Friday, April 15, 2011

We will beat your Data Domain by 20%

We are so confident you’ll be blown away by the industry-leading performance and value of our Quantum’s DXi-Series deduplication appliances, we will beat your Data Domain quote by 20%

Wether you are a small business or a large enteprise, we can show you how to reduce your backup disk requirements by 90% or more with our full line of NAS and VTL data deduplication products

• The DXi6000 Series offers industry-leading value by providing higher performance backup and restores at up to 45% lower cost than the leading competitor

• Our patented deduplication technology provides typical disk savings of over 90% while saving you media costs

• Quantum’s deduplication appliance won deduplication “Product of the Year for 2010”

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Great software, great backups, great safety

Thank you for your interest in learning more about Software. We would really like to give you a demonstration of our product.  Here’s why:

We offer the most effective, feature rich, and the fastest backup and restore software in the market.   Why choose US?

·        Effective back-up solutions.  The most advanced technology to keep information safe and secure.  Customers depend on data-security and data integrity - encrypted during transit and encrypted in your data center.

·        Technology you can rely on.  Backup software must be reliable.  We are there, just when you need us, quietly working in the background.  Our software is designed so that there is absolutely zero data loss.

·        Unmatched customer service.  Over 9 years of providing the best in the industry in customer service. Our software is known as a knowledgeable and reliable partner.  We provide you with support that is highly responsive and are here ready to help with practical solutions to your everyday backup problems.

·        Cost effectiveness.  Having the right data back up in place should not cost you a small fortune. Our software solutions are surprisingly affordable. With us, you get maximum value at a very affordable and reasonable cost.

·        Features your business can grow on:

·        Simple client setup

·        Full Web Portal control

·        Never re-master

·        Full Branding

·        Scalable local and remote backup

·        Fastest restore in the industry

·        True Email message level Archiving

·        BDR appliance with remote backup

·        BDR restore server in under 2 minutes

·        All Exchange versions including 2010

·        SQL, SharePoint, Oracle

·        Open file Backup

·        Host the Software yourself or use our hosting service (your choice)

See a demonstration of our product - see what we have to offer.  We invite you to evaluate us, ask questions, compare us to our competition.  

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nexsan a leading provider of storage offers DeDupe

DeDupe SG

DeDupe SG is not just faster deduplication, it’s smarter deduplication. By first writing and storing backups on its high speed disk cache (deduping at a later time or concurrently), DeDupe SG reduces the amount of time needed to backup. Unlike other dedupe systems, DeDupe SG has its own independent, high performance RAID subsystem which can scale up to 8GB cache and up to 8 RAID engines. With RAID tasks off-loaded to the subsystem, CPU processing power can be solely dedicated to deduplication allowing users to backup and restore faster.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Huawei Symantec

Huawei Symantec
Huawei Symantec Oceanspace S2600 is a storage product for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Based on a creative architecture design, the S2600 offers a complete storage solution with the five E-features – Evolutionary, Easy, Enhanced, Energy-saving, and Economical.

The combo interface supports both FC and iSCSI connectivity.The highly cost-effective features include remote replication (HyperMirror), power failure protection, and disk pre-copy. The S2600 supports background initialization of RAID and online expansion for up to 96 hard disks and 256 hosts to satisfy rapid capacity growth requirement.

Now if you interested in a NAS look no more - How about this versaile array.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

NavigateStorage finds a real solution for Windows File Management

NavigateStorage introduces AutoVirt. call us at 9789-318-9000

Management software for Windows storage
AutoVirt is a software platform for Windows that provides storage management control from a web-based console. Use AutoVirt to automate and expedite:
AutoVirt provides:
  • A solution for managing unstructured Windows file data
  • A way to extend the native functionality of inexpensive, commodity Windows hardware
  • Integration with mainframe NAS devices, including NetApp and EMC Celerra
  • Out-of-band runtime operations, with no client agents
  • An intelligent client referral service with perpetual support for client UNC names and embedded links

AutoVirt global namespace

AutoVirt inserts a global namespace to organize networked shares and shield end-users from the back-end logistics of storage management. The namespace eliminates the manual work involved in maintaining client access to networked data: it is the single authority on networked files, and automatically resolves client shortcuts to the new location.

With AutoVirt’s global namespace registering all changes to data location, it is possible to automate many storage management tasks – including those that affect data location. The AutoVirt policy engine is responsible for automating data measurement, copying, migration, replication, and archiving.

AutoVirt’s namespace and policy engine interact with both clients and networked file servers using the Common Internet File System (CIFS) protocol.

Autovirt from NavigateStorage solves "what users hve been looking for."  Call or write us today for a demo  You won't be sorry you did.

AutoVirt is a data mobility solution

AutoVirt is a data mobility solution that provides access to your NAS devices and Windows file servers by building a global namespace: a service in your network that receives client requests for files and returns the appropriate storage location, according to the company.

AutoVirt allows clients to use their and embedded links, even after the files have been moved. "VARs see us as an easy solution to improve their storage offerings. [Users] can move data around storage devices very quickly and efficiently," said Ed Spies, vice president of finance and operations

Check out this oustanding solution to really improve life for your users.  Visit Autovirt and read more.  Then contact NavigateStorage at 978-318-9000 or drop us a line.