Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Huawei Symantec

With all the Storage Manufactures out there what sets Huawei Symantec apart from the other vendors?

8GB Fibre Channel Connectivity -It's time to look at 8GB FC solutions, the cost has dramatically reduced on 8GB HBA's and switches.

10GB Ethernet Connectivity -Use 10GB Ethernet and / or 8GB FC for faster data transfer speeds.

Supporting multiple types of disk -FC/SAS/SATA/SSD (Solid State disks) -Now you can access data at record speeds.

Use SSD disks for performance -Increase performance by combining SSD's for faster data and SATA or SAS disks for data. Use TurboBoost to monitor hotspot data and migrate it to SSD when needed.

Controller upgradability - They T series offers expansion I/O slots to the controllers so if you want to add ports of 4GB\8GB FC or 1GE\10GE\FCoE you can add the interface or add bandwidth with more ports.

The 5500 has one expansion I/O per controller and has dual controllers on a  2U 24 2.5 drive bay unit that can take SSD, SAS, SATA drives. The Redundant Dual\Dual  Core 64bit Controller can manage over 288 disks.

5600 and 5800 can add 12-16 more expansion I/O cards. Has built in UPS and is an advanced storage head unit and you connect our 6G SAS J-bod expiation enclosures off it. These Redundant Dual\Dual  Core 64bit Controller head units can manage over 1152 disks and up to 96GB cache on the 5800.

The N series is a High End NAS unit that can accompany the T series product and compete in the 10GE NAS space.

We would love to give you a product presentation and also see if you would be willing to evaluate the units

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Why is Unified Storage a big deal for your storage environment?

Why is Unified Storage a big deal for your storage environment?
The premise of the dedicated unified storage platform is that it is inexpensive, easy to use and fast for file sharing. It masks the complexity of the RAID and volume management systems by integrating them into its management tool. The user-friendly GUI also makes the job easy for the administrator and it has become the first choice of management tools for a large scale environment.

Unified Storage devices provide the snapshot feature for user online file recovery, NDMP (Network Data Management Protocol) for backup application, mixed protocol directory access for CIFS and NFS, quota setting by user, group and tree, virus scanning for data safety, WORM file system for compliance needs and thin-provisioning for storage capacity planning. Most recently updated systems also provide data de-duplication for maximum storage utilization, disk drive spin down for reducing energy consumption and enabling the system to scale linearly via a non-disrupted file system or lun expansion. A unified storage gateway system is recommended to satisfy the file sharing need in a pure SAN environment. All these functions are evolving over time which demonstrates the flexibility of unified storage to adapt and change as end-users see their requirements change.

NavigateStorage has Unified Storage from several vendors including RelData, IceWEB,

Voyager-6GS IP SAN

Fault-tolerance and Scalability

StoneFly's Voyager-6GS Series of Virtualized IP SAN Appliances builds upon solid foundation of Voyager series, but with the latest 6Gb drive support. It offers enhanced performance, redundancy, scalability, and availability. Voyager's Scalable architecture brings the flexibility to start small, and scale up to 100s of TeraBytes of Tiered (SATA, SAS, and SSD) storage. The cornerstone of the Voyager is the award winning StoneFusion® IP SAN operating system. The Voyager's high-performance storage subsystem offers redundant, active/active connectivity for appliance redundancy and increased system performance. Additionally the Voyager offers cost-effective expansion via optional Expansion Unit.

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