Wednesday, November 25, 2009

NavigateStorage sells Global Relay

NavigateStorage founded in 1999 has specialized in Email Arching since 2001. Over the years Email archiving has matured to include compliance, e-discovery and now archiving via the cloud also called hosted.

Hosted services provides many advantages. With a hosted solution the vendor provides all equipment such as servers including a remote disaster recovery site, all software including the maintenance of the software and the personnel to insure high quality performance and security. this saves money and enables your personnel to focus on you core business. A recent prospect said "in my search for a solution I have found that hosted solutions provide many more features than the traditional in-house solutions."

We specialize in Global Relay a note worthy solution highly rated by Gartner Group and a new comer from Red Condor also know for their Anti-Spam solution.

For in house solutions we also provide Mimosa and ZANTAZ.

Let us help you in you search. Call NavigateStorage at 978-318-9000 or email us.