Saturday, November 17, 2012

Storage Snapshots, Replications and DiskBackups

Our systems continue to offer Enterprise-class performance and features at the lower tier of SMB pricing.  Hopefully that will be something customers are looking for. 

With the latest release of updates to our SAN firmware, we've made some changes that should have value for you and your customers.

- Replication from site-to-site can be triggered by snapshot schedule or a separate replication schedule.
    Example: You can snapshot a virtual disk every hour and choose to replicate nightly at 11PM.  Each snapshot from the day will be sent at that time.

- Added five and ten minute scheduling interval for snapshots (replication can follow this interval if triggered by snapshots).
    (5, 10, 15, 30 minute, hourly snapshots. As well as a specific time of day, day of week or day of the month.)

- Replication can be paused/resumed

Disk backups
to USB/eSATA attached disks

- Now able to backup multiple LUNs to one removable USB/eSATA disk

- Backups to USB/eSATA disk now support spanning (copy continues on next disk)

- Added encryption capability to built-in disk backup feature (user-specified option)

Any questions, let me know.   The solutions are all a well known storage array.
Want to know more, let me know.  NavigateStorage  978-318-9000

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