Friday, July 11, 2008

Storage and the Economy - help has arrived

It is no secret that storage continues to expand in leaps and bounds and even in this "so called" economic downturn storage continues to flourish. It is no surprise that iSCSI storage is amongst the top sellers now that it has been proven over and over that the performance and reliability are outstanding. This continued expansion of storage bodes well for our business being a storage provider that provides solutions from a wide variety of vendors.

What has been surprising however is how many customers - both large and small - have opted to add the new and upcoming storage vendors rather than building out their existing big name arrays. The market has discovered that when measuring price/performance the value is not necessarily in the big names. In fact, we would go even further to say that working with midsize companies with a good product is easier particularly when it comes to service and support. The big guys have little to prove while the rising stars go out of their way to provide high quality support and do it in a prompt fashion.

IP SANs don't have to be expensive either. Our experience is that even High Availability configurations with no singe point of failure such as StoneFly solutions are a perfect example.

Another real sleeper is StoreWize This solution can increase storage capacity by up to 80 percent, stretching storage dollars or allowing postponement of the purchase of additional storage. The storage compression appliance requires no workflow changes, no software agents, no drivers and no configuration changes. Totally lossless, Storwize data compression and decompression occur at speeds that make them transparent to users.

So, whether your seeking Fibre Channel SAN, IP SAN, or NAS we are ready to help you.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Virus Scanning without impacting exchange

Today on a FalconStor webex on their NSS product (Network Storage Server) the presenter relayed an idea to us that was passed along to him by a FalconStor customer at a recent tradeshow.

The customer said that he uses a snap shot instance to run his AV scan against thereby not impacting the Exchange Server. If the scan shows a problem in a particular mailbox then they go into the production exchange and direct the AV scan to that specific mailbox.

By the way, we specialize in AV solutions from Panda Security and Kaspersky. If we can help or you might like to discuss the pro's and con's let us know.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

iSCSI Storage

iSCSI Storage or IP SANs come in a wide variety of flavors and prices. Time has shown that name on the label and the quality/performance/features of the array do not always go hand in hand. Some vendors charge for each feature while others bundle them making it less expensive for the customer to acquire and less expensive for the vendor to maintain and update.

One thing for sure is that time and experience have proven that the performance and durability (mean time between failures) is a whole lot better than originally thought. Or at least versus the negative rumors by the FC crowd. Their FUD made IP SANs growth slower but in the end the market learned not to believe everything they hear.

Your experiences would be greatly appreciated, so if you have the time, tell us about them.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Enterprise Archiving - Email, IM, Files and SharePoint

Archiving today comes in all sizes and shapes to meet the needs of almost every business.

For top of the line archiving NavigateStorage offers ZANTAZ. We have been a partner with them since 2001 and installed some of the very early systems when it was still under the banner of Educomm. Today, ZANTAZ supports MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, MAC Entourage, SharePoint, NTFS File Systems, Instant Message, Discovery and Full Compliance Supervision. In addition to archiving the contents of the files and messages, Email Archiving Solution captures, indexes and archives all compliance-related metadata for rapid in house search and discovery - SEC, NASD, HIPPA supports WORM compliant hardware .

Other solutions are available from hosted offerings to small appliances which not only archives email but will also track websites visited, IMs and more.

If you are looking for a full range of offerings NavigateStorage is the place to shop.