Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nimble user Feedback

A user's feeback

Nimble implements as a fast, reliable SAN solution, providing you 12 or 24 TB of storage in a 3u racked footprint. This is a fully clustered solid state SAN solution, controller, memory and disk in 3u's. No need for 30amp power.

Here are a few thing I like that it does better than NetApp. Again NImble doesn't support CIFS or NFS, but it makes iSCSI support simplified and at a lower cost (incl. rack space) than NetApp. We are moving on a 2nd array implementation for data replication to co-lo. I couldn't do this with NetApp w/o an upgrade to power and rack space. The clustered head controller on my NetApp 3140 minus the disk shelves is larger than the entire the CS220 Array.

Compared to a NetApp 3140, Nimble provides more iscsi over ethernet ports, on a single storage vlan, fully supporting live clustered failover. I just upgraded our nimble ios to environment with no interuption to allocated virtual servers.

Thin provisioning is implemented at the time of your volume creation, with the addtional benefit of creating against performance policy templates engineered to maximize i/o specific to your given applications.

In NetApp I'd be creating default 4k block sized volumes for say Exchange 2010, where the application actually performs optimum on 32k block i/o. Nimble accounts for this and allows you to create networked volumes to cut out excessive reads.

Volume protection and snapshot schemas seem to work the same, so no change there.
The Nimble support representatives I've talked to to date, all come from vendors like Microsoft, EMC, NetApp, Data Domain, Dell, with several years of industry experience.

Let us show you how good it can be.  Ask for a free demo and price quote.  jima@navigatestorage,com  or 978-318-9000 or visit ouir website

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Value Netpps Pricing Model Resources

In August, we introduced the new Value Pricing Model that brings pricing into line with the marketplace. The new FAS3220 and FAS3250 systems have been introduced with Value Pricing. The pricing model will help you win new customers and will support our partner-centric growth strategy while still providing full pricing flexibility. It should also speed up deals by giving you the ability to get to a competitive net price faster. To help you understand this new pricing structure model, we've prepared several resources to give you a competitive advantage with your NetApp opportunities.

Contact us at  978-318-9000 and let us make a deal