Thursday, November 19, 2009

StoneFly's : Solutions : Virtualization : Supported Platforms

StoneFly's : Solutions : Virtualization : Supported Platforms:

"StoneFly offers VMware certified IP SANs. StoneFly SANS are currently certified for use with VMware's built-in software iSCSI initiator for ESX Server and the vSphere platform.

For more information on certified options from StoneFly, visit VMware's hardware certification list. To learn more about using your StoneFly IP SAN with virtual servers, please contact NavigateStorage then review our technical brief on virtual servers, watch the following video, or review our related information section on the right. Registered StoneFly customers also have access to our users guide for virtual server environments in our knowledgebase and support portal."

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Monday, November 16, 2009

NavigateStorage Data Protection for the Enterprise: 2009-09-13

NavigateStorage Data Protection for the Enterprise: 2009-09-13: "AutoMAID™ Energy Saving Technology
Nexsan's evolutionary AutoMAID (Automatic Massive Array of Idle Disks) energy saving technology transparently places disk drives into an idle state to vastly reduce power and cooling costs. AutoMAID delivers the cost-effecdtive benefits of MAID 2.0 without the limitations of slow access times and special host software.

AutoMAID is granular to an individual drive or RAID set and offers multiple levels of energy savings. AutoMAID is user selectable enabling users to determine the right level of response time performance to energy savings. AutoMAID is the first MAID 2.0 architecture that supports VTL, full file format D2D and standard high performance RAID implementations.

Key Points
AutoMAID reduces power and cooling costs
Nexsan’s AutoMAID delivers the benefits of MAID without the limitations
Available on Nexsan Assureon, SATABoy, SATABeast, and SATABeast

All this is available from NavigateStorage. Call NavigateStorage today and see what they can tailor for you."

NavigateStorage Data Protection for the Enterprise: 2009-09-20

NavigateStorage Data Protection for the Enterprise: 2009-09-20: "Stonefly Storage
StoneFly Storage Arrays from NavigateStorage, a nation-wide premier partner, offers a full line of high quality high-availabilty storage arrays of all type.

Contact NavigateStorage by 'requesting more info' on our website or call us at 978-310-9000."

NavigateStorage Data Protection for the Enterprise: NavigateStorage offers NEC D3i

NavigateStorage Data Protection for the Enterprise: NavigateStorage offers NEC D3i: "The D3i array has many built-in features and supports NEC's enterprise-class storage software. A single D3 array can scale from just 219 GB to 144 TB capacity by adding up to eleven 2U 12-drive expansion enclosures.

Aggregate throughput of over 400 MB/s to hosts is provided through up to four 1 Gbps iSCSI Ethernet ports. These can be connected into a network or direct-connected as a simple and low-cost DAS configuration. (A Fibre Channel model is also available.)

The disk enclosures are connected to the controllers via SAS wide-link connection for 24 Gbps bandwidth to each disk enclosure.

The system is fully redundant to protect against single-point-of-failure, with a battery backup unit for protecting the cache. Failed components are reported via alerts by either email or SNMP traps and in the management software.

Let NavigateStorage tell you more about their Storage Arrays. Call Jim at 978-318-9000 or write and we will call you."

Hosted Email archiving, compliance and e-discovery

Looking for a high quality email archiving solution but don't want to hire staff, buy equipment or deal with the hassel of getting started?

Our suite of solutions includes ZANTAZ, Global Relay and Red Condor.

NavigateStorage has ten years experience with archiving. Gloabal Relay is rated high by Gartner Group and we would like to tell you more about Global Relay.

We also represent a recently announced product from Red Condor we have worked with them for their Spam solution and can vouch for their capabilities. Being new they are offering Free Storage for life for new customers.

We can also offer you a free trial, a demo and pricing. Its a great product.

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