Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Starboard Storage AC Series™ is hybrid storage designed to provide solid state performance for active data, while keeping data at rest stored on cost-effective hard disks.

CRN’s Emerging Vendors know the value of good channel partnerships. Starboard Storage is 100% committed to the channel and has built a network of high impact, Value Added Resellers (VARs) that share the goal of bringing hybrid storage solutions to market and to Small and Medium Enterprises. VARs can leverage the Starboard Champion Partner Program’s resources and best practices to quickly bring the price/performance benefits of hybrid storage to their customers.

“We are committed to bringing our customers best-of-breed storage solutions for high performance enterprise solutions,” said Kush Hathi, chief executive officer of SoftNet Solutions. “Starboard Storage’s innovative AC Series exceeds our customers’ price/performance requirements and Starboard makes getting the product to market easy with their Champions Partner Program. The program provides exemplary marketing, sales and customer service resources and support.”

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The Starboard Storage AC Series™ is hybrid storage designed to provide solid state performance for active data, while keeping data at rest stored on cost-effective hard disks. The AC Series dramatically simplifies managing modern application workload environments which include unstructured, virtualized and structured data. Starboard eliminates SME customer pain points with its Mixed Application Storage Tiering (MAST™) architecture. The MAST architecture is built from the ground up and features SSD acceleration tiering and dynamic storage pooling with simplified provisioning and management through Starboard Storage Apps™.

The Starboard Storage AC Series is ideal for storage consolidation supporting multiple protocols, including NFS, CIFS, iSCSI and Fibre Channel, and enabling ease of management for mixed workload environments. The AC Series’ capacity can be expanded on-the-fly up to 576TBs with automatic load balancing across new drives as they are added. Drive speeds and capacities can be mixed and matched within Starboard Storage AC Series.

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Kaspersky or Panda Anti-Virus Quote

NavigateStorage experts in Kaspersky Corporate Protection - AV/Spyware/Spam/Mail/PDA/Smartphone

Business Space

  • Centralized installation management and updates
  • Support for network access control technology (Cisco NAC and Microsoft NAP)
  • Anti-virus protection for key network nodes; workstations, laptops, file servers and smartphones
  • Enhanced proactive protection for workstations and file servers against new malicious programs
  • Load balancing of server processes
  • Quarantine of infected workstations
  • Roll back for malicious changes made to the system
  • Scalability
Let us give you a quote for any Kaspersky or Panda Anti-virus.  Send your requirements license quantity, type of protection and number of years 1, 2, and 3 years and will send you a quote.  NavigateStorage.

Stonefly Reveals Tuso Unified Appliance

StoneFly Reveals Tuso Unified Scale-Out Storage Appliance

IP SAN+NAS from 8TB to 320TB per node

StoneFly Inc. introduces TUSO Unified Scale-Out Storage Appliance, the modular versatile solution for HA network storage.


Designed with virtualized environments in mind TUSO provides HA shared file and block storage. Redundancy features include dual active/active hot-swappable storage controllers with full hardware RAID, snapshots, mirroring, replication and more.

It is easy to deploy and simple to manage making it a turnkey storage solution for organizations of all sizes. TUSO delivers on the StoneFly promise of intelligent IP Storage solutions.

Key Features Include:
  • No Metadata Scale-Out NAS
  • iSCSI SAN Cluster with Redundant Cluster Nodes
  • Hot-Swappable Drives, Power Supplies and Cooling Modules
  • Thin Provisioning with Space Reclamation
  • Synchronous Mirroring and Asynchronous replication (CDP)
  • Advanced Copy-on-Write Delta-Based Snapshot Technology
  • Volume based encryption (AES256)
  • Centralized Web-Based Management Portal
Capacities start at 8TB and scale to 320TB per node.
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Starboard Hybrid Storage with SSD

Starboard AC Series Storage System - SSD Hybrid Storage

We want to introduce you to Starboard Storage an real winner.  It is a Hybrid and has SSD to insure performance to boot.  We are holding webexs with Starboard to further tell you more.  Tell us you availabilty and we will make it happen.  Drop us a note with your availabilty  or call 978-318-9000 we are in Massachusetts. 

With the Starboard Storage AC Series you have the ability to tackle one of the most difficult problems facing mid-tier IT departments today – managing modern application workloads. Your unstructured, virtualized and structured data all have different requirements, and your file and virtualized data are growing relentlessly, making the challenges worse every day. You need a better way to manage your data. Starboard SSD Hybrid Storage systems bring you the performance of solid state with the capacity of affordable HDD.

What is SSD Hybrid Storage?

The Starboard Storage AC Series are SSD hybrid storage systems bringing expert storage capabilities to IT professionals with industry leading performance for less. Starboard Storage's SSD hybrid storage systems provide performance as a utility and capacity on-demand to dramatically simplify managing modern application workload environments. The Starboard Storage AC series provides simple, efficient application consolidation onto a single scalable storage system, optimizing the configuration for each application. Experience the simplicity and power of the AC Series, the Starboard Storage hybrid storage solution includes:
  • SSD and HDD technology designed to deliver great $/GB and $/IOP
  • SSD and HDD resources virtualized providing performance as a utility to applications
  • A Dynamic Storage Pool™ virtualizing all HDD resources to provide capacity on demand
  • Multi-protocol support for iSCSI and Fibre Channel coupled with merging NAS and SAN storage into a single platform enabling efficient storage consolidation
  • Application-Crafted™ optimization of volumes across multiple storage protocols including CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel
That is what SSD hybrid storage is!
To learn more about the Starboard Storage AC72 and the Starboard Storage AC45 view the AC45 Technical Specification, AC72 Technical Specification and the Starboard Storage Brochure.

The Starboard Storage AC Series was specially designed to manage modern application workloads so IT administrators can dramatically reduce the time and cost of managing structured, virtualized and unstructured data storage. Dynamic storage pooling and SSD Accelerator Tier™ make this happen.

Save Costs and Consolidate Mixed Workloads with Dynamic Storage Pooling

Starboard’s next-generation Mixed Application Storage Tiering (MAST™) architecture introduces the Starboard Dynamic Storage Pool, cutting administrative complexity by eliminating the concept of RAID groups and delivering capacity on demand for your applications. There’s no more complex RAID group setup or management, no meta-LUNs, no protocol layering, and no lengthy re-builds or re-striping. You benefit from simple and cost-effective scalability with the ability to mix and match drive speeds and capacities; adding drives results in an immediate boost in capacity and performance. The storage pool is thin provisioned for utilization efficiency, and dynamic storage pooling increases reliability. Unified storage systems are often legacy systems with converged NAS and SAN storage with a combination of SSD and HDD bound by a unifying GUI. SSD Hybrid storage systems are built from the ground up. The bottom line is a radically improved management scenario for administrators juggling application workloads.

Learn more about the Starboard Dynamic Storage Pool. Industry leading performance for less with the SSD Accelerator TierThe Starboard Storage AC series allows users to share information quickly and reliably by combining the virtually instantaneous access of solid state technology with the state-of-the-art performance optimization features of the SSD Accelerator Tier. These virtualized SSD resources deliver performance as a utility for all of your applications lowering operational overhead, and delivering tuned storage that maintains consistently high application performance. SSD resources are allocated to applications when they need them and returned to the pool to accelerate other applications when no longer required. Starboard’s dynamic storage pooling and SSD Accelerator Tier deliver industry leading performance for less.

Learn more about the Starboard SSD Accelerator Tier.