Thursday, May 27, 2010

EMail Archiving - Global Relay - New Features

Announcing New Features Message Archiver 6.1

Global Relay, and NavigateStorage are pleased to announce the upcoming March 11, 2010 release of Global Relay Message Archiver & Compliance Reviewer 6.1. This release provides all users with the ability to define large and complex searches faster and with greater accuracy than ever before.New in Version 6.1The Global Relay Message Archiver & Compliance Reviewer 6.1 release tightly integrates user details with the search interface to provide the following new capabilities:•Unified Search on Primary and Alias Addresses: A single search on an individual’s primary or single alias address returns search results for all addresses associated with the individual.

•Address Validation: When entering addresses in a search field, the service is configured to provide users with validated addresses that match the information they have entered. Users can auto-complete their address by selecting one of the primary or alias address options presented.

•AND/OR Address Search: Search relationships between individuals in the FROM and TO/CC/BCC fields may now be defined with an AND or OR relationship. This option enables a single OR search to find all messages belonging to an individual.

•New PST Export Options: PST Export has been expanded to allow Super Reviewers and System Administrators to exclude certain flag states in the PST File Export Service and facilitate the selection of delivery options.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Red Condor a closer look at Hosted

Insecure Magazine Issue 23, November 2009

Over the years, email filters became a crucial factor in allowing us to open our in-boxes without cringing. It doesn't matter how careful you are about giving out your email address, it will eventually find itself on spam lists and you'll be subjected to the barrage of worthless and malicious emails that you would rather do without.

Owners of private e-mail addresses hosted on web-based email services usually don't even have to think about filtering - the service probably thought of that. If you work at a big company that has its own IT department, you won't have to think about filtering, but if you own a small business or have a small IT budget and team, you might consider a Software-as-a-Service solution.Red Condor's Hosted Service is a good choice.

It's actually very simple to set up and extremely effective, and will prevent you becoming a target of spam, viruses, phishing schemes, offensive content, and other threats.

It works like this: you redirect your MX records to Red Condor's servers. There the emails are filtered and only the legitimate ones are passed on to your mail server. Real-time knowledge gathered from a worldwide sensor network is used to create heavy-duty filter rules.The filters analyze emails by content, keywords and behavior to separate the wheat from the chaff - so to speak.You don't have to think about software or hardware installation, or even about filter tuning- and in case one of your email servers goes down, Red Condor stores your email for up to 96 hours until your server is brought back online.

Another great feature is outbound mail filtering,so if a PC in your network gets infected and turns into a "zombie", it will prevent the spam-sending activity and notify the administrator immediately.After registering and logging in, you access your account through a simple and very user-friendly web interface/portal.The first step is adding an account. You will be asked to input account information - name and address. Primary contact information is also required, but technical, admin and billing contact information is optional. The person that opens the account is automatically assigned administrator privileges.

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