Friday, March 23, 2012


The Nexsan NST5000 (formerly E5000) storage systems, a part of Nexsan’s Flexible Storage Platform, is Nexsan’s unified storage line offering SAN, NAS or both. They have been purpose-built for midsized organizations looking for enterprise-class features without the enterprise-class price. The NST5000 boasts a robust feature set including FASTier™ acceleration technology for 3X performance as well as snapshots, replication, quotas/thin provisioning, no single point-of-failure configuration and much more. The NST5000 storage pools feature virtualized, online capacity expansion so administrators can add capacity as needed without any disruption to users or applications.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

RelData from NavigateStorage - Unified

RealData was designed from the ground up to be "Unified" that is both SAN and NAS.  It has both
enterprise class storage data protection & replication that means it will be ready when you are.
The Reldata  9240 is linear scalable both capacity and performance. 
Flexible iSCSI SAN plus NAS, without the need to purchase separate dedicated NAS devices. 

We also have another array to compare it to from iceWEB.

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RelData from NavigateStorage - Unified

The RELDATA 9240i, powered by the RELDATA virtualization operating system (RELvos™), is a highly integrated solution that allows for the rapid deployment of IT systems based on networked storage architecture. The 9240i can provision block and file storage through a single automated management interface. In less than an hour, organizations can architect multiple, scalable shared storage pools for on-demand IP SAN and NAS.
The 9240i Unified Storage System enables mid-size and distributed enterprises to cost-effectively consolidate and protect business data in a virtualized server environment. The 9240i’s high performance and rich feature set allows you to meet your organization’s needs for storage capacity growth, provide high availability across multiple sites and facilitate regulatory data retention compliance. The solution enables you to store and replicate critical data sets, while assuring your data remains easy to access and manage. Plus, the 9240i provides an affordable way to overcome the complexity of managing storage systems from multiple vendors, improve storage utilization and address data protection requirements at remote and branch offices.
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