Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Buy iceWEB with all its' features

Key points of the report are as follows  –

“What impressed us most about the universal unified storage solutions from IceWEB was the extensive feature set, especially given their extremely competitive prices (IceWEB claims to be 30% lower than the street price of their name brand competitors). With the release of IceSTORM, the company is proving it’s its products are more than just “me too” storage systems and is certainly worthy of consideration for any sized data center looking to reduce its storage management burden.”

“The problem is that the cost of feature-rich unified storage from traditional enterprise storage has been outside the realm of typical SME budgets. As a result most of these IT managers end up either making their needs fit the limitations of a single service solution (SAN only / NAS only) or they buy both a SAN and a NAS, which adds complexity and cost. IceWEB is positioning their Unified Storage solutions to deliver a feature-rich storage system at price points the SME can afford.”

“From a data services perspective the IceSTORM is surprisingly ready to compete with the major name brand providers of unified storage. It has the ability to pool and tier storage based on drive type; for example, logs can be placed on SSD, databases on high performance SAS and file shares on SATA. The SSD tier can also be used as a cache, so that active data will automatically be served from solid state. And, the system provides extensive data protection capabilities including eight types of RAID, data replication, data integrity checking and snapshots.”

IceWEB’s CMO Steven Toole commented on the report, saying “Storage Switzerland is a long-trusted, unbiased authority in data storage technologies. They’re very smart people so it comes as no surprise to me that they see the value IceWEB brings to mid-enterprise organizations looking to simplify their cloud and virtual environments, increase the efficiency of their storage resources across multiple protocols, and obtain enterprise capabilities and performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional storage vendors. As more analysts become aware of IceWEB, we’re certain that additional positive reports will follow.”

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Five Features that Contributed to IceWEB Achieving a “Best-in-Class” Ranking in Replication Software

In the recently published DCIG 2012 Midrange Array Buyer’s Guide, the replication software available on IceWEB Unified Storage Appliances earned the distinction of “Best in Class” in the Replication Software category. Four factors contributed significantly to IceWEB achieving this ranking:
  • Support for synchronous replication
  • Support for both forms of asynchronous replication (continuous and periodic)
  • Support for all four types of snapshots (AoW, CoW, Full Copy and Split Mirror)
  • Licensing for all of these of forms of replication are included with the IceWEB appliance

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