Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nimble Storage "Scale to Fit"

Nimble Storage, Inc. announced a scale-to-fit storage architecture that enables enterprises to scale the capacity and performance of their storage arrays individually according to their needs and budgets, and as their storage requirements evolve.


Today's scale-up storage architectures are inflexible, requiring upfront forecasting of performance needs over an array's three-to-five-year lifespan and creating separate storage silos that complicate management. Scale-out cluster solutions provide upfront flexibility, but tie performance and capacity together, requiring customers to incur higher incremental costs every time they add a storage node.

Nimble Storage addresses these challenges by allowing customers to purchase exactly what they need up front and by providing flexible scaling options. Customers can thus protect their existing investments while growing their storage at the lowest incremental cost without downtime as their needs evolve.

Nimble Storage offers
three flexible paths for scaling:

  • Scale capacity only: a new line of ES-Series storage expansion shelves allows customers who do not require additional performance to add capacity at the lowest incremental cost without downtime.
  • Scale performance only: a new line of performance CS400 series arrays are for customers running performance-intensive applications such as OLTP and VDI. Existing CS200 series array controllers can be non-disruptively upgraded to CS400 arrays without downtime. Customers can also upgrade to higher-capacity flash SSDs without downtime to accommodate workloads with larger active data sets.
  • Scale capacity and performance: a new OS upgrade, Nimble OS 2.0, allows customers to cluster arrays together, providing linear scaling of both capacity and performance, as well as unified management. Nimble scale-out clustering allows users to grow or shrink their storage environments, and to perform data migrations and upgrades, all without downtime.
Enterprises can mix and match these approaches to scale to hundreds of terabytes and hundreds of thousands of IOPS in a single storage cluster.

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Nimble Storage unique points

1.  Nimble Storage utilizes "comprehesion" rather than DeDup as it workes better on Primary Data.than does DeDup.

2. Replication is included with the product.  Our service provides Disaster Recovery for customers who are using Nimble Storage for their environment. WebHosting.Net leverages Nimble's volume replication technology to copy critical data to other Nimble arrays at different locations, enhancing the overall data recovery plan.

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