Friday, June 17, 2011

Quantum beats Data Domain

We are so confident you’ll be blown away by the
industry-leading performance and value of Quantum’s
DXi-Series deduplication appliances, we will beat your
Data Domain quote by 20%*!

Whether you are a small business or a large enteprise, we can
show you how to reduce your backup disk requirements by 90%
or more with our full line of NAS and VTL data deduplication products

• The DXi6000 Series offers industry-leading value by providing higher
performance backup and restores at up to 45% lower cost than the
leading competitor
• Our patented deduplication technology provides typical disk savings of
over 90% while saving you media costs
• Quantum’s deduplication appliance won deduplication “Product of the
Year for 2010”

To take the challenge, Contact NavigateStorage - just drop us a line and we will do the rest. On the web
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Integrated SAS Storage and 10GbE Networking

NavigateStorage is an authorized reseller and offers you a demo, conversation with RelData and even on-site trial if that makes sense.
The 9240i includes an industry standard high performance storage controller, RELvos virtualization operating system and integrated Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) disk storage. Capacity or pooling existing storage resources. The 9240i is available for 10GbE and/or 1GbE infrastructures. With the 9240i, IT managers are able to set up iSCSI SANs and NAS that can scale to multiple petabytes of capacity and support hundreds of servers with performance rivaling FC SANs, giving them plenty of headroom for future storage growth.

NavigateStorage has Unified Storage

The 9240i delivers high speed, non-disruptive, local and remote data mirroring and incremental replication services that significantly improve the data availability and recovery time ratios for mid-tier storage environments. RELvos’ 64-bit OS performance and throughput rivals that of more expensive Fibre Channel SANs at a lower total cost of ownership.

Let NavigateStorage show you more.  How about a demo. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NavigateStorage's partner announces Scale-out Clustering

StoneFly Inc. introduces Scale-Out Clustering to its Award-Winning IPSAN Virtual Software Appliance (SCVM™)

The Stonefly's Scale-Out Clustered SCVM™ (Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine) revolutionizes the industry by creating a Highly-Available Virtual Software IP SAN.

Hayward, Calif. – May 9, 2011 — StoneFly, Inc., the leading supplier and innovator of advanced IP Storage Area Network (SAN) systems, has unveiled the Clustered SCVM™, a powerful virtual IP SAN software appliance. Designed for VMware environments, the Clustered SCVM™ is a complete virtual storage solution and virtual machine that is fully integrated with the hypervisor. This provides a fully redundant, fault tolerant, flexible, scalable, highly available and manageable iSCSI block mode storage. The SCVM™ can be provisioned to local virtual machines and guest operating systems on the network (via the LAN or WAN).

The scale-out Clustered SCVM™ can be created from two existing virtual servers (active-active nodes). Ideal for your virtualized and cloud environments, users can create a virtual IP SAN along with your server virtual machines (VMs) on the same hardware platform. Increase your productivity, simplify your management, and reduce your power and rack space by simply loading Clustered SCVM™ as virtual machine in a active-active storage configuration.

Implementing Clustered SCVM™ within a virtual environment enables users to reallocate existing hardware resources for a powerful business continuity and disaster recovery solution. By using StoneFly's campus synchronous mirroring or asynchronous mirroring (replication) between remote facilities, Cluster SCVM™ is able to provide instantaneous recovery and eliminate storage access loss. For further data protection, the new clustering feature eliminates the risk of hardware failover by recognizing failures within a virtual storage server and instantaneously switching its resources to the other virtual active storage node.

"The IT infrastructure is drastically changing with the popularity of virtualization and cloud environments. Since releasing SCVM™, we have been working tirelessly to enhance our virtual IP SANs," says Mo Tahmasebi, CEO of StoneFly, "Scaled-out virtual storage clustering is new paradigm for enterprise environments that are looking to drastically bring down their CapEx and OpEx."

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NavigateStorage touts RelData's Unified Storage

RELDATA solutions are based on the RELDATA Unified Storage Engine (USE) platform. This open, software-centric architecture delivers superior performance for consolidation of storage within complex multi-vendor and virtualized server environments.

RELDATA USE leverages the iSCSI fabric to manage block and file environments more cost-effectively than with Fibre Channel alternatives, and delivers high availability solutions that improve disaster recovery and data accessibility for mid-size and distributed enterprises.


RELDATA USE allows you to remove the functional boundaries of siloed information to nondisruptively consolidate and simplify storage management across multi-vendor platforms – all through a single unified console. Consolidating both block and file storage environments – leveraging iSCSI – optimizes IT resources, improves data mobility and sharing of data between resources and users, while reducing management costs.


RELDATA USE delivers high-performance, virtualized storage with storage automation. By deploying RELDATA in a virtual environment such as VMware ESX or Citrix XenServer, you can achieve a powerful but flexible infrastructure that easily adapts and grows to meet your changing business needs. The resulting virtual environment provides improved storage and server utilization, reduced administrative overhead, fast backup and recovery, failover and continuous operation in the case of a disaster, and rapid recovery in the case of application failure.


RELDATA USE is a future-proofed storage system that assures long-term data protection, regardless of the technology advancements of tomorrow. The unique combination of RELDATA USE architecture and its replication services licensing model allows companies to scale block, file, legacy and future storage capacity while providing local and remote disaster recovery solutions, without incurring traditional licensing fees, as with alternative solutions.

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Key Findings from Storage Strategies NOW Point to Increased Adoption and Deployment of Cloud Storage Services

STORAGE NETWORKING WORLD, SANTA CLARA, CA – April 5, 2011 – RELDATA Inc. (, the innovation leader in unified block and file storage solutions over iSCSI, announced today that new research from Storage Strategies NOW (SSG-NOW) confirms RELDATA is well positioned to continue its technology leadership and market growth in cloud storage. Storage Strategies NOW, a specialist storage analysis and research organization, recently released “Cloud Storage: Adoption, Practice and Deployment,” a report co-sponsored by the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA).

The report defines cloud storage, outlines the explosive growth in cloud storage and details how small and enterprise-size businesses are adopting and deploying cloud storage services for backup, archive, email and bulk storage data. Also included in the report are the results of an IT Professionals Cloud Adoption Survey, co-sponsored by the Storage Networking Industry Association.

Key findings of the report and survey include:
  • More than 57 percent of respondents expect to adopt cloud storage;
  • They will store e-mail, front office application data and backup data in the cloud, in that order; and,
  • Standards are viewed as more important for public cloud implementations than private clouds.
“The report’s key findings coincide with our experience of the market and customers’ cloud needs over the past year,” said Victor Walker, CEO, RELDATA. “We’ve seen very healthy sales growth of our Unified Storage Solutions, which enable IT organizations to control their storage resources by improving performance and reducing costs.”

The report wrote that RELDATA’s “9400 Series delivers the high performance and throughput required for hypervisor and cloud computing environments, all while maintaining a low total cost of ownership.”  NavigateStorage, a RelData partner reports.

"RELDATA’s Unified Storage Systems enable private, hybrid and business application cloud service providers, hosting eDiscovery or other similar applications, to deliver on their customers’ expectations of affordable, flexible, and reliable on-demand storage," said Walker. "We applaud SNIA’s CDMI (API) standards initiative. It is a solid step towards simplification, rapid application integration and delivery of our advanced storage features to cloud service providers who are dealing with and managing virtualized environments and multi-vender storage infrastructures.”

Unified Storage - NavigateStorage - IceWeb

In a 2009 report, ESG says of unified storage, “It is interesting to stop and ponder how we ever created a world without it.” Buying, maintaining, and managing separate storage systems for file and block data results in obvious inefficiencies. A unified storage system – a single system supporting both data types – reduces complexity and cost, a winning combination.

The IceWEB Storage System is a high-performance, unified storage system that offers one platform for file and block data of all kinds. Whether it's Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server or Oracle databases, virtualized environments, scanned images, files, video, pictures, graphics, or voice data, IceWEB can help you maximize the efficiency of your storage by centralizing all your data on one platform secured with strong data protection capabilities.

The IceWEB Storage System is easy to install and provides built-in, all-inclusive storage management features including de-duplication; unlimited snapshots; thin provisioning; local or remote, real-time or scheduled replication; capacity and utilization reporting, and integration with virtual server environments.

You get all this functionality at an affordable price, and storage capacity that scales with disk shelves rather than expensive controllers. Plus, the IceWEB Storage System is backed by a customer-focused company that's nimble and ready to make your installation a success.

Visit NavigateStorage and learn more.  Or Call Jim at 978-318-9000

Iceweb Unified Solutions

With the explosive growth of computer storage being experienced by most companies, IT organizations are looking for ways to provide the storage capacity their applications need without having to endlessly purchase more and more hardware. Especially with the escalating expenses associated with rack space, power, cooling and management, keeping a reign on your storage is critical to managing costs. However, you also don’t want to throttle your business by denying applications or users the space that they need.

The IceWEB Storage System offers an innovative collection of “storage efficiency” technologies that together dramatically reduce your physical storage requirements while still giving your servers, applications and users the capacity they need. This paper looks at each of these technologies in turn, and then we’ll show you how effective these can be when used together to reduce your overall storage requirements.

Take a look at IceWeb on our website and don't miss the Efficiences at the botom of the page.

NavigateStorage offers 2 Unified Storage Arrays

Unified Storage is a single, integrated storage infrastructure that functions as unification engines to simultaneously support Fibre Channel, IP Storage Area Networks (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) data formats.

A unified storage system simultaneously enables storage of file data and handles the block-based I/O (input/output) of enterprise applications. In actual practice, unified storage is often implemented in a NAS platform that is modified to add block-mode support.

One advantage of unified storage is reduced hardware requirements. Instead of separate storage platforms, like NAS for file-based storage and a RAID disk array for block-based storage, unified storage combines both modes in a single device. Alternatively, a single device could be deployed for either file or block storage as required.

NavigateStorage offers Reldata and IceWeb Each offers different solutions, both of which delivers value.  Call 978-318-9000 or write or visit NavigateStorage