Thursday, February 18, 2010

NEC SAN Storage special prices

NEC’s D-Series Enterprise Modular Storage arrays provide highly resilient and easily scalable storage for your SAN without sacrificing performance and flexibility. With high-end features you won’t find on other mid-range arrays with lower overall cost than enterprise systems, there are three models - D1, D3i, D3FC and D8 - with Pay-as-You-Grow scaling from 1:7000 scalability. D-Series storage includes a complete management suite including snapshots, replication, performance management, multipathing, failover, compliance, energy conservation, and more.

NEC’s Dynamic Pooling and Virtual Storage Partitioning allow you to flex your storage. Dynamic Pooling enables you to add disk drives one by one and dynamically grow LUN pools for true online scalability, while Virtual Storage Partitioning lets you add or remove storage and cache dynamically between virtual or physical servers, dramatically improving storage utilization.
The D-Series is resilient, self healing storage with complete redundancy. Unique, patented Phoenix® technology reduces RAID rebuilds by 30 to 50% and detects correctable disk drive failures. Extended data integrity technology extends FC/SAS data integrity for SATA drives to catch “silent data corruption,” resulting in fewer application errors.

If you need to Virtualize, Consolidate or just grow your storage capacity, NEC Modular Storage is well-suited for your IT Initiatives. Contact NavigateStorage, call 978-318-9000 or write Jim

Tech Refresh: Automated tiered storage - Storage Channel Pipeline

Tech Refresh: Automated tiered storage - Storage Channel Pipeline:

Eric Slack on his Feb. 17th blog wrote this.

Automated tiered storage isn’t a new concept — it’s been in archiving systems (HSM) as well as various iterations of information (or data) lifecycle management for years. It refers to the process of moving data between different classes, or tiers, of storage without human intervention. Storage tiering has been a cost saving strategy, mostly, and has typically been implemented with Fibre Channel or SAS drives on one tier, SATA drives on a second tier, and tape (if present) on a third tier. Archive systems moved data off high-speed disk to slow disk or tape when it became inactive and brought it back when it was needed.

Recently, solid-state disk (SSD) created another storage tier and brought a new application to automated tiered storage. Instead of moving less active data to slower, cheaper storage, systems now move more active data to faster, more expensive storage. This new wrinkle kind of ups the ante for storage tiering as a technology. If you only half-filled the SATA drives in your archive tier, the result would be insignificant compared with the cost of leaving an SSD tier half-full. Since the activity profile for a given data set changes, it would need to be dynamically (and automatically) moved into and out of an SSD tier in order to utilize it — and this requires automated tiered storage.

Given the cost pressures on IT and the increasing interest in solid-state storage, storage tiering will probably find its way into more and more disk deals for VARs. And, automated tiered storage is a technology that will be included in many of these projects. There are several ways to implement an automated tiered storage system and companies offer products for each.

Tiering by mixing and matching applications with performance requirements via tiering makes sense and save money. Contact NavigateStorage to discuss our options and ideas for your operation. Write or call 978-318-9000

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

StoneFly Storage and VM

StoneFly offers VMware certified IP SANs. StoneFly SANS are currently certified for use with VMware's built-in software iSCSI initiator for ESX Server and the vSphere platform. For more information on certified options from StoneFly, visit VMware's hardware certification list. To learn more about using your StoneFly IP SAN with virtual servers, please review our technical brief on virtual servers, watch the following video, or review our related information section on the right. Registered StoneFly customers also have access to our users guide for virtual server environments in our knowledgebase and support portal.

Then contact NavigateStorage for a low cost quote and a configuration to meet your current and future needs.

Red Condor Archive – Affordable, Reliable and Secure Hosted Email Archiving Service

Red Condor Archive – Affordable, Reliable and Secure Hosted Email Archiving Service:

Satisfy E-Discovery and Compliance Challenges

Red Condor Archive helps your organization be compliant with archiving regulations for SEC, FINRA, NASD, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and more. With secure capturing and full text indexing of all emails and attachments, compliance requests can be fulfilled quickly and easily. Securely capture, index and store multiple copies of auditable email for easy retrieval through our easy-to-use search and discovery interface.

For more on compliance and E-Discovery and more contact contact Jim Addlesberger at NavigateStorage or call 978-318-9000

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Storage from NavigateStorage

NavigateStorage was founded in 1999. We specialize in storage from most all vendors.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 - TopTenREVIEWS

Visit NavigateStorage's Kaspersky website for a 10% discount for home users.

Kaspersky Labs has established quite the name in security software, and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 continues to verify their reputation. The antivirus software solution is certainly one of the best available.

Like so many of the other antivirus packages including BitDefender, Kaspersky Anti-Virus is a complete antivirus solution with real-time protection from a number of threats, including viruses, Trojans, bots, worms, and even spyware. The software is more than equipped for comprehensive security, and has some nice new features this year to help combat new threats.

Kaspersky also offers a 3-user license option (for 1 year), so it’s actually a very cost-effective way to protect all of your home computers.

NavigateStorage established in 1999 specializes in storage - iSCSI, SAN, NAS and Unified (block and file) from a wide variety of vendors. Features such as Replication, ILM, Data-Deduplication, Compression and Encryption are readily available. We represent market leading Tape Libraries, Virtual Tape Libraries, backup and replication software and new, name brand media at great prices.

Software solutions include Email/IM archiving for compliance or just good governance, VMware, Virtual Iron, and security solutions for Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam (both as a service and appliance) and data leakage solutions. And a full line of Xerox Printers and Copiers with the new solid ink and Page Pack all in one program.

Network products include QLogic and Brocade switches.

Global Relay, Email Archiving and NavigateStorage

NavigateStorage has been selling Email archiving since 2001 with Educom since then purchased by ZANTAZ them by Autonomy. Since then we elected to use Mimosa for in-house and Global Relay for hosted (or cloud). Another partner of ours for Spam - Red Condor announced their hosted service. All provide compliance and eDiscovery.

For more information, quotes etc. just let us knmow. Ask for more inf on any of our web pages or drop me a line Call at 9798-318-9000

Stonefly Storage from NavigateStorage

NavigateStorage recommends that you consider Stonefly for your next storage acquisition. With support for SAS, SATA, and SSD drives for online transaction processing, database, email, disk based archives, disk to disk backup, virtual servers and other core applications. These products scale and save money versus the bigger named brands.

The cornerstone of the Voyager is their storage virtualization engine, which offers quad-core processing power, dedicated iSCSI Cache, and StoneFusion storage management operating system. Disaster Recovery is their too and its economical.

NavigateStorage specializes in storage. Visit us.