Thursday, April 16, 2009

Managing IP Addresses with Free Tools

NavigateStorage Tip of the Day.

Few people would argue the importance of IP addresses to network operations, but many don't make managing them a priority in their environment, especially in tough economic times.
Recent research from BT showed that more network managers are moving away from spreadsheets and investing in automation and other tools to manage IP addresses. Still many couldn't get an IP address management (IPAM) project pushed through the budget process for various reasons. Some reasons pointed to other projects taking a higher priority and others simply thought their network was too small to justify the investment.

But many working in network operations today believe managing IP addresses is too critical a project to fall victim to budget crunches.

"Many IT folks and shops don’t get that proper IP address management is more than just housekeeping. Although more appropriately thought of as IP address design, how you determine to lay out your address space becomes a major factor in being able to grow and adapt your organization to the changing needs of IT," says Chad Buzzard, director of network operations at Lending Tree in Charlotte, N.C.

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Buzzard experienced a similar situation last year, with no budget to upgrade his IPAM practices he found another option.

"As the person directly responsible for the IP address allocation within our enterprise I can understand the priority conflict in moving to an automated solution, but the cost of a product should not be a factor for anyone if they take their time to look at the options out there," says Chad Buzzard, director of network operations at Lending Tree in Charlotte, N.C. "Last year we moved from spreadsheets to the open source tool called IPplan."

According to, IPplan is free, Web-based IPAM software that can help simplify the administration of network IP address space. Available under the GNU General Public License, IPplan includes DNS administration, configuration file management, customizable circuit management and hardware information storage. The application is said to be able to handle a single network or multiple networks and overlapping address space.

For Buzzard, the open source application enables him to make IPAM a priority without paying for it. Using in-house labor and free tools helps keep the IP address space managed according to best practices, which he says will ultimately pay off for his organization.

"We have every IP address in our network integrated into this tool and we perform weekly network scans to find rogue IP addresses that were not documented, as well as to find addresses no longer in use to keep everything up to date," he says. "There was a fair amount of manpower time in that project, but a lot of that comes from our desire to audit every IP address instead of just mapping the spreadsheet in and calling it good."

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Idealstor removeable disk backup appliance

NavigateStorage offers Idealstor a leading developer of removable disk to disk backup solutions. Their systems combine the best of disk and tape by using SATA disks as portable backup media. Rather than sending the data from disk to tape, Idealstor lets you write to the disks like tape for a tape free backup solution.

Idealstor offers the most flexible backup solutions on the market by developing hardware and software that can be used together as a single solution, or that can be used with any third party backup solutions that can backup to disk. All Idealstor systems use disk like tape, not only as a target for backups, but as physically portable and offsite media. Idealstor products offer you………

a) ejectable Disk to Disk Backup ,
b) removable Hard Disk media for archiving data , and
c) the speed of disk with the portability of tape .

Here is just one of the many great Idealstor products ---- The Idealstor 4 Bay Backup Appliance!

The Idealstor 4 Bay backup appliance is a removable disk appliance, and was designed for the medium to large sized business that is looking to backup and restore more data faster. The backup capacity of the 4 bay can be scaled up to 8TB of removable disk capacity. This product comes standard with 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports providing the flexibility that is needed as storage requirements and speeds increase.

The Idealstor Backup Appliance is a complete disk to disk backup solution that becomes the host for your backup software and the target for backup data. Idealstor provides the speed and reliability of disk coupled with the portability of tape. Idealstor uses any capaci-ty Serial ATA or IDE disk as backup media that can be physically removed and taken offsite for backup and offsite storage. Units range in capacity from 80-2000GB using the 1 Bay, up to 16TB using our 8 Bay Backup Appliance. All units come installed with the Windows operating system and function as the media server and target for backup data. Connected to the network via GB Ethernet, our backup systems achieve average speeds of up to 2GB/minute and can perform multiple simultaneous backups. Because these systems run Windows, they can also become the target for replication and server failover in the event of disaster.