Thursday, January 7, 2010

10 Gigabit (Gb) IP SAN appliances

NavigateStorage reports:

StoneFly has been gaining traction with our 10 Gigabit (Gb) IP SAN appliances. Our customers are seeing better performance, speed, and availability from it. In some applications they achieve up to 1,000 megabytes per second (MBPS) and over 100,000 inputs/outputs per second (IOPS). Just to make things more blazing fast, our IP SAN appliances support efficient SSD drives, improving IOPS by 400% compared to SATA/SAS drives.

This performance boost is ideal for critical applications involving online transaction processing, databases, email, disk-based archives, disk-to-disk backup, virtual servers and other core business uses. Learn more about the top IP SAN applications.

Considering 10Gb? Want to learn more? Here are a few resources you maybe interested in:
Check out StoneFly's highest performing IP SAN, the Voyager Visit our webpages.

Deploying SATA, SAS, or SSD? Figure out the available (post-RAID) storage capacity with our RAID Calculator.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Global Relay | Email Archiving | Email Compliance

Global Relay Email Archiving Email Compliance:

If you are faced with the task of providing Email Archiving and growth to eDiscovery and more then we have a solution you should let us show you more.

Global Relay's Hosted Email Archiving & Messaging Services provide businesses with easy-to-use professionally-managed, email archiving, email continuity and email security solutions.

The Message Archiver, Global Relay's core email archiving technology, seamlessly integrates with all email and instant messaging systems to deliver the fastest online search, retrieval and monitoring capabilities on the market today. Its enterprise-class, web-based email archiving tools address the demands of regulatory compliance, audit and eDiscovery, while alleviating the burden of data management, email archiving, storage, security and business continuity, including migration of historical data.

Built on a reputation of customer service, technical expertise and compliance excellence, Global Relay has delivered Hosted Email Archiving & Messaging Services for over ten years and has never lost a message, nor had a security breach. We help our customers stay organized, competitive, compliant and in control.

NavigateStorage can arrange trial demos that will run in parallel and non-invasive with you current system, provide demo's quotes...we will do it all. Call us at 978-318-9000 or drop us an email.

Hosted Email Archiving

If you are faced with providing an Email Archiving solution with