Saturday, October 22, 2011

SIRIS provides true business continuity, eliminating downtime.

SIRIS provides true business continuity, eliminating downtime.

When your servers go down, SIRIS can have you up and running in seconds with Instant Virtualization. This product was specifically engineered to save MSPs and VARs valuable time and money. SIRIS was designed with ease of use in mind (it can be setup and backing up machines in under 5 minutes) and is competitively priced.

In addition to instant on-site virtualization, SIRIS also offers instant off-site virtualization in Datto's Secure Cloud. Even if your on-site SIRIS Hardware gets washed away, SIRIS can provide instant VMs from the cloud ensuring that your business never misses a beat. You never have to worry about Security with Datto because all data is encrypted and sent to two bicoastal SAS70 Type II certified Data Centers with biometric authentication.

SIRIS has five major new features that allow it to stand apart from the competition:

  1. Instant Off-Site Virtualization - An Industry First Feature!
  2. Screenshot Verification of Backups - An Industry First Feature!
  3. Instant Local Virtualization
  4. Fully Managed Through One Simple Web Interface
  5. Ideal Sandbox Environment for Testing
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

All IceWEB storage systems include -

All IceWEB Storage System configurations offer a complete set of availability and reliability features:
  • Hot-pluggable drives and power supplies
  • Built-in support for RAID-Z (RAID-5), RAID-Z2 (RAID-6), and RAID-Z3 (triple parity)
  • Volume replication, automatic error correction and background data scrubbing to ensure data integrity
  • Optional clustered controller units ensure no single point of failure within the storage subsystem

It's Advanced.

All IceWEB Storage System configurations offer a complete set of storage management features including in-line de-duplication, compression and thin provisioning for unparalleled storage efficiency rates. This combination of technologies dramatically reduces your physical storage requirements compared to other systems. In some cases, efficiency rates can approach 90 percent. With the purchase of only 10TBs of storage, you have access to 100TBs of capacity. That’s outstanding value in terms of dollar per usable terabyte, and a dramatic reduction in power consumption and footprint for your storage environment.

In addition, the IceWEB systems include unlimited snapshots, clones, asynchronous and synchronous replication, and a host of other features, all included for no extra charge in the standard product.

It's Powerful.

The IceWEB Storage System features a 128-bit file system, meaning there are no hard-coded limits on the number of objects you can scale to (such as LUNs, volumes, files, or disk drives), limitations that you typically find in more traditional arrays using 64-bit systems.

It's Affordable.

We challenge you to find a more capable platform for the price. The IceWEB Storage System combines the right mix of functionality with the service and support you get from a nimble, customer-oriented company.

It's Hypervisor Ready.

To make the most of your virtual server environment, create storage pools with the IceWEB Storage System. You can manage a storage pool against a set of virtual machines, easily managing both iSCSI volume and file shares used by virtual servers. IceWEB supports VMware, Citrix and Microsoft Hyper-V, and is compatible with VMware SRM and Citrix StorageLink for use with disaster recovery (DR)

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Monday, October 17, 2011

IceWEB unified Storage you can afford

The IceWEB Storage System removes the complexity for your customers, and therefore for you, while providing advanced features at an affordable price point.
• It’s one platform for file and block data of all kinds. Your customers don’t have to agonize over whether SAN or NAS is the right platform for them. The best part? It’s affordable.
• It’s easy to set up and manage. Easy to use wizards and LUN provisioning in four clicks removes customer confusion and allows you to focus on value-added services.
• It plugs and plays into any environment
• It solves primary storage and disaster recovery needs in one solution.

• It offers sophisticated storage management and data protection capabilities, so your customers don’t have to compromise on functionality.

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High capacity unified storage

iceWeb 5000

High capacity unified storage for your data center or remote site.

Simplify the management of your environment with an all-inclusive storage system that lets you store both block and file data on one enterprise-class platform. The IceWEB Storage System 5000-HC supports multiple inter-connects and SATA drives, with the features and price point that make it a perfect fit for both data center and disaster recovery sites.

We feature IceWEB now in addition to the original three models 

The 5000-HC (High Capacity) scales from 8TB to 48TB using SATA/SAS drives. The 5000-HP (High performance) scales from 4.8TB to 19.2TB using SAS/SSD drives. And the 5000-HR (Highly Redundant) scales up tp 14 shelves of SSD/SAS/SATA.

We now have three more -

3000HC, 3000HP and the 6000-HR

Why not give us a call so we can setup an on-line demo and then tell you more.

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