Monday, May 16, 2011

NavigateStorage EonNAS 3210 and 3220

EonNAS 3200

Infortrend recently announced two new storage systems, the EonNAS 3210 and 3220. As part of the EonNAS family of unified storage systems, these systems offer support for both file- and block-level applications to facilitate datacenter consolidation.

 Key Features:

Data de-duplication:  Ensures that all duplicated data on the system is removed, freeing up capacity and helping users maximize capacity utilization and achieve significant cost reductions
Thin provisioning: Optimizes resource utilization and simplifies storage
ZFS: Eliminates silent data corruption
Snapshot and replication:  Efficiently creates data copies
RAID technology: Adds another layer of protection

For highly cost-efficient storage, the EonNAS 3210 does the job.  For optimized performance, the EonNAS 3220 is the ideal choice.

 System Architecture:
  • One (1) Intel® Xeon®
  • 4GB (EonNAS 3210) / 4GB or 8GB (EonNAS 3220)
  • Four (4) 1GbE iSCSI ports
  • Up to 12 drives per system; excellent scalability
  • File protocol: CIFS, SMB, AFP, NFS, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP
  • Block protocol: iSCSI
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Archive PST's

[Microsoft TechEd North America 2011, May 16th, Atlanta, Georgia] Today archive migration specialists TransVault announced TransVault Insight, its new product for managing personal archive files (aka PST files).

Already recognized for its industry-leading email archive migration solution, the company has introduced Insight to deliver advanced capability for tackling PST files - the much-maligned file format that is often used by individuals to provide an overspill area for their mailbox.

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