Monday, April 27, 2009

Kaspersky Open Space Security

NavigateStorage a premier Kaspersky Partner since 2006

What is Kaspersky Open Space Security?
Kaspersky Open Space Security is our approach to trans-perimeter network and endpoint security where protection extends beyond the workplace to reach remote users and an increasingly mobile workforce. At Kaspersky Lab we believe that freedom and flexibility in corporate communications is fully compatible with airtight protection from contemporary security threats, such as viruses and other malicious programs, hacker attacks, spyware and spam.

Kaspersky Work Space Security provides centralized protection for workstations, both desktops and laptops in the office and on the road from all types of contemporary Internet threats, including viruses, spyware, hacker attacks and spam.

Kaspersky Business Space Security provides protection for workstations and file servers from all types of contemporary Internet threats, preventing epidemics and keeping business data secure and accessible.

Kaspersky Enterprise Space Security protects all endpoints including workstations, file servers and mail servers from today's Internet threats, including viruses, worms, spyware and phishing, ensuring a free flow of information within the company and secure communication with the outside world.

Kaspersky Total Space Security provides integrated protection for all nodes in corporate networks of any size or level of complexity from all types of contemporary Internet threats, users secure and fast access to company information, resources and the Internet, as well as secure communications via email.

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Why Kaspersky Open Space Security?
Kaspersky Open Space Security meets and exceeds core requirements for comprehensive endpoint protection of corporate networks:
A solution for all network nodes and platforms
Protection against all types of Internet threats
Rapid response
Proactive technologies backed by traditional signature-based protection
Kaspersky Open Space Security provides security on the move:
Protection for laptops everywhere – in the office, at home and on the move.
Protection for returning and/or guest computers
Kaspersky Open Space Security successfully counters new attempts by cyber criminals to attack networks and block protection:
Anti-rootkit technology
Protection from identity theft
Rollback of changes made by malicious software
Self-defense against attacks by malware
Kaspersky Open Space Security diminishes total cost of ownership by providing simple, transparent administration and efficient performance:
Centralized administration
Compatibility with third party solutions
Efficient use of network resources
Network and Endpoint Security

Kaspersky Open Space Security products are flexible suites designed to make purchasing network protection simple. For example, take a network that has a large number of Windows workstations, a couple Linux workstations, and a couple file servers. It isn't necessary to buy separate security applications to protect the different nodes of the network, even if running on different platforms. Instead, just find the product that includes the necessary network nodes (in this case, Kaspersky Business Security), add up the licenses that you need, and make just a single purchase. It's that simple!

Unified iSCSI storage solutions that deliver iSCSI SAN, NAS and WAN replication functions from a single virtualized storage platform

NavigateStorage delivers Unified iSCSI storage solutions that deliver iSCSI SAN, NAS and WAN replication functions from a single virtualized storage platform by RELDATA.

The solutions are easy to implement, operate and manage, yet deliver enterprise-class performance and functionality. Customers can further leverage VMware® and Citrix® server consolidation, independently scale storage capacity and performance to meet their specific needs, and migrate data without application disruption. RELDATA products are designed to seamlessly integrate into the customer's existing storage infrastructure, virtualize and manage legacy third-party storage, and co-exist with more expensive storage solutions from vendors such as Network Appliance® and EMC®. RELDATA is headquartered in New Jersey. RELDATA products are available through NavigateStorage an authorized value-added reseller. Email or call 978-318-9000

Hosted email archiving and compliance

NavigateStorage and Global Relay's Hosted Email Archiving & Messaging Services provide businesses with economical, easy-to-use professionally-managed, email archiving, email continuity and email security solutions. The Message Archiver, Global Relay's core email archiving technology, seamlessly integrates with all email and instant messaging systems to deliver the fastest online search, retrieval and monitoring capabilities on the market today. Its enterprise-class, web-based email archiving tools address the demands of regulatory compliance, audit and eDiscovery, while alleviating the burden of data management, email archiving, storage, security and business continuity, including migration of historical data.

Built on a reputation of customer service, technical expertise and compliance excellence, Global Relay has delivered Hosted Email Archiving & Messaging Services for over ten years and has never lost a message, nor had a security breach. We help our customers stay organized, competitive, compliant and in control. Why not contact us today. 978-318-9000 or email

Sunday, April 26, 2009

VMware Backup – iBac Virtual Infrastructure Proxy

iBac Virtual Infrastructure Proxy (iBac VIP) from NavigateStorage is an enterprise backup solution for VMware virtual servers that eliminates the need for scripting, server downtime or having to install expensive and resource consuming backup agents on each virtual server. iBac VIP was designed to simplify VMware backup and makes it far easier to backup and recover data in a VMware virtual server environment.

iBac VIP is licensed per ESX server or per VMware Virtual Center regardless of the number of processors on the ESX servers or VM’s that need to be backed up. VIP can be used with any VCB Proxy Server, Windows 2003 Backup Server or Idealstor Backup Appliance allowing backup jobs to be sent straight to disk or removable disk media for offsite storage.

How Does VIP Work?
iBac VIP uses the VCB framework to provide a centralized infrastructure for effectively backing up VMware virtual machines on a live VMware ESX server. Unlike other backup solutions on the market, iBac VIP does not require you to purchase expensive backup agents per each virtual machine or have to pay for the number of processors running on each ESX server. Server backups are initiated and maintained from a centralized management console that provides advanced logging, scheduling and email reporting. This enables backup administrators to quickly and efficiently backup every Virtual machine on their network via a Fibre Channel or iSCSI SAN or LAN.

iBac VIP is a complete backup and restore solution for VMware server environments. Contact us today email or call 978-318-9000.