Tuesday, December 14, 2010

NavigateStorage, a US based reseller, recently added Fujistu to its broad array of Storage - SAN and NAS solutions that also includes data-deduplication and tape solutions.
Another example is the October 2010 expansion of the Fujitsu and NetApp relationship*, which began in 1998 and is now extended through 2013, in which Fujitsu (~2% of NetApp’s revenue) will resell NetApp’s FAS products in additional countries worldwide, starting in Germany
and rolling through the rest of the EMEA region within the next six
months. In return, NetApp, for the first time in its corporate history, will resell a third-party hardware solution, in this case Fujitsu’s ETERNUS CS800 S2 Data Protection Appliance, which utilizes Quantum’s dedupe technology (DXi). Thus, NetApp gains an appliance-based
dedupe offering that can be targeted at secondary/nearline storage

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* Amit Daryanani, CFA Equity Research RBC Capital Markets (415) 633-8659