Saturday, October 10, 2009

StoneFly Voyager for High Availability

StoneFly Voyager for High Availability:

Jim Addlesberger commented that "StoneFly's new Voyager IP SANs were designed to offer active/active controllers, improved redundancy, high-availability and fast performance - at a lower price point. Using high-performance storage interconnects, the Voyager product family is designed for enterprise environments looking for a versatile SAN for primary and secondary storage applications. With support for SAS, SATA, and SSD drives for online transaction processing, database, email, disk based archives, disk to disk backup, virtual servers and other core applications. The cornerstone of the Voyager is our storage virtualization engine, which offers quad-core processing power, dedicated iSCSI Cache, and our StoneFusion storage management operating system."

That's quite a mouthful so we challenged him to put his money where his mouth is. So here is what he said, "How about all this for $32,790 before discount?"

5U Voyager IP SAN Appliance Consists of Two Clustered i5517 Storage Concentrator Virtualization Engines and 16 drives (Base Appliance)
o StoneFusion 6.1 Operating System
§ StoneFly iSCSI Management
· Logical Volume Creation
· Storage Virtualization Services
· 200 Host Connections Supported
· 256 Concurrent Sessions
· Volume Level Access Control and Dynamic Volume Management
· Support for SNMP Traps
· System-Wide Performance and Utilization Reporting
§ StoneFly HA Clustering Services
· Active/Active Clustering
· Host and IP SAN Load Balancing
· Seamless Failover and Failback Operations
§ StoneFly Snapshot Services
· Delta-based Snapshots
· Mountable Read-Write Snapshot Volumes
· Command Line Interface Utility
· Granular Snapshot Schedule Utility
· Optional VSS Support
§ StoneFly Reflection Services
· Real-time Synchronous Mirroring of iSCSI Volumes
· Multi-site Replication
· Optional Asynchronous Replication Services
· Bidirectional synchronous campus mirroring
· Volume Based Encryption Services (Optional)
o StoneFly Concentrator Cluster Node (2)
· Multi-Core Storage Virtualization Engines
· 2GB DATA Packet and Command Queuing Cache for SSPP®
· Three Bonded Gigabit iSCSI Connections (Dual 10Gb available)
· One Gigabit port per cluster node for management
· Redundant Load Balanced Hot Swap Power Supplies
· Hot Swap Cluster Node
o StoneFly High-Availability Storage Subsystem
· Two Dual (4) Active-Active RAID Controllers with Transparent Failover and Failback Operation
· Includes Sixteen Hot-Swappable 1000GB SATA Disk Drives
· Plug and Play Storage Expansion supporting 128 SAS/SATA/SSD drive configurations
· ECC-Protected RAID Cache with Battery-Backup on Each RAID Controller
· Out-of-Band Ethernet Interface for Remote Status Monitoring & Configuration
· Dual Load-Sharing 530 Watt Hot-Swappable Redundant 1+1 Power Supply Modules with PFC
· Capable of RAID Levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, and 60
· Global Hot Spares Supported
· Preemptive Drive Failure Notification
o StoneFly Manufacturers Warranty
· 1 Year of Advanced Parts Replacement Warranty and 24x7 Technical Support
· Optional StoneFly Installation and Integration Services Available
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NavigateStorage offers NEC D3i

The D3i array has many built-in features and supports NEC's enterprise-class storage software. A single D3 array can scale from just 219 GB to 144 TB capacity by adding up to eleven 2U 12-drive expansion enclosures.

Aggregate throughput of over 400 MB/s to hosts is provided through up to four 1 Gbps iSCSI Ethernet ports. These can be connected into a network or direct-connected as a simple and low-cost DAS configuration. (A Fibre Channel model is also available.)

The disk enclosures are connected to the controllers via SAS wide-link connection for 24 Gbps bandwidth to each disk enclosure.

The system is fully redundant to protect against single-point-of-failure, with a battery backup unit for protecting the cache. Failed components are reported via alerts by either email or SNMP traps and in the management software.

Let NavigateStorage tell you more about their Storage Arrays. Call Jim at 978-318-9000 or write and we will call you.

Friday, October 9, 2009

NEC Storage - a real sleeper

Jim Addlesberger of NavigateStorage says, "the D1 includes all of the exclusive features of the NEC D-Series Enterprise Modular Storage arrays and supports many enterprise-class software capabilities."

A single D1 array can scale from 219 GB to 72 TB capacity by adding up to five 2U 12-drive expansion enclosures. The disk array base unit, with the first 12 drives, comes standard with dual controllers, but is available in a single controller format for those preferring minimum cost over redundancy.

Aggregate throughput over 1,100 MB/sec to hosts is provided through up to four 4Gbps Fibre Channel ports. These can be connected into a switched fabric SAN or direct-connected as a simple and low-cost DAS configuration. The disk enclosures are connected to the controller via SAS wide-link connection for 12 Gbps bandwidth to each disk drive.
The system is fully redundant to protect against single-point-of-failure, with a battery backup unit for protecting the cache. Failed components are reported via alerts by either email or SNMP traps and in the management software.

This is a terrific system whose price includes 3 year NBD On-Site at no extra charge. NavigateStorage can provide this FC or IPSAN for you today at a very competitive price.

Write or call 978-318-9000 PS.If it's an IPSAN you want check out this terrfic system too. NEC D3i

Thursday, October 8, 2009

NavigateStorage promotes iStor325 and 512

iStor Virtual Storage technology from NavigateStorage makes the full power of IP SANs available to the SMB market. The virtual pool of storage frees the storage user from the complexities of traditional RAID configuration, eases management and increases the efficiency of disk utilization; all while optimizing the performance of all applications.

Powerful enough to satisfy high bandwidth applications, as well as transaction-intensive applications, the iS325 features 8x1GbE host ports, providing the industry’s highest throughput for a single controller, and supports over 80,000 IOPS.

Virtual Storage technology, coupled with an intuitive GUI make management a breeze; additionally, all of your integraStor systems can be managed from a single utility. Advanced users can take advantage of a comprehensive CLI and applications requiring integration with iStor’s management frameworks can interface to iStor’s API.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

StoneFly Satisfies Need for Speed with Support for Solid-State Drives

HAYWARD, Calif. – Sep. 2, 2009 – StoneFly, Inc., a leading supplier of integrated IP storage area network (SAN) systems, today announced support for Intel® X25E-Extreme SATA Solid-State Drives (SSD) across its virtualized IP SAN product lines to enable customers to improve performance, capacity and lower energy consumption. Based on StoneFly testing with 10 gigabit Ethernet (GbE), Intel SSD shattered previous 15,000RPM Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) performance results.

The new offerings, based on the Intel X25-E SSD, improve SAN input/output (IO) by 400 percent, while lowering energy consumption and cooling requirements by 80 percent.

Jim Addlesberger of NavigateStorage says, "with no spinning disks, solid-state drives are able to read/write data faster, and consume less energy than SAS and SATA drives."

"With the ability to mix SSD and HDD in a single chassis, organizations can manage and utilize their storage more effectively by appropriating specific applications with the appropriate storage tier," said Bahman Jalali, director of product management for StoneFly. "With this hybrid approach, StoneFly IP SANs enable system administrators to achieve ultra-fast performance by utilizing energy-saving solid state drives for data intensive applications, while moving non-mission critical data to SATA or SAS drives.""With the trends toward virtualization and 10 gigabit and IP SAN adoption, SSD will undeniably contribute to a paradigm shift in enterprise storage," said Kyle Fukuda, enterprise product line manager, Intel NAND Solutions Group. "

A storage model which includes SSD can increase performance and reduces energy costs for lower overall total cost of ownership."Support for Intel SSD is available for StoneFly's Voyager, OptiSAN, and ISC S-Class product lines, with the highest performing StoneFly IP SAN appliance supporting up to 8TB of SSD storage capacity. The Voyager supports up to four bonded 10GbE ports, for an aggregated bandwidth of 40Gb, allowing organizations to sustain high-speed performance and SAN IO throughput. All Stonefly products are available through StoneFly's worldwide MVP reseller network. Each authorized MVP channel partner offers SAN configuration services, engineering support and post-sales implementation resources for all datacenter environments.

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NavigateStorage and Kaspersky Announce Rel. 2 of Open Space

I just wanted you to know that today Kaspersky has announced the release 2 of Open Space Security which is a free upgrade for all my valid Kaspersky license holders

Kaspersky Open Space Security Release 2 has made its official debut as it was announced today. KOSS Release 2 presents significant enhancements to deliver superior protection for Windows Workstations and File Server Endpoints. KOSS Release 2 is comprised of Kaspersky Administration Kit 8.0, Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Workstations 6.0 Release 2 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Fileservers 6.0 Release 2. The new release provides great opportunities for existing clients as well as new customers with better protection, performance, manageability and deployment. Rob Lipshutz of Cascadia Labs said, ""Kaspersky's full suite of protection capabilities offers businesses much more than just anti-virus; and it works efficiently so desktop and laptop users get protection without pain. Kaspersky simplifies deployment for both small and large companies by minimizing the number of steps from start to finish. That saves time and money. Plus, the Kaspersky Administration Kit offers a useful dashboard and a decidedly task-oriented approach - useful for administrators that need to see status at a glance and get things done."

Learn more at

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Jim Addlesberger

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kaspersky Home users

10% discount for home users from NavigateStorage Kaspersky website. Call 978-318-9000 for more or visit our website.

Kaspersky Business Space

Kaspersky Business Space Security offers an umbrella of protection to workstations, smartphones, and file servers from all types of computer threats, prevents epidemics of malicious programs, and keeps information secure and fully accessible to users of network resources. The product was expressly designed to meet the increasing demands of servers operating under heavy loads.

NavigateStorage is a premier partner. Call us 978-318-9000 or write for the best AV software on the market.