Wednesday, January 9, 2013

20% of Nexsan Hybrid Storage

20% off Hybrid Storage!

We’ve taken the FASTEST and MOST AFFORDABLE hybrid storage system in the marketplace…and made it even more affordable! It’s our commitment to arm you with the most disruptive industry price performance on our new line of hybrid storage systems, ideal for VMware environments, databases or VDI.

Order any of five NST5330 promotional bundles at 20% off Exclusive Pricing for a limited time.

Get 20% off Exclusive Pricing on these NST5330 bundles:
  • Hybrid Bundle #1 – NST5330 with 18TB
  • Hybrid Bundle #2 – NST5330 with 36TB
  • Hybrid Bundle #3 – NST5330 with 42TB
  • Hybrid Bundle #4 – NST5330 with 54TB
  • Hybrid Bundle #5 – NST5330 with 84TB

All promotional NST5330 bundles contain: Unified (iSCSI + CIFS/NFS), dual controllers, 8 Xeon CPU cores, 48GB memory, 4 x 1GbE front-end I/O, and back-end I/O to EITHER a 4x8Gb FC connected Beast or 4X24Gb SASx4 connected E18.

The NST5000 hybrid storage system is highlighted by Nexsan’s FASTier™ technology that leverages the speed of solid-state to accelerate the underlying SATA/SAS to never-before-seen performance levels that far surpass traditional storage. Generating this many IOPS has never been more affordable to conquer the most demanding applications.
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