Friday, April 16, 2010

Mimosa NearPoint™ Tiered Storage Application:

NavigateSorage recommends Mimosa for on-site archiving

Mimosa NearPoint Tiered Storage provides corporations with the ability to provision storage devices with different costs, response times, throughput, and availability. This application further augments Mimosa’s next-generation archiving platform to give customers even more granular control over IT costs and archive performance. The solution supports retention and on-demand access to large volumes of information with unmatched performance and radically lowers costs. Customers enjoy savings across hardware, software, and IT operations

SharePoint Archiving

NavigateStorage, with 10 years experience, recommends you consider Mimosa NearPoint™ for SharePoint Archiving

Mimosa NearPoint™ provides a holistic solution to managing SharePoint 2007 and 2010 data with integrated archiving, recovery, and eDiscovery. NearPoint is the only SharePoint management product to combine both archiving and recovery while maintaining easy end-user access to information. In addition, Mimosa NearPoint offers the most comprehensive SharePoint data capture available.

* Capture all content types and associated metadata and attachments
* Perform continuous capture via Change Notification, and preserve the relationships between sites and content
* Execute full-text indexing and global, single-instancing on all archived content
* Achieve storage cost savings, as content can then be offloaded from SharePoint while maintaining seamless end-user access via stubbing
* Manage retention and disposition (disposal) of SharePoint content across the archive in accordance to your policies
With comprehensive capture and archiving capabilities also comes the ability to provide robust SharePoint recovery functionality. Mimosa NearPoint allows both fine-grained and coarse-grained recovery.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Global Name Spaces

Many organizations have hesitated to insert a global namespace because the conversion is often a laborious, manual process. Most global namespaces, including Microsoft DFS, require UNC names to be changed upon implementation, one at a time.

The AutoVirt global namespace model is different. AutoVirt provides automated namespace creation and support of pre-existing UNC names. During installation, AutoVirt automatically inventories the file server environment to create a complete map. Administrators use this map to designate which file servers will receive client referrals through the global namespace. When a file server is selected for AutoVirt management, the map of its contents – from root to leaf-level folders – is automatically stored in the namespace.

The automated file server inventory makes it possible for AutoVirt to support indefinitely the pre-existing UNC names – even after the file servers they once referenced have crumbled to dust. Contact NavigateStorage to learn more about this great solution.

Migrate Your Windows Data With AutoMove

Migrate Your Windows Data With AutoMove:

Complete your project faster, with minimal downtime

Support pre-migration UNC names in shortcuts and embedded links

If you are planning a migration, instead of dedicating a weekend or impacting think about Autovirt. AutoVirt facilitates share-by-share migration, which means that there is no need to take an entire device offline during migration. AutoVirt breaks each migration job into share-sized increments. To preserve data integrity, files are held read-only while their parent shares are being migrated. As soon as a share is migrated, full read/write access is restored. The AutoVirt global namespace is updated with the new share location, and clients are automatically redirected to their share. Share-by-share migration drastically reduces downtime, and automatic client referrals eliminate post-project shortcut remapping."

To limit the time that large shares are held read-only, AutoVirt offers a pre-migration synchronization period. The sync period can be scheduled to recur as many times as you like. During the first sync period, AutoVirt copies all un-open files it finds, skipping the rest. Each recurring sync will copy any new files it finds un-open, and will synchronize changes at the source with files that have already been copied to the destination. The synchronization period will be reduced over time, until AutoVirt is syncing only a small number of changes between source and destination.

When you schedule the final migration, the share will be held read-only as final changes are synced from source to destination. When the sync is complete, clients are automatically redirected to the new share location read/write access is restored.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NavigateStorage since 1999 has focused on Data Protection for you our customers. With our initial beginnings in the Storage Area Network marketplace featuring storage consolidation and heterogeneous front end support we have grown to provide a full range of storage, backup, disaster recovery, archiving and security solutions from our partner vendors. Today our solutions include:

* Storage - High performance primary and cost effective secondary arrays - iSCSI, SATA, Fibre Channel all vendors
* Virtual Tape Libraries (VTLs), Tape libraries and best tape media prices in town for new direct from manufacturers
*Email, IM, File and SharePoint Archiving and Retrieval including Legal/Human Resources Discovery
* Security - anti-virus, anti-spam, data leakage solutions
* Network products from Qlogic and Brocade
* High availability, clustering server solutions

By first fully understanding the needs and goals of our customers and then through creative design, our hardware and software solutions deliver high quality, reliable and efficient solutions.NavigateStorage's solutions can help both medium and large enterprise businesses meet their challenges by providing an innovative solution.

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Next-Generation Email Archiving

NavigateStorage has specialized in Email Archiving since 2001. In 2008, NavigateStorage added Mimosa Systems to it's solution excellence offerings.

The fast-growing volume of email presents major challenges for all organizations. According to Ferris Research, the average information worker sends over 600 emails in a given week. Many of these emails are either business records or contain valuable corporate knowledge and need to be retained accordingly. Keeping a large volume of email leads to higher storage costs and headaches for IT staff in the form of longer back-up windows. In fact, Osterman Research states, message stores have grown 30% from winter 2007 to winter 2008.

As message stores grow, organizations face challenges with:
* Managing Storage Costs – getting content off expensive production systems
* Timely Recovery Times – reducing recovery point objectives and ever-expanding back-up windows
* Ending Firefights – lowering cost of reactive collection and review
* Mitigating Content-related Risks – ensuring proper usage of content within the organization

If you are considering Email, File or SharePoint archiving. Then contact NavigateStorage from our website, or call 1-978-318-9000 or write.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mimosa Systems from NavigateStorage

Mimosa Systems NavigateStorage: "Next-Generation Approach to Email Archiving

Existing archiving solutions place heavy burdens on Exchange servers, relying on data capture methods like MAPI crawls and journaling – both of which can increase input/output per second (IOPS) on the Exchange server by up to 50%.

Mimosa NearPoint for Microsoft Exchange incorporates an innovative data capture method called Continuous Application Shadowing™. Continuous Application Shadowing instantly captures Exchange log files once they are committed to disk and stores them “off-host” on NearPoint. It is an application-intelligent process, which also blocks corruption from the back-up copy. All email content extracted from the log files is indexed and stored with single-instance storage. Furthermore, Continuous Application Shadowing captures complete mailbox information including calendar items, tasks, contacts, and item histories.

Email has proven to be a company's vital asset. If not to be legally required (compliant) then for sure a good company practice.

NavigateStorage has specialised in Email, file and Sharepoint archiving since 2001 with Educom (now Zantaz) and since then Mimosa, Red Condor and Global Relay. Let's discuss your interests i.e. On-Site or Hosted and find the write fit to meet your needs. Request "more info" on or website or write or call 1-978-318-9000.

Monday, April 12, 2010

NavigateStorage's Enterprise Solution for the SMB

The SMB and SME market is insufficiently addressed by existing storage solutions. Enterprise-level systems offer more capability than is necessary and have high initial acquisition costs. iQstor storage solutions are ideal for Storage Administrators at small and mid-sized businesses looking for storage solutions that offer:

* Enterprise class high availability features with no single point of failure
* SAN ready connectivity using Fibre Channel or iSCSI interface
* Server independent SRM software, including storage virtualization, snapshot, copy, capacity management, storage provisioning and remote replication
* Storage capacity from 2TB to over 240TB

iQstor storage solutions consist of hardware building blocks together with software management tools. These building blocks are tightly integrated to provide plug and play functionality as well as management and diagnostic feature sets offering storage administrators and IT managers:
* Storage consolidation through storage virtualization
* Business continuity through remote replication
* Disaster recovery through instantaneous "point-in-time" snapshots

Reduced total cost of Ownership (TCO) through capacity management and automated storage provisioning.

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Nexsan storage from NavigateStorage

NavigateStorage has specialized in Storage since 1999 and Archiving since 2001. If your data is critical, such as Email for compliance then you should know about Assureon from Nexsan.

Assureon from Nexsan gives organizations the ability to keep only one copy of each file stored, regardless of how many users write that file to storage.

Assureon uses single instance store technology, a function of Content Addressed Storage, to identify duplicate files and store only a single copy of a file. This deduplication process is performed automatically with Assureon and is transparent to the user.

By intelligently transferring and storing a single instance of any archived file, Assureon dramatically reduces storage consumption, network bandwidth and overall cost.

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Accelerate NAS environments with Tiered Appliance

FXT Series hardware platforms provide the high-performance storage media that enables Avere tiered NAS appliances to accelerate the performance and reduce the cost of NAS environments. FXT Series hardware platforms are highly reliable and offered in multiple configuration options.

Executive Summary

The storage industry is at an inflection point. High-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) are threatening the dominance of hard disk drives (HDDs), particularly expensive 15k-RPM Fibre Channel (FC) drives, in storage systems. High-capacity, inexpensive serial ATA (SATA) drives have replaced tape as the archive medium of choice. Incumbent storage vendors are struggling to include new storage media in their products, but each candidate replacement medium has particular strengths and weaknesses that existing storage operating systems do not accommodate.

Storage vendors have focused on capacity over performance even as application servers and clients require greater and greater throughput. To keep pace with the demands of your computing infrastructure, you must constantly upgrade to the latest, most expensive generation of NAS servers.

The Avere Systems FXT Series enables you to accelerate the performance of your current NAS infrastructure and lower the costs of NAS acquisition, operation, and expansion. The Avere solution also allows you to use less expensive, lower-performance NAS servers and lower-cost, high-density media such as SATA HDDs to expand your NAS infrastructure, increasing performance and extending the useful lifespan of legacy NAS systems, all while consuming less power, cooling, and rack space than traditional NAS solutions.

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AutoVirt File Virtualization


File virtualization software lets you move files across servers without changing or disrupting users. Execute “no-impact” data migration projects, consolidate data to tiered storage, and separate file access from file management.

Use AutoVirt when you are:

* Consolidating file servers
* Implementing new file servers or NAS devices
* Changing storage vendors
* Centralizing data for backup or disaster recovery
* Managing file data across remote offices
* Archiving data no longer in use to lower-tier storage

For all you Storage and Backup/Replication needs, contact NavigateStorage .