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Compliance Monitoring and Reporting

Compliance Monitoring and Reporting:

Effective compliance policy enforcement requires the coordination of multiple stakeholders, at both a local level (branch compliance officers) and corporate level (supervisors and compliance / legal departments). While monitoring and policy enforcement take place at the local level, our Compliance Supervisor allows local and corporate supervisors, compliance managers and legal departments to effectively oversee adherence at both the local and corporate level with company-wide policies and procedures.

This is essential to protecting the integrity of compliance initiatives. Compliance Supervisor allows companies to have complete control over their compliance initiatives and enable them to pro-actively respond to suspect behavior and changing regulatory conditions.

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Archiving to Optical Devices

Archiving to Optical Devices:

Professional Optical Archival Storage - 50 Year Media Life

Based on high density, blue laser recording technology, UDO (Ultra Density Optical) is the 30GB standard for professional archival storage. UDO delivers all the traditional strengths expected from optical storage such as record authenticity and media longevity, but at a much higher capacity and lower cost than previous generation products.

UDO is designed specifically for the secure, long-term storage of high volume document images, emails, customer records, audio or video files, financial information and engineering documentation. Thousands of organizations worldwide trust UDO for the archival storage of their valuable business information including: banks, insurance companies, healthcare providers, manufacturers, television and radio broadcasters, retailers, law enforcement, military and government agencies.

UDO media is available in Write Once and Rewritable media formats, all of which are certified Ecma and ISO standards. UDO Write Once technology enables regulatory compliance, best practice and audit trail management and is ideal for applications that require records be archived in an unalterable, non-erasable format for legal admissibility. UDO Rewritable media is used for more general archive requirements that demand data longevity while allowing older records to be erased and media space reused.

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Archiving to WORM Devices

Archiving to WORM Devices:

Facts about our Archiving Solution

Storage systems no longer have to be unintelligent repositories of unprotected data. In the wake of numerous security breaches where sensitive and confidential information has been compromised and the enforcement of multiple compliance regulations, businesses and organizations are demanding higher levels of intelligence and protection. NavigateStorage can deliver a fully secure storage appliance - a complete solution that combines advanced encryption with content addressed storage, ILM technology and other patent-pending security features into a single, fully integrated disk-based system.

Our solution addresses the critical concerns of today's businesses and organizations - the security, authenticity and accessibility of the information being stored and managed.

Tape - In response to regulatory compliance issues facing the financial services and many other industries, NavigateStorage offers Write Once/Read Many (WORM) technology. In compliance with the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission's (SEC) 'non-erasable and non-rewritable' mandate, WORM technology ensures data integrity with low-cost, high-capacity non-editable media.

So whether your desire is disk storage with replication for DR or Tape contact NavigateStorage to discuss how we can meet your needs."

Email Archive Migration

Email Archive Migration:

The decision to move to a new e-mail or archiving service should not be constrained by the risk of losing data. Similarly the need to move users between different locations or archive products (e.g. as a result of a re-location or merger) should not threaten the accessibility or manageability of your corporate data.

TransVault™ from NavigateStorage is a high-performance software application that securely migrates and consolidates e-mail and other related records from one environment to another, ensuring future accessibility - regardless of the chosen archive, messaging platform or storage medium.

Migration is fast and entirely transparent to users, eliminating the risk of downtime and significantly reducing the costs and IT overheads normally associated with moving large amounts of data."

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IP SAN Solutions

IP SAN Solutions:

IP SAN solutions from NavigateStorage's vendors are the right choice.

Ease the storage management and economic burden of data storage by implementing an IP SAN from NavigateStorage. Whether you're currently managing multiple direct-attached storage devices or you're looking for enterprise-class features in an IP SAN, we will meet your requirements for simplicity, performance and functionality. Our ipSAN arrays come from vendors from A -Z but only from vendors with the reputation for quality, performance and value. For example:

Entry level IP SAN under $15,995 supports up to 15 high performance, high capacity SATA 500GB, 750, or 1000GB drives and can be configured to take advantage of the 4 or 8 port GbE or 1 port of 10GbE. High throughput design. iStor325 iStor 512

High capacity low cost up to 42TB of SATA 2 storage with 2 iscsi ports and 2 fibre channel ports, single and dual controllers, green power storage management MAID .

Scalable, high availability, SATA SAS IP SAN storage solutions with dual active/active controllers, fail over, scalable to multiple terabytes, replication, data de-duplication, encryption, StorTrends 3200i OptiSan

We have solutions from many more vendors. All at competitive prices. Let us understand your requirements both current and future and find the right match for you.

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Best Anti-Virus Software Internet Security - Kaspersky Lab

Best Anti-Virus Software Internet Security - Kaspersky Lab:

What is Kaspersky Open Space Security?

Kaspersky Open Space Security is a suite of products that offers security coverage for all types of network endpoints, from mobile devices to servers. Incoming and outgoing data traffic - including email, web traffic and network interactions - is scanned for malicious content and administration is simplified by using a set of powerful administration tools.

Kaspersky Business Space Security offers an umbrella of protection to workstations, smartphones, and file servers from all types of computer threats, prevents epidemics of malicious programs, and keeps information secure and fully accessible to users of network resources. The product was expressly designed to meet the increasing demands of servers operating under heavy loads.

Kaspersky Enterprise Space Security ensures the free flow of information within a company and secure communication with the outside world. The solution comprises components for the protection of workstations, smartphones and servers from all types of contemporary computer threats, removing malware from emails and keeping information secure and fully accessible to users of network resources.

Kaspersky Total Space Security exercises control over all incoming and outgoing data - including email, web traffic and all network interactions. The product includes components for the protection of workstations and smartphones, providing users with secure and fast access to company information resources and the Internet, as well as secure communications via email.

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NavigateStorage Leasing

NavigateStorage Leasing:

IT Specific Credit Programs-We combine unique credit programs with speed and flexibility to effectively serve every type of customer. From enterprise level companies to start-ups, we have processes in place that are specifically tailored to your company’s needs.

We have developed leasing and credit programs for:

New Companies- We understand, especially in today’s tech dependant environment, sometimes you need your equipment in place before you can make your first sale. Our New Business Program weights the owner’s credit worthiness heavier than the business’s credit and viability, and allows them to get the equipment they need to get their business up and running faster.

Growing companies- We specialize in assisting companies who have a greater IT need than they have credit history. With the Web 2.0 phenomenon and the fact that virtually every industry is doing business online, the demand for technology companies is at an all-time high. This means that they are growing faster than ever, but they usually don’t have strong enough credit to keep up with their purchasing needs. We have a program in place for the growing companies that allow them to garner larger approvals and purchase the equipment they need to sustain that growth.

Enterprise Companies- Our large, Fortune 1000 customers choose us because we understand that one of their greatest assets is time. We have a stream-lined application and documentation process in place for enterprise customers, and that allows us to get documents in their hands to review within 4 hours of first contact. We also work closely with their finance and legal teams."

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Backing up remote sites

Backing up remote sites:

Disaster's are never good. They are always bad. Fire, flood, or vandalism strikes when you least expect, but NavigateStorage can show you how to plan the contingencies and be prepared to recover efficiently and effectively.'

Backing up of remote sites used to mean autoloaders and hoping that the local folks removed and safeguarded the tapes. Today's technology has made the backing up of remotes much less of a headache. Today we can backup via a backup service over the internet or we can backup to a local array for fast local restores and then send only delta changes back to central site. Or utilizing technology such as commonality factoring or capacity optimization we can achieve full backups with minimal WAN traffic.

Some of our storage arrays, such as American Megatrends (iSCSI SAS and SATA), actually have encrypted remote replication with data de-duplication capabilities all baked into the software. Another popular way to protect Remote Sites is with FilesX while some organizations like to turn the job over to our fully manned Network Operations Center and yet others enjoy the self managed e-folders offerings.

Whatever your choosing, give us a call and most likely we will have a solution tailored to meet your particular needs.

NavigateStorage are experts in understanding your remote site backup challenge and offering world class solutions to achieve them. Contact us vis a our web or write.

Sanbolic File Management

Sanbolic File Management:

Sanbolic provides software for SAN solutions to extend the capability of applications running on Windows servers and shared storage. Sanbolic allows data on SAN storage to be managed centrally and simultaneously shared among servers, providing storage flexibility and data availability.

Typical solutions enabled by Sanbolic Software include scalable clusters of Windows Unified Data Storage Server 2003, dynamic migration of virtual servers, high availability Citrix® Provisioning ServerTM installations, scalable web and media streaming server installations, and high performance storage for Window Compute Cluster Server 2003.

Sanbolic software allows users to create a shared-data SAN storage pool using industry-standard storage and server hardware.

Let NavigateStorage show you and try the benefits.

Unified Storage

Unified Storage:

Unified Storage is a single, integrated storage infrastructure that functions as unification engines to simultaneously support Fibre Channel, IP Storage Area Networks (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) data formats.

A unified storage system simultaneously enables storage of file data and handles the block-based I/O (input/output) of enterprise applications. In actual practice, unified storage is often implemented in a NAS platform that is modified to add block-mode support.

One advantage of unified storage is reduced hardware requirements. Instead of separate storage platforms, like NAS for file-based storage and a RAID disk array for block-based storage, unified storage combines both modes in a single device. Alternatively, a single device could be deployed for either file or block storage as required.

NavigateStorage offers unified storage in addition to many other storage solutions. Check us out. Write or call 978-318-9000

Friday, January 22, 2010

Global Relay Hosted Email Full Compliance

Global Relay Hosted Email Full Compliance:

Global Relay is a leading provider of Hosted Email Archiving, IM Archiving and Business Continuity Services, delivering affordable managed enterprise-class email & IM archiving and monitoring services to over 2,500 customers worldwide. With secure end-to-end encryption, email and IM is securely archived and monitored for regulatory compliance, audits and legal eDiscovery. As the developer and operator of its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology, Global Relay has provided hosted email archiving solutions since 1999 without a single incident of data loss. Global Relay specializes in messaging compliance solutions for public companies, financial and healthcare industries.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

NEC: D-Series SAN Storage Arrays

NEC: D-Series SAN Storage Arrays:

NEC's D series includes D1 - D3-D3i and D8. It includes the D3i for IPSANs. and D1 for small and medium size businesses and the D3 - D8 a full migration path for major data cen ters.

The D1 includes all of the exclusive features of the NEC D-Series Enterprise Modular Storage arrays and supports many enterprise-class software capabilities. A single D1 array can scale from 219 GB to 72 TB capacity by adding up to five 2U 12-drive expansion enclosures. The disk array base unit, with the first 12 drives, comes standard with dual controllers, but is available in a single controller format for those preferring minimum cost over redundancy.

Aggregate throughput over 1,100 MB/sec to hosts is provided through up to four 4Gbps Fibre Channel ports. These can be connected into a switched fabric SAN or direct-connected as a simple and low-cost DAS configuration. The disk enclosures are connected to the controller via SAS wide-link connection for 12 Gbps bandwidth to each disk drive."

The system is fully redundant to protect against single-point-of-failure, with a battery backup unit for protecting the cache. Failed components are reported via alerts by either email or SNMP traps and in the management software.

NavigateStorage specializes in storage of all types.

Removable disk backup system

NavigateStorage announces that their "removable disk" storage array the Idealstor Teralyte is now shipping with the latest release of our backup software - iBac 5.0. iBac 5.0 offers native format backup with drag and drop restore and now includes file level data de-duplication. New to iBac 5.0 is an easy to use wizard driven software interface, the ability to backup network shares to backup non-Windows servers, support for 64 bit and Windows Server 2008.

As a reminder, the Teralyte is a removable disk backup system that is designed to completely replace tape backup by using SATA disks as backup media that can be sent offsite for disaster recovery. The Teralyte is available in 1, 2 and 4 Bay configurations and currently supports up a 2TB SATA disk allowing for up to 8TB of backup capacity per system.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to take a closer look at iBac 5.0." Jim Addlesberger - NavigateStorage 978-318-9000 or email

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stonefly SCVM™ (Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine)

Stonefly’s Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine (SCVM™) gives our StoneFly customers the ability to create a Virtual IP SAN appliance on an existing VMWare server platform.

By creating a StoneFly iSCSI Target within a VMWare Virtual Server, StoneFly customers may reallocate existing hardware resources to create business continuity and disaster recovery solution. Using StoneFly synchronous mirroring within the datacenter and distributed campus, or using asynchronous mirroring (replication) between remote facilities, enables StoneFly customers to have an instantaneous recovery, and eliminate loss of access to storage during disasters.

This tool enables our customers to lower operational datacenter costs plus provide a quick RTO (Return to Operation) in the event of a local site failure. In essence the SCVM™ is giving our customers the ability to create their own "DR Site in a box".

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StoneFly OptiSAN for High Availability

StoneFly OptiSAN for High Availability:

StoneFly's OptiSAN Storage Concentrator Configurations have been designed to offer enhanced redundancy, availability and performance. Using high performance fibre channel and SAS interconnects, the redesigned OptiSAN product family is designed for enterprise environments looking for a versatile SAN for primary and secondary storage applications. With support for SAS, SATA, and TED drives for online transaction processing, database, email, disk based archives, disk to disk backup, virtual servers and other core applications. The cornerstone of the OptiSAN is the Storage Concentrator Storage Virtualization Engine, which offers dual core processing power, dedicated iSCSI Cache, and the award-winning StoneFusion IP SAN platform. Each high-performance storage subsystem offers redundant, active/active RAID controller functionality for enhanced performance and increased system bandwidth. Cost-effective expansion array to scale system capacity and disk spindles.

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NavigateStorage - Nexsan De-Dupe

DeDupe SG™ is a complete, turn-key solution with all the necessary software and hardware leveraging Nexsan’s highly efficient storage combined with FalconStor’s high performance deduplication software engine (File-interface Deduplication System - FDS). DeDupe SG represents the next generation in data deduplication by reducing capacity costs while greatly improving operational efficiency.

DeDupe SG delivers performance that is 20% to 100% faster than competitive vendors by combining the latest high speed CPU processing technology with Nexsan’s high speed RAID subsystem. Not only is it faster, DeDupe SG is smarter by first writing and storing backups on its high speed disk cache (deduping at a later time or concurrently) so that backup tasks are completed in a fraction of the time.

DeDupe SG flexes its strength as the only highly efficient deduplication storage system. DeDupe SG doesn't just deliver speed, it delivers green. The typical backup window is 2-8 hours a day, yet all other dedupe solutions spin disks at full speed for the remaining 16-22 hours. By leveraging the green efficiencies inherent to Nexsan storage components and energy saving AutoMAID™ technology, DeDupe SG users not only get better performance during their backups, they save energy and reduce costs every hour the system is not in use - 65% savings when compared to other dedupe solutions and 95% when compared to normal disk storage.

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Mimosa Systems NavigateStorage

Mimosa Systems NavigateStorage:

Existing archiving solutions place heavy burdens on Exchange servers, relying on data capture methods like MAPI crawls and journaling – both of which can increase input/output per second (IOPS) on the Exchange server by up to 50%. Mimosa NearPoint for Microsoft Exchange incorporates an innovative data capture method called Continuous Application Shadowing™. Continuous Application Shadowing instantly captures Exchange log files once they are committed to disk and stores them “off-host” on NearPoint. It is an application-intelligent process, which also blocks corruption from the back-up copy. All email content extracted from the log files is indexed and stored with single-instance storage. Furthermore, Continuous Application Shadowing captures complete mailbox information including calendar items, tasks, contacts, and item histories.

Mimosa NearPoint™ then uses a method called Smart Message Extraction to process Exchange message data for archiving. Smart Message Extraction runs entirely on the NearPoint server and places no burden on Exchange. Each time transaction log files are received on NearPoint and applied to the full database replica, Smart Message Extraction automatically runs and processes the data for archival.

Let NavigateStorage tell you more. Then ask for more info on our website. Jim 978-318-9000

Mimosa Systems NavigateStorage

Mimosa Systems from NavigateStorage

Mimosa NearPoint for Microsoft Exchange has incorporated an innovative data capture approach called Continuous Application Shadowing™ where Exchange log files are captured the instant they are committed to disk and stores them “off-host” on NearPoint.

Continuous Application Shadowing is an application-intelligent process that blocks corruption from the backup copy. All email content extracted from the log files is indexed and stored with single-instance storage. Continuous Application Shadowing also captures the complete Exchange mailbox information, including contacts, calendars, personal folders, as well as email stored offline in PST files and all email content found in public folders — a major advantage for eDiscovery and Exchange recovery.

Mimosa is high-lighted by Gartner as market leader. Let us tell you more. For demo, pricing amd answers to all your questions, contact us at 978-318-9000 or request more information on our website. here.

Storage Solutions

NavigateStorage has specialized in storage and backup solutions for ten years. During that time we have worked with SAN's, NAS,and direct attached storage. Including data de-duplication, remote replication, and many other techniques. So whether your needs are large or small check out our website or call us to discuss specific needs at 978-318-9000.

DeDupe SG

NavigateStorage offers Nexsan's high speed DeDupe Storage

With growing capacity needs, shorter backup windows,
escalating energy costs, shrinking datacenter space, tighter
budgets and the need for faster restore, IT professionals
need a new kind of deduplication solution. It’s not just about
saving storage anymore. It’s about saving time, energy,
space and resources - a more holistic approach to storage

DeDupe SG™ is a complete, turn-key solution with all the
necessary software and hardware leveraging Nexsan’s
highly efficient storage combined with FalconStor’s high
performance deduplication software engine (File-interface
Deduplication System - FDS). DeDupe SG represents the
next generation in data deduplication by reducing capacity
costs while greatly improving operational efficiency."

NavigateStorage, a premier storage partner works with many vendors
to match their products to your needs. Call 978-318-9000

Here is one such offer Nexsan's DeDupe SG for your consideration.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

NEC: D-Series SAN Storage Arrays

NaviagateStorage is a premier multi-vendor storage provider. We bring you high quality storage arrays to match your requirements and your budget. For example:

NEC's D-Series SAN Storage arrays provide highly available and easily scalable storage for your SAN without sacrificing performance and flexibility. They include high-end features you won't find on other mid-range arrays, but at a lower cost than other systems.

There are four models –

D1 Small to Medium Fibre Channel (up to 72TB FC)

D3i IPSAN (up to 144TB, iSCI attach SAS, SATA, and SASD/SATA intermix)

D3 Large Fibre Channel (up to 144TB, Fibre attach SAS, SATA, and SASD/SATA intermix)

D8 Data Center (up to 1.5 PetaBytes, 4-64 ports, 3-1,536 HDDs}

as well as a complete array management suite for businesses of all sizes that includes snapshots, replication, performance management, multipathing, failover, compliance, energy conservation, and more.

We are in our tenth year serving the storage industry. Contact us by phone 9787-318-9000, email, or via our website. Ask for Jim.

NEC: D-Series SAN Storage Arrays

NEC: D-Series SAN Storage Arrays:

"NEC's D-Series SAN Storage arrays provide highly available and easily scalable storage for your SAN without sacrificing performance and flexibility. They include high-end features you won't find on other mid-range arrays, but at a lower cost than other systems. There are four models – D1, D3i, D3, and D8 – as well as a complete array management suite for businesses of all sizes that includes snapshots, replication, performance management, multipathing, failover, compliance, energy conservation, and more."

Contact NavigateStorage, the experts in multi-vendor storage. We work hard to bring you the value for your dollar. Call us at 978-318-9000 or email us.

Email in the Cloud

Save personnel , server and storage cost utilizing a hosted service. With a hosted service they do all the software upgrades while you tend to your job. Plus some customers say that our hosted services provides more functionality.

Check out our offerings from Global Relay and Red Condor.

Then contact us for demo's and a real good price. We can even provide a trial without disrupting your existing email service. NavigateStorage Email or call us at 978-318-9000.