Monday, September 13, 2010

NetVault®: SmartDisk

Next Generation Disk-Based Data Protection

NetVault: SmartDisk takes disk-based backup and data deduplication to new levels of cost savings. Combining a state of the art capability to squeeze more data on disk and not requiring specific types of storage drives or appliances drives expenses down significantly. With NetVault: SmartDisk and its tight integration with NetVault: Backup, organizations of all sizes can perform deduplicated backups without requiring a high level of storage expertise or distracting administrators from strategic initiatives.

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StoneFly, Inc. Combines Best-in-Class Performance with Superior Volume-Level Encryption in New IP SAN Upgrade

StoneFly, Inc. Combines Best-in-Class Performance with Superior Volume-Level NavigateStorage announces Encryption in New Stonefly IP SAN Upgrade

New StoneFusion Operating System Release Supports Fully-Encrypted Data Between Local and Remote IP SAN Appliances, Across LANs and WANs

Hayward, CA – February 18, 2010 – StoneFly™, Inc., a leading supplier of integrated IP storage area network (SAN) systems, today launched a new release of its StoneFusion™ operating system (OS), offering upgraded mirror encryption capabilities that reinforce the company's tradition of delivering the highest levels of data protection combined with best-in-class storage performance.

By sending encrypted data from the local IP SAN over the wide area network (WAN) during replication—and not encrypting it a second time as other systems do at the point when the data arrives at the remote SAN—StoneFusion ensures that data travels rapidly across the wire, remaining both fully protected and fully encrypted. This approach makes use of the advanced AES 256 encryption algorithm, a standard adopted by the U.S. government, and enables StoneFly to efficiently deliver both encrypted and non-encrypted volumes to the same remote SAN.

"With StoneFusion, StoneFly has continued to employ a performance-based approach to data protection since pioneering the IP SAN marketplace a decade ago," says Bahman Jalali, director of engineering and product management for StoneFly. "In fact, Stonefly's patented IP SAN architecture introduces no performance penalty when data is encrypted and written to disks. In taking this approach, we bring our customers the best of both worlds, delivering both superior security and market-leading performance, all in a simple-to-use IP SAN."

Ideal for applications in medical, finance and government, StoneFly IP SANs offer compliance with patient privacy and data control measures for HIPAA, JCAHO, Medicare and Medicaid, along with PCI and GLBA compliance for the financial industry. The upgraded StoneFusion release provides added value to data-intensive installations in these markets, where minimizing performance degradation during encryption is critical.

StoneFusion is a standard integrated component of all StoneFly IP SANs, and offers a complete portfolio of storage and data protection features including a patented storage virtualization engine. In addition, the StoneFusion OS v6.3.2 incorporates StoneFly Reflection™ for local and campus mirroring; StoneFly Snapshot™ for fast, efficient data recovery; and advanced features such as Quick Sync, for rapidly restoring mirrored iSCSI volumes in the event of a storage path or site failure.

Existing customers can contact NavigateStorage for information about upgrading to StoneFusion OS v6.3.2.