Friday, December 11, 2009

Atempo - Data Management, Simplified. - Press Release

Atempo - Data Management, Simplified. - Press Release:

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"Atempo Delivers Support for Mac OS X Snow Leopard Across Data Protection and Archiving Suite
Atempo Extends Multi-Platform Leadership with Unparalleled Data Protection and Archiving Capabilities for Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Palo Alto, CA, 12/8/2009 - Atempo, Inc., a leading provider of cross-platform data protection and archiving solutions, today announced new support for Mac OS X Snow Leopard across Atempo’s entire product suite. Customers using Snow Leopard can now have their digital assets backed up and protected with Atempo Time Navigator and Atempo Live Backup, their archival data preserved with Atempo Digital Archive (ADA) and their archived emails accessible through the Atempo Digital Archive for Messaging (ADAM) Entourage plug-in.

This support for Snow Leopard continues Atempo’s rich history of multi-platform compatibility, and also strengthens the company’s role as the leader in delivering enterprise-class data protection and archiving to the Mac market. The Atempo product suite gives data-intensive Mac environments the ability to protect any type of data at any stage of its lifecycle on any storage device.

“Atempo has kept ahead of the curve and distinguished itself by providing an unmatched level of support and service to the Mac market,” said Marylise Tauzia, Director of Product Management & Marketing at Atempo. “Supporting Snow Leopard means Atempo is well-positioned to protect and preserve data for Mac users with a full array of world-class backup and archiving solutions.”"

iQstor - Products: Storage Systems

iQstor - Products: Storage Systems:

iQstor technology is standards-based, enabling you to benefit from greater ease of integration and improved cost efficiencies. iQstor incorporates hardware 'building blocks' with software solution sets including:
High Capacity
High Availability
Remote Replication
Remote Support

High Performance
Storage Visualization
Disaster Recovery

iQstor's storage solutions offer: Embedded expert level intelligence in the storage subsystem, a simple, intuitive and easy-to-use SAN Manager and System Manager configuration GUI, SAN discovery, topology mapping and storage resource management, Storage Virtualization - Consolidating storage into a common manageable pool, managed Snapshots, Local and Remote Replication (synchronous and asynchronous), including Policy based storage provisioning and non-disruptive storage growth.

Intelligent Capacity Management - Offering uninterrupted virtual storage provisioning and automatic file system expansion.
Volume Copy Services' Comprehensive mirroring solution"

This set of arrays from iQstor are top knotch and well tested. Our customers are very pleased and you will be too.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

TransVault Software Home Page

TransVault Software Home Page:

"The Data Transition ExpertsTransVault Software (TVS) is committed to helping organizations protect and maintain access to their corporate data--throughout its entire lifecycle.

The time-period over which electronic business records must be retained can extend for many years, during which change is inevitable: storage hardware becomes obsolete; company mergers and acquisitions introduce incompatibilities; desktop systems are upgraded. TVS helps maintain the accessibility and integrity of your data as the world changes around it.

The result of over a decade’s experience in email migrations and email archiving, TVS’ flagship migration suite, TransVault™, facilitates rapid and secure movement of email and other related records from one environment to another. With the ability to convert between different archive formats, email systems and storage devices, TransVault maintains chain of custody throughout the transition, ensuring compliance with data retention legislation.
TVS is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and IBM Business Partner with headquarters in the UK, business development offices in North America, and a global network of valued-added resellers able to offer services around TVS products."

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Atempo - Data Management, Simplified. - Press Release

Atempo - Data Management, Simplified. - Press Release:

"Atempo Delivers Block-level Deduplication to Time Navigator with Atempo HyperStream Server
New Module Maximizes the Efficiency of Storage Systems and Reduces Bandwidth Use for Remote Office Data Protection

Palo Alto, Calif., 6/15/2009 - Atempo, Inc., a leading provider of cross-platform data protection and archiving solutions, today introduced Atempo HyperStream Server, a new module for Atempo Time Navigator that delivers block-level deduplication capabilities to the company’s flagship high-performance backup and recovery solution. This key new feature is optimized for midsize and large organizations seeking to cost-effectively maximize the utilization of their storage systems, as well as for companies that require powerful and efficient enterprise-class data protection for their remote or branch offices where block-level incremental backup is preferred due to network bandwidth limitations.

Atempo HyperStream Server is a stream-oriented storage service that allows backup data to be sent to a storage server across high and low bandwidth connections, while performing block-level deduplication across and within the streams. The new module effectively eliminates redundancy in storage media by identifying identical blocks of data on multiple systems and only backing up the changed blocks, significantly reducing both the amount of storage and the network bandwidth required. In addition, Atempo HyperStream Server supports extremely efficient block-level replication from one unit to another over local- or wide- area network connections, which combines the advantages of fast local restore and disaster recoverability for both data center and remote office backup."

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Email Archiving Service - Products - Red Condor

Email Archiving Service - Products - Red Condor

"Red Condor Archive provides an affordable, reliable and secure hosted Email Archiving Service to customers of all sizes to help you meet your compliance, litigation support, storage management or best practice requirements. Red Condor Archive leverages a global cloud computer and storage infrastructure to provide your organization with an extremely scalable, 100% software-free service, at a cost effective price. Red Condor Archive’s data collection technology supports all messaging systems (Microsoft, Novell, IBM, Zimbra, Scalix, IMail Server, Mailtrust, Keiro and many more) making the solution truly future-proof.

Satisfy E-Discovery and Compliance Challenges
Red Condor Archive helps your organization be compliant with archiving regulations for SEC, FINRA, NASD, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and more. With secure capturing and full text indexing of all emails and attachments, compliance requests can be fulfilled quickly and easily. Securely capture, index and store multiple copies of auditable email for easy retrieval through our easy-to-use search and discovery interface. For more on compliance and E-Discovery, click here."

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Email Archiving, Files and Sharepoint

We have been working with Email Archiving since 2001. We offer both in-house and hosted solutions.

Free consultations and pricing discussions to meet your needs. Products we offer include Mimosa a great inhouse solution, as well as, ZANTAZ. Also Red Condor and Global Relay .

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