Thursday, June 25, 2009

CRN announces Emerging Technology Vendor

LOS GATOS, Calif., June 22, 2009 – Storwize Inc., the leading provider of real-time capacity optimization solutions, today announced that it has been selected by Everything Channel as a CRN Emerging Technology Vendor.

CRN’s Emerging Technology Vendor list captures companies that are delivering high margins for solution providers with innovation and easy-to-use technology that undercuts industry giants.

The Storwize STN-6000 product family, marketed by NavigateStorage is an enterprise-class universal storage capacity optimization platform that helps companies manage data and storage infrastructure sprawl without compromising performance, all while delivering unprecedented cost savings, operational efficiencies and ROI.

Designed specifically to address data reduction at primary storage, the solution is an inline appliance that dramatically reduces the size of every file created, reducing capacity requirements throughout the data lifecycle while also enabling enhanced storage performance, more effective resource utilization, as well as reduced power, cooling and floor space requirements.

According to NavigateStorage, if you are using a filer to store data, this new (but fully certified by major vendors including NetApps, EMC and a host of others) compression technology, the Storwize STN-6000™ can increase storage capacity by up to 80 percent, stretching storage dollars or allowing postponement of the purchase of additional storage. This storage compression appliance requires no workflow changes, no software agents, no drivers and no configuration changes. Totally lossless, Storwize data compression and decompression occur at speeds that make them transparent to users. The Storwize STN-6000™ appliance can provide organizations significant additional storage capacity and associated savings in capital, operational, maintenance and management resources.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

NavigateStorage and Kaspersky Lab invite you to take part in its beta testing program of company products.

What is a beta version?
A product's beta is an officially released version of a product which includes most of the product's functionality. The beta version is intended for external testing of the product in order to identify configurations that cause problems, as well as collect requirements and suggestions from users.
Before its official release, a beta version ALWAYS undergoes a full cycle of internal testing, after which the application is sufficiently stable in the majority of computing environments.

A release notes file is supplied with each beta version. Release notes provide the following information: the exact version number, system and technical requirements for the equipment used for testing, the list of changes since the previous version, and, descriptions of known problems (if any) and other relevant information.

Please note that a beta version is NOT the final version of the product and therefore the developer does not guarantee an absence of errors that may disrupt the computer's operation and/or result in data loss. Consequently, beta testers use the beta version at their own risk and Kaspersky Lab bears no responsibility for any consequences arising out of the use of the beta version.

Participating in beta testing enables you to:
be among the first to gain access to the latest versions of Kaspersky Lab solutions and share your opinion with us; help Kaspersky Lab improve the quality of the product being tested;
provide your suggestions on possible ways of improving the product; free technical support; collaborate directly with developers and other beta testers using dedicated sections of our forum; and, receive free versions of the product, which are awarded to the most active beta testers.

When taking part in the beta testing it is necessary to:
download and install the product you are interested in testing; spend a certain amount of time on familiarizing yourself with the product and testing it; prepare and send out bug reports on any errors found; provide suggestions on ways to improve the product being tested; and,
report on compatibility issues (specifically related to your configuration).

Reporting problems:
To report an error, please provide a detailed description of the ways in which it manifests itself on your system, the steps which lead up to the error and characteristics of the hardware used for testing. Send your description to the email address specified on the page containing the description of the beta version you are testing.

You can also report problems and get your questions answered in our forum. You can also use this procedure to provide your suggestions on improving the product. If you have any questions regarding the Kaspersky Lab beta testing program, please write to

For additional questions or to purchase Kaspersky products please contact NavigateStorage at 978-318-9000 or email

Latest Kaspersky mobile software wipes data via SMS

May 27, 2009

Even if a thief swaps out the SIM card, Mobile Security 8.0 will also send a message with the new number to the phone's owner according to NavigateStorage.

Kaspersky Lab's latest mobile security software due to be released next week can wipe data with a text message command even if a thief has swapped out the phone's SIM card.

The feature is one of several in Mobile Security 8.0 focused on protecting data as well as deleting data if a device is lost or stolen, a critical concern for businesses.
For devices with GPS, the software's SMS Find feature will send a link to a Google Map with the device's coordinates. The device owner sends an SMS with a password to receive the link, according to Kaspersky. The feature can also be used to locate a child who is carrying the phone.

Kaspersky has also woven another interesting feature into the software called the SMS Watch module. If a criminal removes the SIM card from the device, the software will send a hidden message to the owner of the phone with the new phone number, which can be used by law enforcement to track the phone, Kaspersky said.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

NavigateStorage is a premier partner with Kaspersky and has been for almost five years. We offer unique help in making this imprortant choice including free trials and direct service from Kaspersky including installation assistance.

Kaspersky protects you with small hourly updates that not only reduce the burden on bandwidth, but also reduce the window of vulnerability.

Kaspersky Security Network: an opt-in network of Kaspersky users who allow their systems to share new threat information, in real time, with our anti-malware experts

Kaspersky endpoint protection products are specifically designed to take full advantage of this vast infrastructure to provide you with the best possible protection as a business customer.

For example – for systems inside-the-firewall – centralized downloading, testing, and distribution of updates is the way to go. But what about when laptops are used outside your business environment? Typical perimeter security devices (e.g., firewalls and web filters) can’t be there to protect you on a risky, public-Internet connection. That’s why so many businesses now get timely updates by automatically connecting their remote laptops directly to Kaspersky’s cloud.

You can always trust Kaspersky’s Anti-Virus Lab to provide you with maximum, dynamic, threat-intelligence protection. Wherever you do business; however you connect to the Internet.

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