Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nexsan Technologies - SATABeast

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Nexsan Technologies - SATABeast:

SATABeast - Unleash the power of the SATABeast™ extreme density storage array from Nexsan Technologies. Designed from the ground up to set new standards for high-capacity storage systems, SATABeast delivers the industry's best performance and cost-effectiveness in a scalable disk solution. With unparalleled density, availability and energy efficiency, SATABeast maximizes the return on your storage hardware investment.

Unleash the Beast for Primary Storage. Designed for enterprise class environments where reliability is an absolute, SATABeast’s high availability architecture features full redundancy across all active components. Blazing wire-speed read/write throughput and high IOPS performance make SATABeast the perfect choice for data-intensive applications. Secondary Storage and D2D. Disk to Disk Backup. Online access to data means superior business continuity. The SATABeast provides the speed, fault tolerance and high availability to deliver superior data protection while its unmatched capacity easily handles enormous volumes of files. SATABeast enables unprecedented amounts of data to be cost-effectively stored and instantly accessed."

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Why Storage from NavigateStorage

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The iSTOR iS325 supports up to 15 high performance, high capacity SATA drives (15MB) and can be configured to take advantage of 4 or 8 ports of GbE or the single port of 10GbE host interfaces. Supports a very user friendly GUI and won't break your piggy bank.

The iSTPR iS512, its big brother scales to 84TB

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Don't be afraid of the old MAID

MAID as a technology has been around for an eternity but MAID, or massive array of idle disks, certainly isn’t dead. MAID technology has now found its way into standard disk products from Nexsan. It looks like MAID is taking its appropriate place as a technology option in a disk array solution and not the primary reason to buy it, which brings us to VARs.

MAID as a technology has improved — some are calling today’s version “MAID 2.0.” New versions offer multiple levels of MAID instead of just the drives being turned off. These more granular spin-down modes have corresponding degrees of power savings and access times, making them appropriate for more data sets. Some systems also change the MAID level automatically, based upon access history of the RAID group.

Whatever the case, MAID is here to stay. With this improved functionality and its status as a technology option for disk systems.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Mimosa Systems - EMail Archiving with full Compliance

Mimosa NearPoint for Microsoft Exchange for EMail Archiving, including eDiscovery from NavigateStorage (in their 10th year) has incorporated an innovative data capture approach called Continuous Application Shadowing™ where Exchange log files are captured the instant they are committed to disk and stores them “off-host” on NearPoint. Mimosa, an on-site solution, is easy to manage with high reliability. We also have two hosted solutions that saves you the costs of all hardware - servers, storage and personnel and fully manages this solution for you on their systems with full disaster recovery. These are Global Relay and Red Condor totally secure and with full compliance and eDiscovery.

Continuous Application Shadowing is an application-intelligent process that blocks corruption from the backup copy. All email content extracted from the log files is indexed and stored with single-instance storage. Continuous Application Shadowing also captures the complete Exchange mailbox information, including contacts, calendars, personal folders, as well as email stored offline in PST files and all email content found in public folders — a major advantage for eDiscovery

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