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RELDATA 9240i can be deployed as a flexible and affordable unified storage solution supporting both file (NAS) and block (SAN) application requirements. Unlike proprietary hardware-based, traditional siloed block or file-based products, the flexibility of the 9240i Unified Storage System enables businesses to support a broader range of applications enhancing their competitive position and driving profitability.

The Best Unified Data Storage Solution

Provisioning SAN block volumes and NAS file shares for every physical system and virtual machine on your network is just the beginning - RELDATA delivers on the promise of unified storage by doing that, and so much more. As shown in the diagram below, RELDATA seamlessly meets all of these needs with one platform.

First, command and control for all SAN and NAS storage assets is through a single unified interface to save time and reduce complexity. As important, you enjoy peace of mind and can plan better because the performance metrics for all of your volumes are consolidated.

Next, RELDATA’s virtualized logical volumes - both block and file - use the shortest possible I/O path for lightning fast response. In addition to speed, this makes it easy to allocate graded storage assets without the “churning” found on competing products.
Moreover, all RELDATA volumes are dynamically extensible on the fly, with the results immediately visible for every resource. And with our “Save as you Grow” hardware expansion model, you can precisely match your expenditures to your needs.
RELDATA also delivers the industry’s richest snapshot model with no pre-allocation, unlimited snaps, writeable snaps, and a sophisticated rollback function. The RELDATA snapshot methodology was designed to fill in the missing pieces from the major hypervisor platforms and is perfect for standing up virtual machines.

Taken together, these architectural advances and management tools are the foundation of another important capability - integrated replication. Specifically, RELDATA is the only Tier 1 storage provider that can replicate volumes at the block level and/or the file level depending on the requirement.

Again, virtualized servers benefit from this unique RELDATA capability because hypervisors run applications that typically need LUNs with fast block storage to store the operating system and databases, and unstructured file shares/mounts for a broad varierty of uses such as backup and image staging.
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VessRAID and VessJBOD Subsystems
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Extensive management tools for virtualized storage deployments
8Gb Fibre Channel + iGb iSCSI, 10Gb iSCSI, 1Gb iSCSI host connectivity

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