Wednesday, February 2, 2011


IceWEB comes in three base sizes.

The IceWEB 5000-HC provides high density commercial storage for business applications. Optimized around providing the most capacity for your IT dollar, the 5000-HC system can be scaled to very large capacity points, and supports the Fibre Channel or 10Gb Ethernet connections needed to access all those drives. The system also includes all the storage management features required for today’s virtualized application infrastructure, without all the complexity and cost.

It’s Simple.

Simplify the management of your environment with an all-inclusive storage system that lets you store both block and file data –Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and Oracle databases, virtualized environments, images, files, video, pictures, graphics and voice
– on one enterprise-class platform. The IceWEB Storage System is highly automated and easy to manage. Set up wizards allow you to provision storage in as little as 15 minutes and the intuitive interface simplifies the use of its sophisticated storage management capabilities. The features and price make the IceWEB Storage System a perfect fit for both data center and disaster recovery sites.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Exagrid most scalable disk backup with Data-Dedup

Fastest, most scalable disk backup with data deduplication at a cost comparable to tape

ExaGrid provides the only disk backup appliance with data deduplication that offers best-of-breed solutions for these 10 essential capabilities:

•Storage efficiency from 10:1 to 50:1 via byte-level data dedupe

•Quick installation with a turnkey plug-and-play backup appliance

•No change to your existing backup application via NAS interface

•Shortest backup window, using post-process data deduplication

•Fastest restore and tape copy by storing a full recent backup copy

•No performance degradation or forklift upgrades via GRID scalability

•Unparalleled scalability from 1TB to 100TBs (over 1 PB logical)

•Fast disaster recovery via WAN-efficient replication & rapid restore

•Deduplication and replication status via job-level reporting

•Lowest price and IT operational costs through unique architecture

NavigateStorage in its 11th year recommends Exagrid. 
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