Thursday, April 8, 2010

iBac 5.0, now offers support for Microsoft Exchange 2010

Idealstor announces that data protection software, iBac 5.0, now offers support for Microsoft Exchange 2010.

We are very excited about this announcement as Exchange 2010 has an option called Recovery Database (RDB) that allows you to recover individual mailboxes or emails without having to do a brick level backup. This means that you can now use our OVS module to backup a live Exchange server and simply backup the information store for a fast and easy to run backup. When that job is done you can then use the RDB to recover mailboxes or emails. This is much faster than traditional Brick Level backup options on the market that require you to go within the information store to backup mailboxes/emails.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Management Software for Windows

NavigateStorage represents AutoVirt

By ensuring that users have a consistent point of access to their data, AutoVirt allows IT administrators to automate the movement of data within their Windows storage environments.

As administrators move data to where they need it to be – business-critical data to a new device, a replica to a secondary location, last year’s share to Tier 2 storage – clients are automatically redirected to the new location of their data. By eliminating impact on end-users, AutoVirt removes a number of logistical barriers to project execution and frees IT to approach storage management more dynamically. With AutoVirt, IT administrators can design policies to automate data measurement, copying, migration, replication, and archiving. A policy is a series of logical and validation commands defined using a GUI-based wizard. Policies are schedulable and include configurable e-mail alerts and exception handling.

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