Tuesday, August 19, 2008

NAND Flash Storage may be affordable

During a conversation with a customer of NavigateStorage, the customer asked me if I had ever heard of Fusion IO. He said that he was awaiting delivery of a trial card with 320GB of flash memory to use as his primary storage for his hungry, high performance I/O data bases. He also said that the price of the card was about $9,000.

The ioDrive uses non-volatile NAND flash as its storage medium. Their website at http://www.fusionio.com/ says that they company, founded in Salt Lake City in 2006, came out of stealth mode in late 2007. They claim that their cards are

  • Capable of over 120,000 random read/write IOPS
  • Allows for less than 50 microsecond access latency
  • Permits user to Host and Serve 10x the content per server
  • Enables terabytes of Virtual Memory with near DRAM speeds
  • Eliminates service interrupts due to I/O contention
  • Save or resume virtual machine states in seconds

If you are interested in knowing more or giving them a try, let us know. Call us at 978-318-9000 or drop us an email.