hardware Compatibility Guide.

NavigateStorage is a premier partner with DNF/Stonefly. Let us tell you more contact us. Or better yet call us at 978-318-9000