Thursday, March 18, 2010

Email Archiving Options

Today technology has progressed offering many new functions and ways to deliver. Initially it was primarily an in-house capability. A customer first had to train two-three IT staff, then provide the necessary hardware at the archiving site and then for the DR site. Next came the professional services to set up the system and hands-on train their staff to this new environment.

Budgets were then established for the installation then, of course, annual Maintenance charges (usually 20% of the initial sale). Of course software upgrades due to Microsoft or the vendor also needed to be considered. True, tried and tested ZANTAZ now owned by Autonomy and their Idol search engine who has had its challenges integrating it into EAS in place of Alta vista and Mimosa (now owned by Iron Mountain).

Then along came "hosted or cloud solutions." This solution did not require any of the above but a monthly per user charge. Global Relay the leader in this field at about $10/user month and Red Condor a recent start up delivering a mature archiving solution at only $4/user/month. Hosted solutions are making good progress securing the customers email as the email is kept on the providers location not the customers. Acceptance is slow coming but as new things usually do.

Both have their benefits depending on the situation.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

AutoVirt - NavigateStorage finds a jewel

Consolidation projects mean moving data from many to fewer devices. This means that you must schedule maintenance windows, migrate the data manually, and reapply client shortcuts after migration. This can take weeks! Get up and running with AutoVirt and schedule your consolidation project to run in less than one day - without maintenance windows.

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NavigateStorage offers Assureon from Nexsan

Why would anyone store dozens or even hundreds of copies of the exact
same file? They wouldn’t. And yet that is exactly what many businesses
are doing.

NavigateStorage says Assureon is a better way - a way that greatly reduces management headaches and minimizes storage consumption.

Assureon from Nexsan gives organizations the ability to keep only one copy of each file stored, regardless of how many users write that file to storage. Assureon uses single instance store technology, a function of Content Addressed Storage, to identify duplicate files and store only a single copy of a file. This deduplication process is performed automatically with Assureon and is transparent to the user. By intelligently transferring and storing a single instance of any archived file, Assureon dramatically reduces storage consumption, network bandwidth and overall cost.

Assureon is designed around the Content Addressed Storage (CAS) object storage model. CAS technology produces a unique digital identifier or fingerprint for all objects, based on their content. This object storage model stores files, images, recordings, email, and so on, as objects with a unique universal identifier. This fingerprint provides the unique CAS address that is used to store, retrieve and verify the integrity of the archived file. In an object model, the archived physical object is completely separate from the logical location or application. This approach simplifies management and allows greater scalability over traditional file system models. Administrators can now be relieved of performing typical storage housekeeping tasks, such as formatting file systems, creating volumes and binding LUNs (logical unit numbers).

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