Friday, July 18, 2008

IP SAN solutions from NavigateStorage's vendors are the right choice.

Ease the storage management and economic burden of data storage by implementing an IP SAN from NavigateStorage. Whether you're currently managing multiple direct-attached storage devices or you're looking for enterprise-class features in an IP SAN, we will meet your requirements for simplicity, performance and functionality.

Our ipSAN arrays come from vendors from A -Z but only from vendors with the reputation for quality, performance and value. For example:

Entry level 11+TB IP SAN under $16,000 supports up to 15 high performance, high capacity SATA drives and can be configured to take advantage of the 4 or 8 port GbE or 1 port of 10GbE. High throughput design.

High capacity low cost up to 42TB of SATA 2 storage with 2 iscsi ports and 2 fibre channel ports, single and dual controllers, green power storage management.

Highest Availability in and IPSAN this solution is designed for enterprise environments looking for a versatile SAN for primary and secondary storage applications. With support for SAS, SATA, and TED drives for online transaction processing, database, email, disk based archives, disk to disk backup, virtual servers and other core applications. It surpasses the Dell Equalogic in both price and functionality. A real winner.

Scalable, high availability, SATA SAS IP SAN storage solutions with dual active/active controllers, fail over, scalable to multiple terabytes, replication, data de-duplication, encryption, ILM

Let us understand your requirements both current and future and find the right match for you.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Expand NetApps capacity and save money

A new approach to data compression
Compression is as old as personal computing, but it is used today mainly for backup and second tier storage. Many attempts to address the challenges of primary storage compression have failed because of degraded performance and lack of transparency.

Compression - the Storwize Way
Because compression of primary storage data has been difficult to address, most efforts in recent years have been directed at compression during remote transport. This type of compression saves bandwidth but does nothing to reduce stored data volumes. Attempts to compress primary storage data interfered with user workflow and required running software on both storage and end-user devices. These solutions were based on cumbersome sequential access (decompress, update, recompress), work at file-level granularity, or both. They also wasted client resources and introduced unacceptable latencies. Storwize technology processes in real-time only the data required for a particular user or application, and fully supports every type of file access. The Storwize method offloads and centralizes compression in a powerful, dedicated appliance, eliminating performance degradation and in most cases actually improving it.

The bottom-line
If your NetApp (or comparable) is running out of storage capacity with Storewize you can increase its capacity by up to 50% for a fraction of the cost that it would take to buy more NetApp (or anyones) filer. Let us put our money where our mouth is and offer you a trial. Contact us today.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Malware Detection service with no installation

Here is a really good way to audit your systems.

Panda Malware Radar - Automated malware audit

This product can identify and clean even the malware that goes undetected by your current security solution. With this you can know exactly what malware your have, how many and where. Keep one step ahead of new security threats. Save time and effort on controlling the threats in your network.

Panda Malware Radar is an online and automated audit service that scans your network searching for malware that slips past the installed protections. What's more, it checks the state of the protections and the existence of vulnerabilities, delivering detailed reports of the detections as a result. Additionally, it can automatically clean all malware found.

More information and a free trial just ask us.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Full Feature Storage Arrays "all included"

Here is a sleeper in the world of quality storage. Well worth a good look according to the storage experts at NavigateStorage

American Megatrends Inc. (AMI) creates and manufactures key hardware and software solutions for the global computer marketplace, providing the highest quality and compatibility necessary to build today’s advanced computing systems. Established by S. Shankar in 1985, AMI’s mission is to design state-of-the-art computer solutions and develop advanced technology for the best computing solutions in the world. Today, AMI is the world’s largest BIOS firmware vendor, with AMIBIOS® deployed in more than 65% of all computers worldwide.

Today, AMI's extensive product line includes StorTrends® IP Storage Area Network (IP-SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions, Aptio™ and AMIBIOS® system software and firmware, MegaRAC® remote management software and PCI/OPMA hardware, motherboards, backplanes, diagnostic utilities, and engineering services. With these product groups, AMI is uniquely positioned to provide all of the fundamental components necessary to offer complete system performance, manageability, and availability for today's enterprise computing requirements.

AMI is the only company in the industry today offering all of these core technologies. Ind addition has a full feature set of arrays for both IPSANs and NAS.

American Megatrends Inc. (AMI)StorTrends 3200i (with StorTrends iTX 2.7 software) Intended for SMBs, this all-in-one appliance can provide block storage (iSCSI) and file storage (NAS). A rich feature set includes snapshots, synchronous and asynchronous replication, continuous data protection (CDP), Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), Wide Area Data Services (WADS) with WAN optimization. SATA and SAS drives are supported with capacities to 112 TB.

Take a peek and then let us know what you think by leaving a comment. And if you would like to arrange for a demo or a trial or have a custom quote, let us know.