Monday, May 31, 2010

iQ-Renegade Multi-Protocol System

NavigateStorage announces a Simple, Intuitive and Affordable iSCSI / NAS Storage.

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Affordable and easy to use, the iQ-Renegade is a unified data storage system.
Supporting iSCSI and NAS protocols, the iQ-Renegade provides up to 32TB of
storage capacity in a 3U 16-bay form factor. It's the ideal system for backup,
archive and digital security applications.

Simplifying IT Administration with Multi-Protocol StorageThe iQ-Renegade is a network-based storage system designed to provideheterogeneous access to iSCSI, CIFS, or NFS data sources. This multi-protocolflexibility enables the system to support a broad range of business applications.With the iQ-Renegade, businesses are able to easily support and combine iSCSIand NAS storage requirements into a single physical system.Protecting Business Data with Remote Backup

The iQ-Renegade provides iSCSI local mirror and volume copy features out of thebox. Built-in NAS remote backup is part of the standard offering and allows datafiles to be automatically backed up to another iQ-Renegade system across anydistance thus minimizing disruptions or downtime for critical business operations.Port Bonding and Multi-Path I/O for Flexibility and Reliability

The iQ-Renegade addresses high bandwidth requirement by bonding multipleGigabit Ethernet ports into a single pipe. Multi-path support enhancesperformance and reliability through load balancing, active-passive operation andbest path selection. The multi-path software and redundant physical pathconnections to hosts provide reliability by ensuring applications access to data inthe event of path failure between host server and iQ-Renegade.High Performance RAID for Productivity

The iQ-Renegade uses high performance CPUs for both the iSCSI/NAS engineand for hardware RAID acceleration. The system supports online RAID levelmodification and background drive initialization. Powerful CPUs enable multipletasks to be performed at the same time, greatly reducing system administrationtime and enhancing productivity.