Friday, August 12, 2011

Data Tiering

Data Tiering
  • Improve performance: put your most-frequently accessed data on your best-performing devices
  • Reduce backup times by isolating critical data and backing-up accordingly
  • Retain data for compliance without using valuable space on high-performing storage
AutoVirt archiving policies allow you to move selected files from user directories to a destination you designate. AutoVirt provides a file-level filter and a scheduler, which means that new files are automatically identified and moved from source to archive as they meet your filter criteria. For each archived file, AutoVirt leaves behind a Windows shortcut. The shortcut resolves to the archive where the file has been placed, so that end-users can easily access their archived data. Archived files are available in read-only format.
You can use AutoVirt migration policies to dynamically move shares as age or access patterns change. File virtualization technology ensures that end-users can access their files using existing shortcuts and embedded links, even if the files have been migrated to a new device.
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AutoVirt global namespace

AutoVirt is a software-only file virtualization platform.

By virtualizing access to networked files, AutoVirt allows IT departments to move data around their Windows storage environment without impacting clients. With AutoVirt, projects that previously required downtime and client redirects – data migration, storage consolidation and upgrades, share reorganization, and data tiering – can be automated and completed without affecting client access paths.

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NavigateStorage specializes in a wide array of Storage Vendors with SATA, SAS and SSD, IP SANs and Fibre Channel, High-Availability active/active controllers, Data-Duplication, 6G and 10Gb, start small, and scale up to 100s of TeraBytes of tiered (SATA, SAS, and SSD) storage. 

Backup with Disk - Disk and Tape.

E-Mail Archiving with full Compliance both Hosted and On-Site.

Anti-Virus from Kaspersky and Panda Security.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New!SANDR 4.0 engine drives exception IOPS performance:150,000 IOPS for miSAN, and 400,000 IOPS for iSAN

New! SANDR 4.0 engine drives exception IOPS performance: 150,000 IOPS for miSAN, and 400,000 IOPS for iSAN.
Every Cybernetics iSCSI SAN storage solution, from the entry-level miSAN D Series SAN storage to the top-of-the-line iSAN D Series SAN storage, is powered by Cybernetics’ exclusive SANDR Technology for exceptional performance and functionality. The popular miSAN iSCSI SAN storage can store up to 72 TB per module and delivers transfer rates of 500 MB/s and 150,000 IOPS, while iSAN iSCSI SAN storage, also storing up to 72 TB, delivers an impressive 1.2 GB/s throughput – and 400,000 IOPS. Both units can support eight expansion modules for SAN storage capacity of up to 576 TB and both models have the horsepower to handle the most demanding applications.

With Cybernetics’ SANDR Technology, both miSAN and iSAN iSCSI SAN network storage solutions thoroughly protect your valuable data from every threat -- all without a dedicated backup server and without expensive third party software. Not only do miSAN D Series and iSAN D Series SAN storage provide terabytes of reliable, high performance “live” network storage, they also include built in snapshot backup, portable disk backup to USB or eSATA disk, tape backup, encrypted, deduplicated WAN replication – and a high availability SAN storage solution with no single point of failure.

Innovation and responsiveness to the real problems facing IT departments across every industry is what Cybernetics customers expect – and what Cybernetics delivers. For 30 years, we have specialized in storage and backup, which is why our products offer a better combination of performance and functionality than HP, NetApp, Dell-Equallogic and others. In additional to exceptional products, our pre-sales support is unbeatable; we take the time to understand what you need to accomplish and we help you build a network storage solution that will exceed your expectations for performance and efficiency. And we back each solution with FREE telephone technical support from our in-house engineering group – for as long as you own the equipment.

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Savage IO and NavigateStorage and the DataBrick

Savage IO: The DataBrick

Savage IO is a veteran-owned business founded in 2010 as a developer of high-performance NAS and SAN appliances. Those appliances, which were first unveiled in March, are based on the Batavia, N.Y.-based company's "DataBrick" concepts which fit up to 144 TBs of raw hard disk capacity in a 4U rack mount enclosure.
The DataBrick is unique in its patent-pending tray that slides out from the front of the enclosure to give access to multiple rows of drives without the need to pull the enclosure out or open the entire case. Savage I/O has a channel portal to provide quick quotes, and recently introduced a financing program.

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SolidFire: SSD-Based Storage For Cloud Service Providers

SolidFire, Boulder, Colo., is developing scale-out clustered storage, which allows cloud service providers to use SSDs to overcome the performance issues caused by multiple customers storing data on the same storage infrastructures.
SolidFire combines SSDs with real-time deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning along with a management software to let service providers adjust storage for capacity or performance in real time to increase the performance of multiple virtual machines running in the cloud addressing primary storage.

The SolidFire architecture scales to 100 nodes with up to 1 petabyte of capacity to host over 100,000 tenant volumes and over 5 million IOPS
Access to initial units begins in August, with volume shipments slated to start late this year.