Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kaspersky experts in protection

NavigateStorage experts in Kaspersky Corporate Protection - AV/Spyware/Spam/Mail/PDA/Smartphone

Business Space

Centralized installation management and updates 
Support for network access control technology (Cisco NAC and Microsoft NAP)
Anti-virus protection for key network nodes; workstations, laptops, file servers and smartphones 
Enhanced proactive protection for workstations and file servers against new malicious programs 
Load balancing of server processes 
Quarantine of infected workstations 
Roll back for malicious changes made to the system 

NavigateStorage an expert in protecion from Anti-Virus and Malware.  Ask for a quote.

SAN, NAS, and/or DAS in one platform - iceWEB

The IceWEB Storage System can simplify your data storage while offering the performance and functionality you’d expect from an enterprise-class platform.

It’s Simple.

Delivering SAN, NAS, and/or DAS in one platform, with a full complement of built-in storage management features.

It’s Advanced.

Offering unparalleled storage efficiency rates, sophisticated yet simple-to-use data protection capabilities, and an advanced suite of inter-connects and disk drives.

It’s Affordable.

Providing enterprise-class storage at a price that makes sense.
We challenge you to find a more capable platform for the price.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nexsan a leading provider of storage

Nexsan Corporation is a leading provider of next generation energy efficient disk-based storage systems designed for the long-term storage of digital information. Our hardware and software systems are ideal for storing and archiving information commonly referred to as "fixed content", since it typically changes little over time. This includes medical images, email, business documents, video images, research data, and digital media of all types. Our solutions enable organizations to store and access growing amounts of fixed content over longer periods of time, while meeting evolving business and compliance requirements in a "green" environment.
With a history of both hardware and software innovation, and with many market "firsts" to its credit, Nexsan is recognized as a pioneer of reliable disk-based storage technologies optimized for capacity, energy efficiency and cost. Through our adoption and refinement of RAID, ATA and SATA disk technologies coupled with our own innovations in de-duplications, secure archiving software, and storage encryption, our products have dramatically reshaped the economics of disk-based storage. Nexsan now offers enterprise-class storage at price points up to 1/10th the cost of traditional disk-based storage solutions. Our products are the first to offer or AutoMAID (Automatic Massive Array of Idle Disks), a policy-based intelligent "green" energy saving technology. AutoMAID epitomizes the MAID 2.0 concept in which power consumption is dramatically reduced without sacrificing performance.

NavigateStorage a leading provider of high-quality storage ivites you to learn more. 

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Business Space Security

Kaspersky Business Space Security offers protection to workstations, smartphones, and file servers from all types of computer threats, prevents epidemics of malicious programs, and keeps information secure and fully accessible to users of network resources.

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Business ProductsKaspersky Small Office Security

Kaspersky protects

For Small Office SecurityEnglish (USA/Canada) French (Canada) Spanish (Latin America) Portuguese (Brazil) Download Previous Versions & Documentation


Kaspersky Administration KitAdministration Kit 8.0


Mobile SecurityKaspersky Endpoint Security for Smartphone

File Servers

Microsoft Windows File ServerAnti-Virus 6.0 for Windows Servers R2 (MP4)Microsoft Windows Server Enterprise EditionAnti-Virus for Windows Servers Enterprise EditionNovell NetwareAnti-Virus 5.7 for Novell NetWareLinux File ServerAnti-Virus for Linux File Servers

Mail/Groupware Servers

Microsoft Exchange ServerKaspersky Security 8.0 for Microsoft Exchange ServersLinux Mail ServersAnti-Virus 5.6 for Linux Mail ServersIBM Lotus DominoAnti-Virus 5.5 for Lotus DominoClearswift MIMEsweeper for SMTPAnti-Virus for MIMEsweeperAnti-SpamAnti-Spam

Internet Gateways

Microsoft ISA ServerAnti-Virus 5.6 for ISA Server 2004/2006 Enterprise EditionSquid Proxy ServerAnti-Virus 5.5 for Proxy Server MP1Check Point Firewall-1Anti-Virus 5.5 for Check Point Firewall-1


Anti-Virus for Storage

Business Legacy Products

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Stonefly Integtated Storage Concentrator

The StoneFly Integrated Storage Concentrator product line offers a simple, rapid to deploy IP SAN in a box designed for virtual server storage, file server storage, disaster recovery, storage consolidation and disk-to-disk archiving. The ISC 6GS Series systems support SAS, SATA and SSD disks in tiered configurations ranging from 4-36 drives. ISC 6GS Series 1604S, 2404S, and 3604S systems also support external expansion for up to a total of 108 drives, via ISC S-Class Expansion Systems. Within a single chassis, all IP SAN functions are consolidated for virtualization, management and storage. Based on the extensible StoneFusion® OS, the ISC S-Class delivers best in class flexibility and performance to deliver a cutting edge IP SAN solution. Scalable to 216TB in a single system, the ISC 6GS Series product line offers a simple IP SAN-in-a-Box solution to support your growing storage needs.

StoneFly arrays are reliable and come in three families.  The Integrated Storage Concentrator (ISC) outlined above and the Voyager for High Availabilty and OptiSAN for performance and availabilty.

The Voyager is a Virtualized IP SAN Appliances built upon a solid foundation of Voyager series, but with the latest 6Gb drive support. It offers enhanced performance, redundancy, scalability, and availability. Voyager's Scalable architecture brings the flexibility to start small, and scale up to 100s of TeraBytes of Tiered (SATA, SAS, and SSD) storage.

The OptiSAN sing high performance fibre channel and SAS interconnects, the OptiSAN product family is designed for enterprise environments looking for a versatile SAN for primary and secondary storage applications. With support for SAS, SATA, and SSD drives for online transaction processing, database, email, disk based archives, disk-to-disk backup, virtual servers and other core applications

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Huawei-Symantec launch the T Series

Santa Clara, California, April 4, 2011:

Huawei Symantec Technologies Co., Ltd., a leading provider of network storage and security solutions, today unveiled the Oceanspace T-Series, a family of scalable storage systems tailored for medium-sized enterprises. For data center managers, T-Series systems stand-out by maximizing storage consolidation with the highest capacity per controller; by automating performance tuning with migration of data to the optimum storage tier; and by reducing energy usage with aggressive power management. For channel partners looking to fill the void left by storage vendor consolidation, high-value T-Series storage is their new wingman.

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