Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Removeable backup appliance

Designed strictly for the Enterprise. The Idealstor 8 Bay Backup Appliance, from NavigateStorage, is a 4U rackmount backup device running Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 on Dual Intel Xeon Dual Core processors with hyper threading and 2GB of error correcting code memory.  It also comes smaller.

The 8 Bay is designed to be the fastest and most scalable product in the Idealstor line of backup appliances. This product offers the flexibility of archiving data onto all 8 disks or can be set up in a configuration where 4 drives are taken off site and 4 remain in the unit for data cycling. This unit is designed to backup 16TB of removable disk capacity.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

NavigateStorage announces Clustered IPSan

StoneFly, Inc., a leading supplier of integrated IP storage area network (SAN) systems and NavigateStorage a premier partner, has released the newest member to the Stonefly StoneFlex product family, the StoneFlex Quad Unified Storage & Server (QUSS™). Uniting Clustered Storage and Servers into one hardware appliance, the QUSS™ is ideal for enterprising organizations that are in need to consolidate their datacenter into a Fault Tolerant Appliance.

Through the StoneFlex QUSS™ consumers can ensure total hardware utilization while reducing power/cooling cost as well as allocating resources to more demanding applications all without the additional cost of obtaining other hardware devices.
The StoneFlex QUSS™ Standard Unit comes with a Clustered IPSAN. In addition, what make the QUSS™ unique are its 2 Flex Modules that customers can pick and choose to build their environment. Some of server modules that are available for QUSS™ include an additional IP SAN Cluster Controller for more storage power, VMWare Fault Tolerant Cluster to ensure storage and server consolidation, Microsoft Cluster, Windows Server, Windows Storage Server (WSS), Linux Servers as well as Custom Built Servers. This ensures that the customer’s Server Virtualization and storage needs are met all in one hardware appliance. QUSS™ Hardware is packed with latest and greatest technologies to provide the best possible performance in a most cost effective package. Technologies such as multi 10Gb Interface, Full fault tolerance, Quad XEON processors and up to 384GB memory per module are some of them.

“iSCSI pioneer is expanding its vision by providing a single fault tolerant appliance to house a complete datacenter and provide a solid platform for a Cloud Computing environment,” says Bahman Jalali (B.J.), Director of Product Management at Stonefly, “This single appliance offers simplified management, and ease of mind by providing redundant components in all levels.”

For more details about the StoneFlex QUSS™ or any of the Stonefly product line, please call 978-318-9000 or Email.