Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm pleased to announce updated pricing.

I'm pleased to announce updated pricing.  Effective immediately for new orders.  Taking advantage of lower costs for disk drives and other savings, we're offering better values than ever. Depending on the model and capacity, many price changes are quite dramatically lower.  And we've certified the 4TB drives and added those to our lineup so we have a wider range of configuration choices. 

In addition, we have increased the power and performance of our top VTL model, the iSAN-V, especially when performing deduplication after backup. This model features a substantial increase to the the memory (cache).  For customers with larger data sets, we have added an option to provide an even more powerful deduplication engine.  With these changes, We offer a highly-competitive backup system, with exceptional  performance and a very strong offering price.

Contact Jim at 978-318-9000 at NavigateStorage for more information and a quote.  Or drop us a line at