Monday, July 18, 2011

AutoVirt global namespace

Using AutoVirt
By ensuring that users have a consistent point of access to their data, AutoVirt allows IT administrators to automate the movement of data within their Windows storage environments. As administrators move data to where they need it to be – business-critical data to a new device, a replica to a secondary location, last year’s share to Tier 2 storage – clients are automatically redirected to the new location of their data.

By eliminating impact on end-users, AutoVirt removes a number of logistical barriers to project execution and frees IT to approach storage management more dynamically.

With AutoVirt, IT administrators can design policies to automate data measurement, copying, migration, replication, and archiving. A policy is a series of logical and validation commands defined using a GUI-based wizard. Policies are schedulable and include configurable e-mail alerts and exception handling.

How it works
AutoVirt inserts a global namespace to organize networked shares and shield end-users from the back-end logistics of storage management. The namespace eliminates the manual work involved in maintaining client access to networked data: it is the single authority on networked files, and automatically resolves client shortcuts to the new location.

With AutoVirt’s global namespace registering all changes to data location, it is possible to automate many storage management tasks – including those that affect data location. The AutoVirt policy engine is responsible for automating data measurement, copying, migration, replication, and archiving.

AutoVirt’s namespace and policy engine interact with both clients and networked file servers using the Common Internet File System (CIFS) protocol.

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Optimized Return on


Simplified Storage


With storage virtualization technology,

the capacity and computing power of

m u l t i p l e E S V A s y s t e m s c a n b e

consolidated into a storage pool. For the

most efficient utilization of pooled storage

capacity and bandwidth, ESVA systems

s u p p o r t t h i n - p r o v i s i o n i n g a n d a n

intelligent access prioritizing mechanism

on its virtual architecture. With these

features, storage utilization can be

optimized and applications can achieve

their ideal service levels. The ESVA

delivers advanced technologies to make

the most of your storage investments.

ESVA simplifies storage management by

enabling a single point of administration.

Scaling the storage pool is also a very easy

task, and can be done without service

disruption. ESVA systems can be scaled

for increased capacity by connecting it to

expansion enclosures. If you want to

increase capacity and performance at the

same time, you can also scale out the

virtualized foundation by adding additional

ESVA systems. When a new system is

added, the distributed load balancing

technology will dynamically balance

workloads among storage systems and

EVSA the perfect fit and price

Tne InfoTrend's ESVA

ESVA service datasheet
  1. ESVA data service datasheet
  2. ESVA expansion enclosure datasheet
  3. ESVA iSCSI-host datasheet
  4. Corresponding RAID / Expansion Enclosure
Data Services
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Sunday, July 17, 2011


The Corona-Norco Unified School District solved all its challenges with the Nexsan

E60 storage system. The system was selected for its performance, density and

value. Corona-Norco also benefitted from the system’s unique power management

features, providing up to 85% energy savings.

The school district quickly and effectively consolidated production data in their

VMware environment and further enhanced its data protection strategy with the

Nexsan E60, which includes 40 SAS drives to provide primary storage for Exchange,

database and other production data. An additional 20 SATA drives are used for

disk-based backup for complete protection of the school district’s information.

All of this storage capacity fits in a compact 4U of rack space for superior space

efficiency. Delivering further value for the growing school district, the E60 features

Nexsan’s power efficient AutoMAID
® technology for low power consumption and

data center maintenance costs.


The Nexsan E60 has given the Corona-Norco Unified School District the flexible, high

density and high performance platform it needed for both its primary and secondary

storage requirements in a single storage enclosure. In addition, the school district

is seeing up to an 85% reduction in energy consumption without any performance

compromise - a result that is delivering significant operational cost savings.

“We needed a storage solution optimized for compatibility and performance in

virtual environments. Nexsan fit the bill perfectly,” said Brian Troudy, Network

Manager, Corona-Norco Unified School District.