Friday, July 8, 2011

Cybernetics has announced the immediate availability of 3TB disk drives in all SAN Storage disk solutions.

Cybernetics miSAN and iSAN SAN storage solutions are now available with 3TB Hard disk drives. The miSAN and iSAN D Series are powerful storage solutions with up to 48TB of raw capacity, per unit, expandable to up to 384TB. Writing in multiple concurrent, parallel data streams - with up to 1.2 GB/s speeds - the iSAN D Series is the ideal choice for the most demanding enterprise storage requirements, while the miSAN D Series remains the storage solution of choice foe SMBs.

All the processing power in the world cannot overcome network connectivity limitations on a SAN. For this reason, Cybernetics incorporates ten GbE ports on the iSAN D Series, and offers upgrade to 10GbE. Even the smallest entry-level miSAN D Series models include five GbE ports. Each 125MB/s port has an independent IP address, and is compatible with MPIO/load balancing to sustain blazing transfer rates between the SAN and network servers.

Because the Cybernetics hardware models have the physical connections to transfer the exceptional performance within the SAN, the iSAN supports up to 1.2GB/s and the miSAN supports up to 500MB/s.

SAN storage virtualization enables powerful benefits for maximizing utilization through storage resource consolidation, emphasizing the importance of instantaneous and automatic data protection. Cybernetics miSAN D Series, and iSAN D Series incorporates layers of protection against all types of threats to data, including snapshot backup, portable disk backup, tape backup, and encrypted, deduplicated WAN replication – all without a dedicated backup server or third-party software.

Since 1978, storage and backup have been the sole focus of Cybernetics’ engineering efforts, and many of the features taken for granted today trace their origins to Cybernetics development teams. Cybernetics is so confident in the quality and performance of its products that all of its solutions are backed by free telephone technical support for the life of the array.

NavigateStorage offers SANs, VTL from several vendors to meet your needs.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

E-mail continuity

Email  Continuity – This is a new optional service that lets you maintain your email access and respond to  your email stream during a mail server outage.

  • This new, value-added service is now available for either hosted or appliance customers
  • When an outage occurs, you can easily enable this feature via a check box through the Admin Dashboard
  • Once enabled, messages begin to spool and any new messages that are composed and sent are BCC:’d
  • You have access to a 35 day archive of previously delivered messages
  • It is pre-configured for offline authentication (cached credentials)
  • All messages are delivered when service is restored
NavigateStorage announces a new optional service to its EdgeWave service.  Call 978-310-9000 let me know you have interest.

    Wednesday, July 6, 2011

    Disk Based Backup

    Disk Based Backup

    miSAN® V Series and iSAN® V Series
    High Performance Disk Based Backup Solutions

    Disk based backup solutions, when combined with removable tape for archiving, are a particularly effective network data protection strategy, delivering the very tangible benefits of both disk based backup and tape backup for securing network data efficiently and cost-effectively at all points in its lifecycle. By creating numerous virtual tape library drives and tapes out of an array of high performance, low cost disks, and by writing in simultaneous, parallel data streams, a disk based backup solution allows backup to disk – or virtual tape - in the least amount of time while delivering near instantaneous restores. Virtual tapes remain cached until they are no longer needed. The offload feature can backup selected disk based virtual tapes to removable, backup tape -completely offline, and at maximum speeds. Supporting multiple host initiators with SCSI connectivity, disk based backup is a breakthrough in high performance network data protection.

    Disk based backup is the simplest, most efficient method of quickly saving and restoring network data, while tape backup offers the lowest cost per gigabyte, the integrity for repeated loads and unloads, the impact resistance for transportability, and the shelf life required by most retention policies. But a backup solution that employs both disk and tape, without doubling or tripling the cost, has become standard for data protection because it delivers speed, capacity, and reliability with respect to the data’s overall importance to the organization at various points in time.
    NavigateStorage presents SAN and VTL solutions based on Cybernetics.  It can be large or small based on your needs.  Let us set up an informative webex for you and your staff. 

    Tuesday, July 5, 2011

    Unity Breeds Power and Simplicity for Data Protection and Recovery

    Unity Breeds Power and Simplicity for Data Protection and Recovery

    AIMstor was created to unify many important Data Protection functions, and eliminate the redundant, complex and wasteful ways of legacy approaches.
    By unifying Data Protection with natural workflow management in a single user interface and application, Cofio has a created a powerful and easy to use solution that is both hardware agnostic, and driven by the ways you do business. Some of your immediate benefits when choosing AIMstor:
    • Up to 10X to 20X LAN/WAN Bandwidth improvement over legacy data protection
    • Up to 95% Capacity Reduction over legacy data protection
    • Improve IT management efficiencies by up to 200% to 400%
    • Optimize Restore times 3X to 100X with Tag-Store-Index of all data

    One Application, Many Solutions

    AIMstor requires only a few short minutes to install and setup. Once you create a policy and data flow, you are ready to go. Combining Live Backup and File Version Archive, Continuous Data Protection, Deduplication, and Forensic Monitoring - would be a nightmare with any set of point products. But with AIMstor installed, you can do it in seconds.
    The fundamental way of operating AIMstor is to simply drag and drop "operations" such as Backup or Replication, into a Policy screen. Then add your Data Classification, fine tune your selections, such as Retention, Recovery Point Objectives, Triggers and other options, and save.
    Policies are real time sensitive, and can be triggered by someone changing a file, creating a file, accessing a file share, or via a schedule. Data Classifications are assigned to files the moment they are created. In this way, AIMstor guides and manages your data through any business process that different departments may impose upon it. Perhaps several departments have different policies for the same set of data, or the same file. AIMstor can help.
    AIMstor can accommodate an unlimited number of policy parameters, and then distribute them in real time. AIMstor Nodes can use new policies the moment they are distributed. The result is protection, governance and compliance of data on an entirely different level.

    Contact NavigateStorage and let us set up a webex and tell you more.