Saturday, April 30, 2011

E-Mail Archiving, Compliant, Affordable and Secure

The unique EdgeWave Archive was created using grid computer infrastructure technologies - one of the first to be built this way. This grid design methodology insures optimum reliability and no single point of failure. It also assures the most efficient use of computer hardware, allowing us to process more data using less resources and passing these savings on to you. Our archive delivers a 99.99% data retention SLA in a hosted environment.

As a pure hosted service, EdgeWave Email Archive never requires any software or hardware to be deployed. Your email storage has infinite capacity and is searchable at all times - your data is never moved offline. And because your data is hosted in customer-specific data silos, you have peace-of-mind knowing you data is separate and secure, and in no danger of being confused with anyone else's information. Your data is replicated to eight data centers offering an unrivalled up-time record.

The EdgeWave Email Archive technology stack is designed to operate within the unique features of a grid utility elastic compute cloud environment. This means there is no single point of failure and the system auto-scales CPU needs based on work load. This design allows us to offer our hosted archiving customers your own virtual environment for complete data privacy with no chance of data co-mingling.
NavigateStorage has 10 years of experience with E-Mail Archiving

Friday, April 29, 2011

Will SSD Improve Your Database Performance?

The fog around solid state storage is lifting. Most storage and database administrators are convinced that solid state technology is the most viable next step in storage performance. The challenge is that solid state performs so well that now there's a concern as to whether the databases placed on the platform can take full advantage of that boost in performance. Unlike mechanical storage, investments in solid state storage cannot afford to go underutilized, the price premium is just too high. Making sure that the database will take full advantage of solid state storage is the next big step in solid state adoption.

NavigateStorge offers SSD, SAS and SATA arrays give us a call 978-318-9000

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EdgeWave and NavigateStorage

NavigateStorage, a multi-vendor provider announces that it now represents EdgeWave a hosted E-Mail, fully compliant solution

EdgeWave is:

Fulfill Regulatory Compliance and E-Discovery Requirements
EdgeWave Email Archive helps your organization comply with current regulations from SEC, FINRA, NASD HIPAA, Sox, GLBA and others. The full text your emails and attachments are captured, held and indexed for quick search and retrieval at any time.

Unlimited Storage at No Additional Cost
EdgeWave Email Archive stores all inbound and outbound message whether internal or external, reducing the clutter on servers and inboxes and eliminating any concern that emails won't be available should a need arise.

Instant Set - Up with Easy-to-Use Interface
Start archiving all of your email and attachments with a simple redirect of your MX path. Just a few clicks on the intuitive user interface is all that's needed to set-up, search and retrieve your email whenever you need it.

Ease of Use for Administrators and End Users
EdgeWave Archive's user interface is intuitive for all skill set levels. With cloud based administration via your browser, there's no need for expensive and resource-intensive implementation. Keep your organization focused on your core business and away from distracting infrastructure hassles.

Automatic Back-Up of Messages and Attachments
With EdgeWave Archive, you'll capture all inbound and outbound messages and maintain a secure and tamper-proof copy of all business correspondence.

Powerful Search & Retrieval At All Times
All data is kept online and immediately accessible for searches. Other hosted archive vendors migrate your older data to offline or near-line storage systems, dramatically increasing the amount of time required to search. You'll be able to search, retrieve and export messages and attachments in seconds by keyword, sender or recipient, date range and more.

Lifetime Retention
EdgeWave Email Archive provides unlimited retention of your email for as long as you use the service. Your users can de-clutter mailboxes knowing that items can easily be retrieved from the archive any time they are needed.

Reliable, Redundant Data
Your archived data is replicated across multiple data centers and protected by SSL encryption. Our adherence to DoD AES standards means that no data is ever accessible in clear-text format.

Comprehensive Support for Major Messaging Environments
EdgeWave Archive supports all major messaging infrastructures including, but not limited to:
  • IBM Lotus Notes
  • Novell GroupWise 6.5.1, 7.x and 8.x
  • Microsoft Exchange 2000, 2003 and 2007
  • IMail Server
  • Mailtrust
  • Scalix
  • Zimbra
  • Kerio
  • And more...