Friday, October 3, 2008

FAS2000 Series from NavigateStorage

Key Points:
Gain enterprise-level reliability in a smaller and cost-effective package Integrate storage and processing into a single unit.
Cost-effective and reliable disaster recovery.
Manage and store applications and data using several standard protocols.
Slash your backup and restore times by half.
Simplify management through consolidation of virtualized server environments.

With our FAS2000 series you can manage your growing, complex data in dispersed departments or remote locations, add functionality with ease, and increase capacity by up to 104TB.

Manage your dispersed, expanding, and complex data requirements with the FAS2000 series. FAS2000 systems are ideal if you have dispersed departments or remote branch offices.
Leverage our common operating system, management tools, backup and restore functions, and disaster recovery solutions to support your special business needs:
Bolster your storage efficiency through higher utilization and our thin-provisioning technology
Expand capacity and functionality easily using a uniform architecture
Reduce your system costs with the FAS2000 high data availability and downtime costs, which are half those of other systems

Learn more about how you can use the FAS2000 series for your dispersed or growing storage needs: FAS2000 from NavigateStorage

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Norman Virus Control: The Anti-Symantec Approach

Hear what a user wrote:

Norman Virus Control is simply an anti-virus program that goes back to the basics with solid virus protection without all the added bloatware that most modern antivirus programs are prone to bring with them. It uses a simple interface that is both easy to use and intuitive for people who appreciate less complicated software. The software is compatible with Windows XP and Vista as well as the 64-bit version of both operating systems.

Currently I am running it side by side with Avast antivirus and both run perfectly with each other without conflict. Norman also has a full security suite but I can't use it because I am running a 64-bit operating system. The antivirus, however, runs on any Windows XP or Vista system 64 or 32 bit.Installation and updatesInstallation is a breeze. You can install from the CD or download the program from the companie's web site.

You install the program by launching setup.exe or just insert the CD. During the installation you have the option of installing the program where you like but it is probably best to install it to the default location. After the installation is finished you will want to update the program to get the latest protection from the newest viruses out there. You'll notice a new icon in the program tray at the bottom right of the screen. It is a little blue square with a white "N" in it. Right click and choose "Internet Update" and the program will download and update the latest protection. One thing that I really like about this program is that it doesn't nag you every day to download updates or announce with an annoyingly friendly voice that "You're antivirus program has just been updated" like others do. The program quietly does what it is supposed to do and that is to protect my computer from viruses. SchedulingYou can set the program to update at any time you set over the internet.

If you use dial-up access you can have the program automatically dial-up and hang up when it is done. You can schedule the program to run at any time as well. The Norman Antivirus interface is very easy to familiarize yourself with quickly and changing settings takes seconds. The program can be set to run hidden until a virus is found of cleaning fails to keep it out of your way. The software is very non-intrusive. It's nice to have an antivirus program that doesn't draw attention to itself unless there is a reason for it.

Luckily, I have not had any virus attacks since I installed it but I have the program running hidden so I wouldn't know unless it couldn't clean them anyway.The program also installs a "scan for virus" option to your drop down menus. You can right click on a file and choose "scan for virus" to launch the virus scanner. The program works pretty much the same way as other antivirus programs where you can choose which drive to scan or just scan a folder or file if you like.ConclusionNorman Antivirus is a good solid antivirus program that does it job and does it quietly. It is really nice to have an antivirus that doesn't announce everything it does; I mean I have it running in the background for a reason. If you need a good antivirus and are tired of the big bad yellow box, try this one.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

NetApp and NavigateStorage announces the 50% Virtualization Guarantee Program

Today, NavigateStorage and NetApp announced the 50% Virtualization Guarantee Program* for all your NavigateStorage customers! This unprecedented program guarantees* that your customers will use 50% less storage with NetApp in their VMware Virtual Environment compared to a traditional storage baseline - or NetApp will provide the additional capacity at no additional charge!

* Here's the fine print

NavigateStorage established in 1999 specializes in storage - iSCSI, IPSAN, NAS and Unified (block and file) from a wide variety of vendors. Features such as Replication, ILM, Data-Deduplication, Compression and Encryption are readily available. We represent market leading Tape Libraries, Virtual Tape Libraries, backup and replication software and new, name brand media at great prices.

Software solutions include Email/IM archiving (onsite software) or Hosted Email Archiving for compliance or just good governance, VMware, Virtual Iron, and security solutions for Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam (both as a service and appliance) and data leakage solutions. And a full line of Xerox Printers and Copiers with the new solid ink and Page Pack all in one progam.

Network products include QLogic and Brocade switches.

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