Monday, July 13, 2009

Unified Storage

RELDATA’s 9240i delivers integrated storage services from a single virtualized platform that delivers best-in-class performance. There are no capacity licenses; choose the service that best meets your environment.

iSCSI SAN and WAN Replication plus Snapshots. Turn on optional non-disruptive data migration, integrated NAS, and more, when you need it. NAS and WAN Replication plus Snapshots. Turn on optional file data migration, iSCSI SAN and more, when you need it.

Unified Storage. Choose the licensed functionality you need today; turn on optional licensed functionality when you need it later. Each 9240i includes up to 12 TB SAS Storage in the same 2U chassis for reduced rack space and power consumption.

There is no vendor lock-in for storage arrays; Scale your system to meet increasing business requirements. Expand Storage by adding Reldata Expansion Shelf JBOD storage. Incorporate legacy disk arrays with Heterogeneous Virtualization for maximum ROI. Cluster 9240i for high availability and performance Mix 1GbE and 10GbE network connectivity

The solutions are easy to implement, operate and manage, yet deliver enterprise-class performance and functionality.
Customers can independently scale disk storage capacity, SAN/NAS/WAN replication storage services, and network performance without application disruption.
Customers can further leverage VMware® and Citrix® server consolidation, independently scale storage capacity and performance to meet their specific needs, and migrate data without application disruption.

RELDATA products, from NavigateStorage are designed to seamlessly integrate into the customer’s existing storage infrastructure, virtualize and manage legacy third-party storage systems, and co-exist with more expensive storage solutions from vendors such as Network Appliance® and EMC®.

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